Finite-State Techniques in Natural Language Processing

July 8-12, 1996, Groningen (The Netherlands)

Master class, part of the BCN Summer School, July 1-12, 1996

lectures by (among others)

(Xerox Palo Alto Research Center)

(University of Padua)

(University of Helsinki)

For any kind of mechanical processing of input, in whatever form, some kind of finite-state process is involved. Much theory has already been developed during the early days of computer science, much of it however very abstract, or at least not readily applicable to processing of natural language. The last few years have seen a surge of interesting publications that close the gap between the theory of finite-state techniques and the practice of computational linguistics.

During the course of our master class, students will be made familiar with these new developments. Three prominent researchers will discuss a wide range of topics, including some ideas just emerging in this field. Apart from the lectures by the three invited speakers, some ongoing research at the Humanities Computing Department (Alfa Informatica) of the University of Groningen will be discussed, by Gertjan van Noord and Mark-Jan Nederhof. To make the course accessible to students without any prior knowledge of finite-state techniques, we will start with some introductory lectures on formal language theory, finite-state automata and transducers, regular languages, rational transductions, etc.

A ``reader'' with papers from the speakers will become available during the event, price: DFL 5.

The master class will be held in the Educational Center of the University Hospital (AZG); room 15 (use the entrance at the Oostersingel and follow the signs to number 59). It comprises 5 sessions, each from 9:00 to 12:00. The schedule is:

The registration fee for the master class also covers the other events of the summer school.

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An overview of some of the lectures:

An event with related topics is Workshop on Extended finite state models of language at ECAI-96, Budapest, Hungary, August 11-12, 1996.
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