Egyptian hieroglyphs have been assigned names according to the naming conventions by Gardiner; see sign lists. Some hieroglyphs can also be referred to by names that I like to call mnemonics; these represent their most common Egyptological readings. (The name `mnemonic' is derived from assembly language: mnemonics can be used as alternatives to the numbered instructions of machine code.)

Below is an inventory of some common lists of mnemonics. I assume that MdC88 (with corrections) is the only `official' list, and the others are unfortunate aberrations.

The names I assign to the lists are my own, and are meant to simplify the discussion.


This is the list that appeared on pp. 41-46 of
J. Buurman et al. Inventaire des signes hieroglyphiques en vue de leur saisie informatique. Institut de France, Paris, 1988.
commonly known as the ``Manuel de Codage''.

In the list given above we have made the following corrections with regard to the printed publication:


This list of mnemonics used to be on the site of the CCER, as part of a revised version of the Manuel the Codage, by Hans van den Berg, dated 1997. The original link is now broken, but see also an inofficial mirror.

This list differs from MdC88 in the following ways: