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Hieroglyphic encoding (RES) in web pages using JavaScript

This package offers an elegant framework for rendering hieroglyphic in web pages, using JavaScript. Other technologies used are HTML5 Canvas and TrueType. No server-side computation is involved.

One can use RES or RESlite. Rendering of RESlite is fast, but requires compilation from RES, for instance using PhilologEg. RES is easier to use and more powerful, but can be slow to render for web pages that include large amounts of hieroglyphic text.

The Unicode representation of Ancient Egyptian is implemented via a translation to RES.

This package includes:

Download and instructions for use

  1. Download resjs.tar (approx. 2MB), or download from GitHub. (The latter contains the latest updates.)
  2. Unpack it.
  3. To use RESlite only, one can create new web pages on the basis of skeleton_lite.html. One needs to include with the web pages all the files ending on .ttf and .css, as well as res_aux.js, res_lite.js, res_web.js.
  4. To use any RES/RESlite encodings, one can create new web pages on the basis of skeleton_res.html. One needs to include with the web pages all the files ending on .ttf and .css, as well as res_aux.js, res_points.js, res_lite.js, res_struct.js, res_syntax.js, res_format.js, res_render.js, res_web.js.
  5. To use Unicode, follow the example of test_uni.html.

Frequently asked questions

For which browsers is this intended?

In principle this should run on all modern browsers. So far it has been tested on Chromium 34, Firefox 28, Rekonq 2.4.2, Safari 8.0.6, and Internet Explorer 11.

Why don't you use SVG?

We tried it, using both Raphael and Snap. In both cases the path intersection operation that we need for the implementation of e.g. insert is far too slow to be useable in practice. A rendered HTML5 Canvas is not scalable, but the rendering process is parameterizable by a font size, so we don't see this as a problem for most web applications.

Can I use this software?

Yes, with few restrictions; see license for details. Acknowledgements where appropriate will be appreciated. For the font, see the pages of NewGardiner.

I tried some Manuel de Codage string and it didn't work!

RES is not MdC. See more information on RES.

I have a poor internet connection and because of this the graphical editor is too slow!

Then download the package and open the page containing the editor locally.


Known issues


This JavaScript package builds upon a Senior Honours project by Alexander Michael Field, described in the unpublished report A Web Editor for Hieroglyphic, 4 April 2014, University of St Andrews. This used SVG instead of Canvas.