Errata in Ockinga

A note on the principles of transliteration used in the book:

In the cases of d versus D and t versus T, the rule seems to be the following. When dealing with personal pronouns, the consonant is transliterated as we find it in the hieroglyphic writing. Thus we have pAy=tn instead of pAy=Tn (p. 16), m=tn instead of m=Tn (p. 25), tw instead of Tw (on pp. 25, 37 and 75), and tm=t instead of tm=T (p. 76), although this is not adhered to consistently, as in the case of wDA.w Tn (p. 35).

In the case of nouns however, the hieroglyphic writing is not reflected in the choice of the consonant in the transliteration, as in rwD.wy (pp. 31 and 155) and itn (p. 67).