Saturday, August 11th

08:00-09:30. Registration.

09:30-10:30. (invited lecture) Reinhard Muskens.
Natural Logic, Model Search, and Proof-theoretic Semantics.

10:30-11:00. Gregory Kobele, Sabrina Gerth and John Hale.
Memory Resource Allocation in Top-Down Minimalist Parsing.

Coffee break

11:30-12:00. Berthold Crysmann.
The distribution and interpretation of Hausa subjunctives: an HPSG approach.

12:00-12:30. Stefan Müller and Bjarne Ørsnes.
Towards an HPSG Analysis of Object Shift in Danish.

12:30-13:00. Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar.
Is Malay Grammar Uniform? A constraint-based analysis.


14:30-15:30. (invited lecture) Larry Moss.
How are variables needed in semantics? The view from natural logic.

15:30-16:00. Christian Wurm.
Completeness of Full Lambek Calculus for Syntactic Concept Lattices.

Coffee break

16:30-17:00. Katarzyna Moroz.
Parsing pregroup grammars with letter promotions in polynomial time.

17:00-17:30. Pierre Bourreau, Sylvain Salvati and Laura Kallmeyer.
On IO-copying and mildly-context sensitive formalisms.

17:30-18:00. James Rogers, Jeffrey Heinz, Margaret Fero, Jeremy Hurst, Dakotah Lambert and Sean Wibel.
Cognitive and Sub-Regular Complexity.

20:00. Conference dinner (place to be announced)

Sunday, August 12th

All lecture slots on the Sunday have been cancelled.

You may want to consider the one-day tips to Wroclaw or Krakow organised by ESSLLI.