Sign list

The 1071 hieroglyphs from Unicode 5.2

Appearance and sources

The descriptions of the signs mostly follow Gardiner's publications. However, an attempt was made to achieve a greater consistency.

The sources include the following publications:

A1  A1seated manA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A2  A2seated man with hand to mouthA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A3  A3man sitting on heelA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A4  A4seated man with hands raisedA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A5  A5crouching man hiding behind wallA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A5a  A5aseated man hiding behind wallA.H. Gardiner (1953):2
A6  A6seated man under vase from which water flowsA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A6a  A6aseated man reaching for libation stone, under vase from which water flowsA.H. Gardiner (1953):2, R. Hannig (1995):663
A6b  A6bseated man reaching down, under vase from which water flowsGITB:804-005-650, R.O. Faulkner (1962):211
A7  A7fatigued manA.H. Gardiner (1957):442
A8  A8man performing hnw-riteA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A9  A9seated man with W10 W10 on headA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A10  A10seated man holding oarA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A11  A11seated man holding S42 S42 and S39 S39A.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A12  A12soldier with bow and quiverA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A13  A13man with arms tied behind his backA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A14  A14falling man with blood streaming from his headA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A14a  A14aman whose head is hit with an axeA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A15  A15man fallingA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A16  A16man bowing downA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A17  A17child sitting with hand to mouthA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A17a  A17achild sitting with arms hanging downA.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A18  A18child wearing S3 S3A.H. Gardiner (1957):443
A19  A19bent man leaning on staffA.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A20  A20man leaning on forked staffA.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A21  A21man holding staff with handkerchiefA.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A22  A22statue of man with staff and S42 S42A.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A23  A23king with staff and T3 T3A.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A24  A24man striking with both handsA.H. Gardiner (1957):444
A25  A25man striking, with left arm hanging behind backA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A26  A26man with one arm pointing forwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A27  A27hastening manA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A28  A28man with hands raised on either sideA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A29  A29man upside downA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A30  A30man with hands raised in frontA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A31  A31man with hands raised behind himA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A32  A32man dancing with arms to the backA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A32a  A32aman dancing with arms to the frontA.H. Gardiner (1928):17, R.O. Faulkner (1962):187
A33  A33man with stick and bundle on shoulderA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A34  A34man pounding in a mortarA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A35  A35man building wallA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A36  A36man kneading into vesselA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A37  A37man in vesselA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A38  A38man holding necks of two emblematic animals with panther headsA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A39  A39man on two giraffesA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A40  A40seated godA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A40a  A40aseated god with S40 S40A.H. Gardiner (1953):2 (under the name C22)
A41  A41king with uraeusA.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A42  A42king with uraeus and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A42a  A42aking with uraeus and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1931):245
A43  A43king wearing S1 S1A.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A43a  A43aking wearing S1 S1 with S40 S40A.H. Gardiner (1953):2 (under the name C21)
A44  A44king wearing S1 S1 with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A45  A45king wearing S3 S3A.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A45a  A45aking wearing S3 S3 with S40 S40S. Cauville (2001):16 (under the name A45B)
A46  A46king wearing S3 S3 with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):446
A47  A47shepherd seated and wrapped in mantle, holding stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A48  A48beardless man seated and holding knifeA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A49  A49seated Syrian holding stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A50  A50noble on chairA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A51  A51noble on chair with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A52  A52noble squatting with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A53  A53standing mummyA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A54  A54lying mummyA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A55  A55mummy on bedA.H. Gardiner (1957):447
A56  A56seated man holding stickA.H. Gardiner (1928):18, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:429
A57  A57man holding R4 R4A.H. Gardiner (1928):18, R.O. Faulkner (1962):179
A58  A58man applying hoe to groundA.H. Gardiner (1928):18, R.O. Faulkner (1962):262
A59  A59man threatening with stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):445
A60  A60man sowing seedsA.H. Gardiner (1929):95
A61  A61man looking over his shoulderA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
A62  A62AsiaticA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
A63  A63king on throne holding staffA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
A64  A64man sitting on heels holding forward W10 W10A.H. Gardiner (1953):2
A65  A65man wearing tunic with fringes and holding maceA.H. Gardiner (1953):2, ASAE:44:284-288
A66  A66man holding Y8 Y8A.H. Gardiner (1953):2, R. Hannig (1995):96-97
A67  A67dwarfA.H. Gardiner (1953):2, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):II:266, R. Hannig (1995):413
A68  A68man holding up knifeA.H. Gardiner (1953):2, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:87, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):II:486, A.M. Blackman and H.W. Fairman (1943):21-22
A69  A69seated man with raised right arm and left arm hanging downGITB:801-748-550
A70  A70seated man with raised armsGITB:801-626-810, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:152, S. Cauville (2001):18 (under the name A73)
B1  B1seated womanA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B2  B2pregnant womanA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B3  B3woman giving birthA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B4  B4combination of B3 B3 and F31 F31A.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B5  B5woman suckling childA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B5a  B5awoman suckling child (simplified)GITB:804-013-500
B6  B6woman on chair with child on lapA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B7  B7queen wearing diadem and holding flowerA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
B8  B8woman holding M9 M9A.H. Gardiner (1931):245
B9  B9woman holding Y8 Y8GITB:801-690-370, R. Hannig (1995):96
C1  C1god with N6 N6A.H. Gardiner (1957):448
C2  C2god with head of falcon with sun on head and holding S34 S34 A.H. Gardiner (1957):448
C2a  C2agod with head of falcon with sun on headA.H. Gardiner (1953):2
C2b  C2bC2a C2a reversedA.H. Gardiner (1953):2
C2c  C2cC2 C2 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1953):2
C3  C3god with head of ibisA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
C4  C4god with head of ramA.H. Gardiner (1957):448
C5  C5god with head of ram holding S34 S34A.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C6  C6god with head of jackalA.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C7  C7god with head of Seth-animalA.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C8  C8ithyphallic god with S9 S9, uplifted arm and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C9  C9goddess with sun and hornsA.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C10  C10goddess with feather on headA.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C10a  C10agoddess with feather on head holding S34 S34A.H. Gardiner (1928):19, J.P. Allen (2000):426
C11  C11god with arms supporting (the sky) and M4 M4 on headA.H. Gardiner (1957):449
C12  C12god with S9 S9 and S40 S40A.H. Gardiner (1957):449, A.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C13  C13C12 C12 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C14  C14god with S9 S9 and T16a T16aA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C15  C15C14 C14 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C16  C16god wearing S3 S3 with S34 S34A.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C17  C17god with head of falcon and S9 S9A.H. Gardiner (1957):449, A.H. Gardiner (1931):245
C18  C18squatting godA.H. Gardiner (1957):449, A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
C19  C19mummy-shaped godA.H. Gardiner (1957):449, A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
C20  C20mummy-shaped god in shrineA.H. Gardiner (1957):449, A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
C21  C21BesGITB:801-751-278
C22  C22god with head of falcon and moon diskGITB:801-727-370
C23  C23goddess with head of feline and N6 N6GITB:802-096-740
C24  C24god wearing S3 S3 with S40 S40GITB:801-753-130, GITB:802-065-930
D1  D1head in profileA.H. Gardiner (1957):449-450
D2  D2faceA.H. Gardiner (1957):450
D3  D3hairA.H. Gardiner (1957):450
D4  D4eyeA.H. Gardiner (1957):450
D5  D5eye touched up with paintA.H. Gardiner (1957):450
D6  D6eye with painted upper lidA.H. Gardiner (1957):450
D7  D7eye with painted lower lidA.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D8  D8eye enclosed in N18 N18A.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D8a  D8aeye with painted lower lid enclosed in N18 N18A.H. Gardiner (1928):20
D9  D9eye with flowing tearsA.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D10  D10wDAt-eyeA.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D11  D11left part of white of D10 D10A.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D12  D12pupil of eyeA.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D13  D13eye-browA.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D14  D14right part of white of D10 D10A.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D15  D15diagonal marking of D10 D10A.H. Gardiner (1957):451
D16  D16vertical marking of D10 D10A.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D17  D17combination of D16 D16 and D15 D15A.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D18  D18earA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D19  D19nose, eye and cheekA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D20  D20nose, eye and cheek in semi-cursive formA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D21  D21mouthA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D22  D22mouth with two strokesA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D23  D23mouth with three strokesA.H. Gardiner (1957):452
D24  D24upper lip with teethA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D25  D25lips with teethA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D26  D26liquid issuing from lipsA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D27  D27small breastA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D27a  D27alarge breastA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D28  D28arms in kA-postureA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D29  D29combination of D28 D28 and R12 R12A.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D30  D30D28 D28 with tailA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D31  D31combination of D32 D32 and U36 U36A.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D31a  D31acombination of D28 D28 and U36 U36A.H. Gardiner (1953):3, R.O. Faulkner (1962):169
D32  D32arms embracingA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D33  D33arms rowingA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D34  D34arms holding shield and battle-axeA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D34a  D34aarms holding shield and maceA.H. Gardiner (1957):453
D35  D35arms in gesture of negationA.H. Gardiner (1957):454
D36  D36forearmA.H. Gardiner (1957):454
D37  D37forearm with X8 X8A.H. Gardiner (1957):454
D38  D38forearm with rounded loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):454
D39  D39forearm with W24 W24A.H. Gardiner (1957):454
D40  D40forearm with stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D41  D41forearm with palm down and bent upper armA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D42  D42forearm with palm down and straight upper armA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D43  D43forearm with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D44  D44forearm with S42 S42A.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D45  D45arm with nHbt-wandA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D46  D46handA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D46a  D46aliquid falling from handA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D47  D47hand with palm upA.H. Gardiner (1957):455
D48  D48hand without thumbA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D48a  D48ahand holding an eggA.H. Gardiner (1953):3, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:104-105
D49  D49fistA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D50  D50finger verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D50a  D50a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):199
D50b  D50b ...G. Möller (1927b):652
D50c  D50c ...G. Möller (1927b):653
D50d  D50d ...
D50e  D50e ...G. Möller (1927b):653C
D50f  D50f ...G. Möller (1927b):653D
D50g  D50g ...G. Möller (1927b):653E
D50h  D50h ...G. Möller (1927b):653F
D50i  D50i ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
D51  D51finger horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D52  D52phallusA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D52a  D52acombination of D52 D52 and S29 S29A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
D53  D53liquid issuing from phallusA.H. Gardiner (1957):456
D54  D54legs walkingA.H. Gardiner (1957):457
D54a  D54ahieratic legs walkingA.H. Gardiner (1929):95 (under the name Ff3), G. Möller (1927b):120
D55  D55legs walking backwardsA.H. Gardiner (1957):457
D56  D56legA.H. Gardiner (1957):457
D57  D57combination of D56 D56 and T30 T30A.H. Gardiner (1957):457
D58  D58footA.H. Gardiner (1957):457
D59  D59combination of D58 D58 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):458

On the right in A.H. Gardiner (1957):458, the arm is above, but on the left it is behind the leg. Unicode assumes the latter.

D60  D60D58 D58 under vase from which water flowsA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
D61  D61three toes oriented leftwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
D62  D62three toes oriented rightwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
D63  D63two toes oriented leftwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
D64  D64hand with palm downA.H. Gardiner (1953):3
D65  D65lock of hairA.H. Gardiner (1953):3, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:120, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:526-527
D66  D66arm with reed penA.H. Gardiner (1953):3, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:389, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:106
D67  D67dotA.H. Gardiner (1957):199
D67a  D67a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):199
D67b  D67b ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):199
D67c  D67c ...
D67d  D67d ...G. Möller (1927a):699
D67e  D67e ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):193
D67f  D67f ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):198
D67g  D67g ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):198
D67h  D67h ...
E1  E1bullA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
E2  E2bull chargingA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
E3  E3calfA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
E4  E4sacred HsAt-cowA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
E5  E5cow suckling calfA.H. Gardiner (1957):458
E6  E6horseA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E7  E7donkeyA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E8  E8kidA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E8a  E8akid jumpingA.H. Gardiner (1957):459 (see under E8), A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
E9  E9newborn bubalis or hartebeestA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E9a  E9amature bovine lying downA.H. Gardiner (1953):3, R. Hannig (1995):703
E10  E10ramA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E11  E11ramA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E12  E12pigA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E13  E13catA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E14  E14dog (saluki)A.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E15  E15lying canineA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E16  E16lying canine on shrineA.H. Gardiner (1957):459
E16a  E16alying canine on shrine with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1953):3
E17  E17jackalA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E17a  E17ajackal looking backGITB:802-134-610, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:351,355,356
E18  E18wolf on R12 R12 with SdSdA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E19  E19combination of E19 E19 and T3 T3A.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E20  E20Seth-animalA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E20a  E20acombination of E20 E20 and V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1928):22, A.H. Gardiner (1957):573 (second column, line 6)
E21  E21lying Seth-animalA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E22  E22lionA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E23  E23lying lionA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E24  E24pantherA.H. Gardiner (1957):460
E25  E25hippopotamusA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E26  E26elephantA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E27  E27giraffeA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E28  E28oryxA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E28a  E28acombination of E28 E28, N24 N24 and some type of jar A.H. Gardiner (1928):22
E29  E29gazelleA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E30  E30ibexA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E31  E31goat with collarA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E32  E32baboonA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E33  E33monkeyA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E34  E34hareA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
E34a  E34ahare (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):22
E36  E36baboonA.H. Gardiner (1953):3, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):II:253, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):V:606, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):V:618, R. Hannig (1995):812
E37  E37combination of E36 E36, V36 V36 and V30 V30 A.H. Gardiner (1953):3, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:438
E38  E38long-horned bullA.H. Gardiner (1953):3
F1  F1head of oxA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
F1a  F1ahead of bovineA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
F2  F2head of charging oxA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
F3  F3head of hippopotamusA.H. Gardiner (1957):461
F4  F4forepart of lionA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F5  F5head of bubalis or hartebeestA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F6  F6forepart of bubalis or hartebeestA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F7  F7head of ramA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F8  F8forepart of ramA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F9  F9head of leopardA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F10  F10head and neck of animalA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F11  F11head and neck of animalA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F12  F12head and neck of canineA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F13  F13hornsA.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F13a  F13ahorns (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):23
F14  F14combination of F13 F13 and M4 M4A.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F15  F15combination of F14 F14 and N5 N5A.H. Gardiner (1957):462
F16  F16hornA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F17  F17combination of F16 F16 with vase from which water flowsA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F18  F18tuskA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F19  F19lower jaw-bone of oxA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F20  F20tongueA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F21  F21ear of bovineA.H. Gardiner (1957):463
F21a  F21ahieratic ear of bovineA.H. Gardiner (1929):95 (under the name Ff4), G. Möller (1927b):159
F22  F22hind-quarters of lionA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F23  F23foreleg of oxA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F24  F24F23 F23 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F25  F25leg of oxA.H. Gardiner (1957):464, ASAE:44:311-315
F26  F26skin of goatA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F27  F27skin of cow with bent tailA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F28  F28skin of cow with straight tailA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F29  F29cow's skin pierced by arrowA.H. Gardiner (1957):464
F30  F30water-skinA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F31  F31three skins tied togetherA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F31a  F31athree skins tied together (simplified)A.H. Gardiner (1953):3
F32  F32animal's bellyA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F33  F33tailA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F34  F34heartA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F35  F35heart and windpipeA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F36  F36lung and windpipeA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F37  F37backbone and ribs and spinal cordA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F37a  F37abackbone and ribsA.H. Gardiner (1953):6 (under the name Ff9)
F38  F38backbone and ribsA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F38a  F38abackbone and ribs and spinal cordA.H. Gardiner (1928):23
F39  F39backbone and spinal cordA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F40  F40backbone and spinal cordsA.H. Gardiner (1957):465
F41  F41vertebraeA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F42  F42ribA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F43  F43ribsA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F44  F44leg-bone with meatA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F45  F45uterusA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F45a  F45auterus (simplified)A.H. Gardiner (1928):38, R.O. Faulkner (1962):35
F46  F46intestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F46a  F46aintestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F47  F47intestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F47a  F47aintestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F48  F48intestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F49  F49intestineA.H. Gardiner (1957):466
F50  F50combination of F46 F46 and S29 S29A.H. Gardiner (1957):467
F51  F51piece of fleshA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
F51a  F51athree pieces of flesh horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1928):24
F51b  F51bthree pieces of flesh verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1928):24
F51c  F51cF51 F51 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1957):467 (see under F51)
F52  F52excrementA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
F53  F53divine rod with F7 F7GITB:801-797-520, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):II:178
G1  G1Egyptian vultureA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
G2  G2two Egyptian vulturesA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
G3  G3combination of G1 G1 and U1 U1A.H. Gardiner (1957):467
G4  G4buzzardA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
G5  G5falconA.H. Gardiner (1957):467
G6  G6combination of G5 G5 and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G6a  G6afalcon on V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1928):25, A.H. Gardiner (1957):573 (second column, line 6)
G7  G7falcon on R12 R12A.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G7a  G7afalcon in boatA.H. Gardiner (1957):468, A.H. Gardiner (1931):246, R. Hannig (1995):1049
G7b  G7bfalcon in boatA.H. Gardiner (1957):468, A.H. Gardiner (1931):246, R. Hannig (1995):1049
G8  G8falcon on S12 S12A.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G9  G9falcon with N5 N5 on headA.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G10  G10falcon in Sokar barqueA.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G11  G11image of falconA.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G11a  G11aimage of falcon on R12 R12A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
G12  G12combination of G11 G11 and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):468
G13  G13image of falcon with S9 S9A.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G14  G14vultureA.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G15  G15combination of G14 G14 and S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G16  G16vulture and cobra each on V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G17  G17owlA.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G18  G18two owlsA.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G19  G19combination of G17 G17 and D37 D37A.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G20  G20combination of G17 G17 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G20a  G20acombination of G17 G17 and D21 D21A.H. Gardiner (1953):3, F. Daumas (1988-1995):157:227
G21  G21guinea-fowlA.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G22  G22hoopoeA.H. Gardiner (1957):469
G23  G23lawpingA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G24  G24lawping with twisted wingsA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G25  G25northern bald ibisA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G26  G26sacred ibis on R12 R12A.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G26a  G26asacred ibisA.H. Gardiner (1957):470, A.H. Gardiner (1953):3
G27  G27flamingoA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G28  G28glossy ibisA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G29  G29saddle-billed storkA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G30  G30three saddle-billed storksA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G31  G31heronA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G32  G32heron on perchA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G33  G33cattle egretA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G34  G34ostrichA.H. Gardiner (1957):470
G35  G35cormorantA.H. Gardiner (1957):471
G36  G36swallowA.H. Gardiner (1957):471
G36a  G36aswallow (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):25
G37  G37sparrowA.H. Gardiner (1957):471
G37a  G37asparrow (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):25
G38  G38white-fronted gooseA.H. Gardiner (1957):471
G39  G39pintailA.H. Gardiner (1957):471
G40  G40pintail flyingA.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G41  G41pintail alightingA.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G42  G42widgeonA.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G43  G43quail chickA.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G43a  G43acombination of G43 G43 and X1 X1A.H. Gardiner (1928):26, A.H. Gardiner (1957):51 (section 56)
G44  G44two quail chicksA.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G45  G45combination of G43 G43 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G45a  G45acombination of G43 G43 and D37 D37A.H. Gardiner (1953):3, F. Daumas (1988-1995):184:757
G46  G46combination of G43 G43 and U1 U1A.H. Gardiner (1957):472
G47  G47ducklingA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G48  G48three ducklings in nestA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G49  G49three ducklings in poolA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G50  G50two ploversA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G51  G51bird pecking at fishA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G52  G52goose picking up grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G53  G53human-headed bird with R7 R7A.H. Gardiner (1957):473
G54  G54plucked birdA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
H1  H1head of pintailA.H. Gardiner (1957):473
H2  H2head of crested birdA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H3  H3head of spoonbillA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H4  H4head of vultureA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H5  H5wingA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H6  H6featherA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H6a  H6ahieratic featherA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H7  H7clawA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
H8  H8eggA.H. Gardiner (1957):474
I1  I1geckoA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I2  I2turtleA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I3  I3crocodileA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I4  I4crocodile on shrineA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I5  I5crocodile with curved tailA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I5a  I5aimage of crocodileA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I6  I6crocodile scalesA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I7  I7frogA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I8  I8tadpoleA.H. Gardiner (1957):475
I9  I9horned viperA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I9a  I9ahorned viper crawling out of enclosureA.H. Gardiner (1953):4, R.O. Faulkner (1962):91, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:527
I10  I10cobraA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I10a  I10acobra with featherA.H. Gardiner (1953):4, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:269
I11  I11two cobrasA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I11a  I11acombination of I10 I10, X1 X1 and N18 N18A.H. Gardiner (1928):27, A.H. Gardiner (1957):603 (first column, line -6)
I12  I12erect cobraA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I13  I13erect cobra on V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I14  I14snakeA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
I15  I15snakeA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
K1  K1tilapiaA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
K2  K2barbelA.H. Gardiner (1957):476
K3  K3mulletA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
K4  K4elephant-snout fishA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
K5  K5Petrocephalus baneA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
K6  K6fish scaleA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
K7  K7pufferA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
K8  K8catfishA.H. Gardiner (1953):4, R. Hannig (1995):395
L1  L1dung beetleA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
L2  L2beeA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
L2a  L2acombination of M23 M23, L2 L2 and two X1 X1A.H. Gardiner (1928):28, A.H. Gardiner (1957):51 (section 55)
L3  L3flyA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
L4  L4locustA.H. Gardiner (1957):477
L5  L5centipedeA.H. Gardiner (1957):478
L6  L6shellA.H. Gardiner (1957):478
L6a  L6aL6 L6 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1928):28
L7  L7scorpionA.H. Gardiner (1957):478
L8  L8beetleGITB:801-221-400
M1  M1treeA.H. Gardiner (1957):478
M1a  M1acombination of M1 M1 and M3 M3A.H. Gardiner (1928):29, R. Hannig (1995):418
M1b  M1bcombination of M1 M1 and I9 I9A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, S. Cauville (2001):144 (under the name M48)
M2  M2plantA.H. Gardiner (1957):478
M3  M3branchA.H. Gardiner (1957):479
M3a  M3acombination of G17 G17 and M3 M3A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:345
M4  M4palm branchA.H. Gardiner (1957):479
M5  M5combination of M4 M4 and X1 X1A.H. Gardiner (1957):479
M6  M6combination of M4 M4 and D21 D21A.H. Gardiner (1957):479
M7  M7combination of M4 M4 and Q3 Q3A.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M8  M8pool with lotus flowersA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M9  M9lotus flowerA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M10  M10lotus bud with straight stemA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M10a  M10alotus bud with winding stemA.H. Gardiner (1928):29
M11  M11flower on long twisted stalkA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M12  M12lotus plantA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M12a  M12a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
M12b  M12b ...G. Möller (1927b):643
M12c  M12c ...G. Möller (1927b):644
M12d  M12d ...G. Möller (1927b):645
M12e  M12e ...G. Möller (1927b):646
M12f  M12f ...G. Möller (1927b):647
M12g  M12g ...G. Möller (1927b):648
M12h  M12h ...G. Möller (1927b):649
M13  M13papyrusA.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M14  M14combination of M13 M13 and I10 I10A.H. Gardiner (1957):480
M15  M15clump of papyrus with budsA.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M15a  M15acombination of M15 M15 and O49 O49GITB:801-750-190
M16  M16clump of papyrusA.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M16a  M16acombination of M16 M16 and O49 O49A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
M17  M17reedA.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M17a  M17atwo reedsA.H. Gardiner (1957):481 (see under M17)
M18  M18combination of M17 M17 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M19  M19heaped conical cakes between M17 M17 and U36 U36A.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M20  M20field of reedsA.H. Gardiner (1957):481
M21  M21reeds with rootA.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M22  M22rushA.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M22a  M22atwo rushesA.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M23  M23sedgeA.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M24  M24combination of M23 M23 and D21 D21A.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M24a  M24alilyA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
M25  M25combination of M26 M26 and D21 D21A.H. Gardiner (1957):482
M26  M26flowering sedgeA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M27  M27combination of M26 M26 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M28  M28combination of M26 M26 and V20 V20A.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M28a  M28athree lilies on O49 O49A.H. Gardiner (1931):246, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:474
M29  M29podA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M30  M30rootA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M31  M31rhizomeA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M31a  M31aM1 M1 in vaseA.H. Gardiner (1931):246, A.M. Calverley (1935):18
M32  M32rhizomeA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M33  M333 grains horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M33a  M33a3 grains verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1928):29, A.H. Gardiner (1957):483 (see under M33)
M33b  M33b3 grains in triangular arrangementA.H. Gardiner (1957):483 (see under M33)
M34  M34ear of emmerA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M35  M35heap of grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):483
M36  M36bundle of flax showing bollsA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M37  M37bundle of flaxA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M38  M38wide bundle of flaxA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M39  M39basket of fruit or grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M40  M40bundle of reedsA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M40a  M40abundle of reedsA.H. Gardiner (1928):30
M41  M41piece of woodA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M42  M42flowerA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M43  M43vine on trellisA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
M44  M44thornA.H. Gardiner (1957):484
N1  N1skyA.H. Gardiner (1957):485
N2  N2sky with sceptreA.H. Gardiner (1957):485
N3  N3sky with sceptreA.H. Gardiner (1957):485
N4  N4sky with rainA.H. Gardiner (1957):485
N5  N5sunA.H. Gardiner (1957):485
N6  N6sun with uraeusA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N7  N7combination of N5 N5 and T28 T28A.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N8  N8sunshineA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N9  N9moon with lower half obscuredA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N10  N10moon with lower section obscuredA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N11  N11crescent moonA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N12  N12crescent moonA.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N13  N13combination of N11 N11 and N14 N14A.H. Gardiner (1957):486
N14  N14starA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N15  N15star in circleA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N16  N16land with grainsA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N17  N17landA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N18  N18sandy tractA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N18a  N18acombination of N18 N18 and N35 N35A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, F. Daumas (1988-1995):470:641, H.W. Fairman (1943):235:235
N18b  N18bcombination of X4b X4b and O34 O34A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, F. Daumas (1988-1995):470:645
N19  N19two sandy tractsA.H. Gardiner (1957):487
N20  N20tongue of landA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N21  N21short tongue of landA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N22  N22broad tongue of landA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N23  N23irrigation canalA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N24  N24irrigation canal systemA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N25  N25three hillsA.H. Gardiner (1957):488
N25a  N25athree hills (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):31
N26  N26two hillsA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N27  N27sun over mountainA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N28  N28rays of sun over hillA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N29  N29slope of hillA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N30  N30mound of earthA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N31  N31road with shrubsA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N32  N32lump of clayA.H. Gardiner (1957):489
N33  N33grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):490
N33a  N33athree grainsA.H. Gardiner (1928):31, A.H. Gardiner (1957):490 (see under N33)
N34  N34ingot of metalA.H. Gardiner (1957):490
N34a  N34aingot of metalA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
N35  N35ripple of waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):490
N35a  N35athree ripples of waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):490
N36  N36canalA.H. Gardiner (1957):491
N37  N37poolA.H. Gardiner (1957):491
N37a  N37apoolA.H. Gardiner (1953):4, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:397
N38  N38deep poolA.H. Gardiner (1957):491
N39  N39pool with waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):491
N40  N40combination of N37 N37 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):492
N41  N41well with ripple of waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):492
N42  N42well with line of waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):492
NL1  NL1sign of first nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL2  NL2sign of second nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):102 (under the name F158)
NL3  NL3sign of third nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):120 (under the name G264)
NL4  NL4sign of fourth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):214 (under the name T116)
NL5  NL5sign of fifth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):211 (under the name T64A)
NL5a  NL5asign of fifth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL6  NL6sign of sixth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):84 (under the name E207)
NL7  NL7sign of seventh nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL8  NL8sign of eighth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):215 (under the name T128)
NL9  NL9sign of ninth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL10  NL10sign of tenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):84 (under the name E199)
NL11  NL11sign of eleventh nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):84 (under the name E201A)
NL12  NL12sign of twelfth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):87 (under the name E254A)
NL13  NL13sign of thirteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL14  NL14sign of fourteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):160 (under the name N119)
NL15  NL15sign of fifteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL16  NL16sign of sixteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):135 (under the name K17)
NL17  NL17sign of seventeenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL17a  NL17asign of seventeenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL18  NL18sign of eighteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):26 (under the name A337)
NL19  NL19sign of nineteenth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NL20  NL20sign of twentieth nome of Lower EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU1  NU1sign of first nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):26 (under the name N120)
NU2  NU2sign of second nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):114 (under the name G127C)
NU3  NU3sign of third nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU4  NU4sign of fourth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU5  NU5sign of fifth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):120 (under the name G266)
NU6  NU6sign of sixth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):133 (under the name I106)
NU7  NU7sign of seventh nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU8  NU8sign of eighth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU9  NU9sign of ninth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU10  NU10sign of tenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):129 (under the name I31B)
NU10a  NU10asign of tenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU11  NU11sign of eleventh nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU11a  NU11asign of eleventh nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7
NU12  NU12sign of twelfth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):160 (under the name N118)
NU13  NU13sign of thirteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):160 (under the name N112)
NU14  NU14sign of fourteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):160 (under the name N113C)
NU15  NU15sign of fifteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7, S. Cauville (2001):74 (under the name E34B)
NU16  NU16sign of sixteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):7

Unlike Unicode, the sign on A.H. Gardiner (1953):7 has a jar in front of the oryx.

NU17  NU17sign of seventeenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8, S. Cauville (2001):81 (under the name E143A)
NU18  NU18sign of eighteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8, S. Cauville (2001):115 (under the name G148A)
NU18a  NU18asign of eighteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
NU19  NU19sign of nineteenth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
NU20  NU20sign of twentieth nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
NU21  NU21sign of twenty-first nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
NU22  NU22sign of twenty-second nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
NU22a  NU22asign of second nome of Upper EgyptA.H. Gardiner (1953):8
O1  O1houseA.H. Gardiner (1957):492
O1a  O1acombination of O1 O1 and S34 S34A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, R.O. Faulkner (1962):89
O2  O2combination of O1 O1 and T3 T3A.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O3  O3combination of O1 O1, P8 P8, X3 X3, and W22 W22 A.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O4  O4shelterA.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O5  O5winding wall from upper-left cornerA.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O5a  O5awinding wall from lower-left cornerA.H. Gardiner (1928):32
O6  O6enclosureA.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O6a  O6aopening of Hwt-enclosure
O6b  O6bopening of Hwt-enclosure
O6c  O6copening of Hwt-enclosure
O6d  O6dclosing of Hwt-enclosure
O6e  O6eclosing of Hwt-enclosure
O6f  O6fclosing of Hwt-enclosure
O7  O7combination of O6 O6 and X1 X1A.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O8  O8combination of O7 O7 and O29 O29A.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O9  O9combination of O7 O7 and V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):493
O10  O10combination of O6 O6 and G5 G5A.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O10a  O10acombination of O6 O6 and S34 S34A.H. Gardiner (1953):4, R.O. Faulkner (1962):165
O10b  O10bcombination of O6 O6 and L2 L2GITB:801-755-460, R. Hannig (1995):516
O10c  O10ccombination of O18 O18 and D2 D2GITB:802-051-300

The GITB entry does not depict the sign. Enquiry pending with Wellcome museum.

O11  O11palaceA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O12  O12combination of O11 O11 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O13  O13battlemented enclosureA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O14  O14part of battlemented enclosureA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O15  O15enclosure with W10 W10 and X1 X1A.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O16  O16gateway with serpentsA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O17  O17open gateway with serpentsA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O18  O18shrine in profileA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O19  O19shrine with fenceA.H. Gardiner (1957):494
O19a  O19ashrineA.H. Gardiner (1953):4
O20  O20shrineA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O20a  O20ashrineA.H. Gardiner (1928):32
O21  O21façade of shrineA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O22  O22booth with poleA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O23  O23double platformA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O24  O24pyramidA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O24a  O24apedestal of sun templeA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
O25  O25obeliskA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O25a  O25aobelisk and pedestal of sun templeA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
O26  O26stelaA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O27  O27hall of columnsA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O28  O28columnA.H. Gardiner (1957):495
O29  O29horizontal wooden columnA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O29a  O29avertical wooden columnA.H. Gardiner (1928):32, A.H. Gardiner (1957):496 (see under O29)
O30  O30supportA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O30a  O30afour supportsA.H. Gardiner (1928):32, R.O. Faulkner (1962):241
O31  O31doorA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O32  O32gatewayA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O33  O33façade of palaceA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O33a  O33aclosing of srx-enclosureA.H. Gardiner (1957):72
O34  O34boltA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O35  O35combination of O34 O34 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O36  O36wallA.H. Gardiner (1957):496
O36a  O36aopening of oval fortified wall enclosure
O36b  O36bclosing of oval fortified wall enclosure
O36c  O36copening of square fortified wall enclosure
O36d  O36dclosure of square fortified wall enclosure
O37  O37falling wallA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O38  O38corner of wallA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O39  O39stoneA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O40  O40stairwayA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O41  O41double stairwayA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O42  O42fenceA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O43  O43low fenceA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O44  O44emblem of MinA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O45  O45domed buildingA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O46  O46domed buildingA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O47  O47enclosed moundA.H. Gardiner (1957):497
O48  O48enclosed moundA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
O49  O49villageA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
O50  O50threshing floorA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
O50a  O50ahieratic threshing floorA.H. Gardiner (1953):6 (under the name Ff8)
O50b  O50bO50a O50a reversedA.H. Gardiner (1953):6 (under the name Ff8*)
O51  O51pile of grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
P1  P1boatA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
P1a  P1aboat upside downA.H. Gardiner (1957):498
P2  P2ship under sailA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P3  P3sacred barqueA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P3a  P3asacred barque without steering oarA.H. Gardiner (1928):34, J.P. Allen (2000):439 (see under P3)
P4  P4boat with netA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P5  P5sailA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P6  P6mastA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P7  P7combination of P6 P6 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P8  P8oarA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P9  P9combination of P8 P8 and I9 I9A.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P10  P10steering oarA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
P11  P11mooring postA.H. Gardiner (1957):499
Q1  Q1seatA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q2  Q2portable seatA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q3  Q3stoolA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q4  Q4head-restA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q5  Q5chestA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q6  Q6coffinA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
Q7  Q7brazierA.H. Gardiner (1957):500
R1  R1high table with offeringsA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R2  R2table with slices of breadA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R2a  R2ahigh table with offeringsA.H. Gardiner (1953):5
R3  R3low table with offeringsA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R3a  R3alow tableA.H. Gardiner (1953):5
R3b  R3blow table with offerings (simplified)A.H. Gardiner (1953):5
R4  R4loaf on matA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R5  R5narrow censerA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R6  R6broad censerA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R7  R7bowl with smokeA.H. Gardiner (1957):501
R8  R8cloth on poleA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R9  R9combination of R8 R8 and V33 V33A.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R10  R10combination of R8 R8, T28 T28 and N29 N29A.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R10a  R10acombination of R8 R8 and T28 T28A.H. Gardiner (1928):35, R.O. Faulkner (1962):204
R11  R11reed columnA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R12  R12standardA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R13  R13falcon and feather on standardA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R14  R14feather on standardA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R15  R15spear emblemA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R16  R16sceptre with feathers and stringA.H. Gardiner (1957):502
R16a  R16asceptre with feathersA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
R17  R17wig on poleA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R18  R18combination of R17 R17 and N24 N24A.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R19  R19S40 S40 with featherA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R20  R20flower with hornsA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R21  R21flower with hornsA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R22  R22two narrow belemnitesA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R23  R23two broad belemnitesA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R24  R24two bows tied horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R25  R25two bows tied verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):503
R26  R26combination of N17 N17, F36 F36, M24a M24a and M13 M13A.H. Gardiner (1931):246
R27  R27two arrows crossed over a shieldA.H. Gardiner (1953):5
R28  R28BatA.H. Gardiner (1953):5, R. Hannig (1995):239
R29  R29niche with serpentA.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:147
S1  S1white crownA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S2  S2combination of S1 S1 and V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S2a  S2acombination of S1 S1 and O49 O49A.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:476
S3  S3red crownA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S4  S4combination of S3 S3 and V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S5  S5double crownA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S6  S6combination of S5 S5 and V30 V30A.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S6a  S6acombination of S3 S3 and O49 O49A.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):II:124
S7  S7blue crownA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S8  S8Atf-crownA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S9  S9two plumesA.H. Gardiner (1957):504
S10  S10headbandA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S11  S11broad collarA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S12  S12collar of beadsA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S13  S13combination of S12 S12 and D58 D58A.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S14  S14combination of S12 S12 and T3 T3A.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S14a  S14acombination of S12 S12 and S40 S40A.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S14b  S14bcombination of S12 S12 and S40 S40A.H. Gardiner (1953):5
S15  S15pectoralA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S16  S16pectoralA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S17  S17pectoralA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S17a  S17agirdleA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S18  S18necklace with counterpoiseA.H. Gardiner (1957):505
S19  S19necklace with seal from sideA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S20  S20necklace with seal from frontA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S21  S21ringA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S22  S22shoulder-knotA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S23  S23knotted clothA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S24  S24girdle knotA.H. Gardiner (1957):506
S25  S25garment with tiesA.H. Gardiner (1957):506, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:159, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:422
S26  S26apronA.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S26a  S26aapronA.H. Gardiner (1957):507 (under the name '(N18)')
S26b  S26bapronA.H. Gardiner (1957):507 (see under N18)
S27  S27cloth with two strandsA.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S28  S28cloth with fringe on top and S29 S29A.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S29  S29folded clothA.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S30  S30combination of S29 S29 and I9 I9A.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S31  S31combination of S29 S29 and U1 U1A.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S32  S32cloth with fringe on the sideA.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S33  S33sandleA.H. Gardiner (1957):507
S34  S34sandle-strapA.H. Gardiner (1957):508
S35  S35sunshadeA.H. Gardiner (1957):508
S35a  S35asunshadeA.H. Gardiner (1928):36
S36  S36sunshadeA.H. Gardiner (1957):508
S37  S37fanA.H. Gardiner (1957):508
S38  S38crookA.H. Gardiner (1957):508
S39  S39shepherd's crookA.H. Gardiner (1957):509
S40  S40sceptreA.H. Gardiner (1957):509
S41  S41sceptre with spiral shaftA.H. Gardiner (1957):509
S42  S42sceptre of authorityA.H. Gardiner (1957):509
S43  S43walking stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
S44  S44walking stick with S45 S45A.H. Gardiner (1957):510
S45  S45flagellumA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
S46  S46covering for head and neckA.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A.M. Calverley (1935):26, R.O. Faulkner (1962):42, H.W. Fairman (1943):241:272
T1  T1mace with flat headA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T2  T2mace with round head diagonallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T3  T3mace with round head verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T3a  T3acombination of T3 T3 and N26 N26A.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:213
T4  T4mace with strapA.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T5  T5combination of T3 T3 and I10 I10A.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T6  T6combination of T3 T3 and two I10 I10A.H. Gardiner (1957):510
T7  T7axeA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T7a  T7aaxeA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T8  T8daggerA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T8a  T8adaggerA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T9  T9bowA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T9a  T9abowA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T10  T10composite bowA.H. Gardiner (1957):511
T11  T11arrowA.H. Gardiner (1957):512
T11a  T11atwo crossed arrowsGITB:802-065-700
T12  T12bow-stringA.H. Gardiner (1957):512
T13  T13joined pieces of woodA.H. Gardiner (1957):512
T14  T14throw stick verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):513
T15  T15throw stick slantedA.H. Gardiner (1957):513
T16  T16scimitarA.H. Gardiner (1957):513
T16a  T16ascimitarA.H. Gardiner (1931):246
T17  T17chariotA.H. Gardiner (1957):513
T18  T18crook with package attachedA.H. Gardiner (1957):513
T19  T19harpoon headA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T20  T20harpoon headA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T21  T21harpoonA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T22  T22arrowheadA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T23  T23arrowheadA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T24  T24fishing-netA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T25  T25floatsA.H. Gardiner (1957):514
T26  T26bird-trapA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T27  T27bird-trapA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T28  T28butcher's blockA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T29  T29combination of T30 T30 and T28 T28A.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T30  T30knifeA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T31  T31knife-sharpenerA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T32  T32combination of T31 T31 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T32a  T32acombination of T31 T31 and S29 S29A.H. Gardiner (1953):5, R.O. Faulkner (1962):247
T33  T33knife-sharpener of butcherA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T33a  T33acombination of T33 T33 and S29 S29A.H. Gardiner (1953):5
T34  T34butcher's knifeA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T35  T35butcher's knifeA.H. Gardiner (1957):515
T36  T36shieldA.H. Gardiner (1931):247
U1  U1sickleA.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U2  U2sickle (low)A.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U3  U3combination of U1 U1 and D4 D4A.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U4  U4combination of U1 U1 and Aa11 Aa11A.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U5  U5combination of U2 U2 and Aa11 Aa11A.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U6  U6diagonal hoeA.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U6a  U6avertical hoeA.H. Gardiner (1953):5
U6b  U6bU6a U6a reversedA.H. Gardiner (1953):5
U7  U7horizontal hoeA.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U8  U8hoe without connecting ropeA.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U9  U9grain-measure with grainA.H. Gardiner (1957):516
U10  U10U9 U9 beneath M33 M33A.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U11  U11combination of S38 S38 and U9 U9A.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U12  U12combination of D50 D50 and U9 U9A.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U13  U13ploughA.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U14  U14two joined branchesA.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U15  U15sledgeA.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U16  U16sledge with head of jackalA.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U17  U17pick in groundA.H. Gardiner (1957):517
U18  U18pick in basinA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U19  U19adzeA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U20  U20adzeA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U21  U21adze on woodA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U22  U22chiselA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U23  U23chiselA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U23a  U23achiselA.H. Gardiner (1931):247
U24  U24drill for stoneA.H. Gardiner (1957):518
U25  U25drill for stoneA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U26  U26drill for beadsA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U27  U27drill for beadsA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U28  U28fire-drillA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U29  U29fire-drillA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U29a  U29afire-drill with stringA.H. Gardiner (1953):5, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):V:517
U30  U30kilnA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U31  U31baker's rakeA.H. Gardiner (1957):519
U32  U32pestle and mortarA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U32a  U32ahieratic pestle and mortarA.H. Gardiner (1931):247
U33  U33pestleA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U34  U34spindleA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U35  U35combination of U34 U34 and I9 I9A.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U36  U36clubA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U37  U37razorA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
U38  U38balanceA.H. Gardiner (1957):521
U39  U39post of balanceA.H. Gardiner (1957):521
U40  U40hieratic post of balanceA.H. Gardiner (1957):521
U41  U41plummetA.H. Gardiner (1957):521
U42  U42pitchforkA.H. Gardiner (1957):517 (under the name '(O30)')
V1  V1coil of ropeA.H. Gardiner (1957):521
V1a  V1a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):199
V1b  V1b ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):194
V1c  V1c ...G. Möller (1927b):635
V1d  V1d ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):201
V1e  V1e ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):192
V1f  V1f ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):200
V1g  V1g ...G. Möller (1927b):639
V1h  V1h ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
V1i  V1i ...G. Möller (1927a):636
V2  V2combination of O34 O34 and V1 V1A.H. Gardiner (1957):521
V2a  V2ahieratic form of V2 V2A.H. Gardiner (1931):247
V3  V3combination of O34 O34 and three V1 V1A.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V4  V4lassoA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V5  V5looped ropeA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V6  V6cord with ends upwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V7  V7cord with ends downwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V7a  V7acord with ends downwardA.H. Gardiner (1953):6
V7b  V7bhieratic cord with ends downwardA.H. Gardiner (1929):95 (under the name Ff2), G. Möller (1927b):521
V8  V8cord downwardA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V9  V9round cartoucheA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V10  V10oval cartoucheA.H. Gardiner (1957):522
V11  V11end of cartoucheA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V11a  V11aopening of cartoucheA.H. Gardiner (1928):39, G. Möller (1927b):532
V11b  V11bclosing of cartoucheA.H. Gardiner (1928):39, G. Möller (1927b):532
V11c  V11cclosing of knotless cartoucheG. Möller (1927b):532
V12  V12stringA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V12a  V12astringA.H. Gardiner (1953):6, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:213
V12b  V12bstringA.H. Gardiner (1953):6
V13  V13ropeA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V14  V14rope with tickA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V15  V15combination of V13 V13 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V16  V16looped cordA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V17  V17shelter of papyrusA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V18  V18shelter of papyrusA.H. Gardiner (1957):523
V19  V19hobble with cross-barA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V20  V20hobbleA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V20a  V20a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):192
V20b  V20b ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):201
V20c  V20c ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):198
V20d  V20d ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):197
V20e  V20e ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):194
V20f  V20f ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):192
V20g  V20g ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):196
V20h  V20h ...G. Möller (1927b):631
V20i  V20i ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
V20j  V20j ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):194
V20k  V20k ...G. Möller (1927b):626
V20l  V20l ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
V21  V21combination of V20 V20 and I10 I10A.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V22  V22whipA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V23  V23whipA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V23a  V23awhipA.H. Gardiner (1931):247
V24  V24cord on stickA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V25  V25cord on stick with tickA.H. Gardiner (1957):524
V26  V26netting needleA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V27  V27netting needleA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V28  V28wickA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V28a  V28acombination of V28 V28 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1953):6, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):III:37
V29  V29swabA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V29a  V29acombination of V29 V29 and V31 V31A.H. Gardiner (1931):247, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):IV:314-315
V30  V30basketA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V30a  V30abasket (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):39
V31  V31basket with right handleA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V31a  V31abasket with left handleA.H. Gardiner (1957):525
V32  V32frailA.H. Gardiner (1957):526
V33  V33bagA.H. Gardiner (1957):526
V33a  V33abundleGITB:804-010-299
V34  V34bagA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
V35  V35bagA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
V36  V36receptacleA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
V37  V37bandageA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
V37a  V37abandageA.H. Gardiner (1953):6, A. Erman and H. Grapow (1961):I:154
V38  V38bandageA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
V39  V39knot-amuletA.H. Gardiner (1957):508, A.H. Gardiner (1931):247
V40  V40hobble on its sideA.H. Gardiner (1957):191
V40a  V40atwo hobbles on their sideA.H. Gardiner (1957):201
W1  W1oil jar with tiesA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
W2  W2oil jarA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
W3  W3alabaster basinA.H. Gardiner (1957):527
W3a  W3aalabaster basin (low)A.H. Gardiner (1928):40
W4  W4combination of O22 O22 and W3 W3A.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W5  W5combination of T28 T28 and W3 W3A.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W6  W6metal vesselA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W7  W7granite bowlA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W8  W8deformed granite bowlA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W9  W9jug with left handleA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W9a  W9ajug with right handleA.H. Gardiner (1953):6
W10  W10cupA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W10a  W10apot with tickA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
W11  W11round ring standA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W12  W12square ring standA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W13  W13earthenware potA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W14  W14water jarA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W14a  W14acombination of V28 V28, W14 W14 and O34 O34 A.H. Gardiner (1928):40, A.H. Gardiner (1957):529 (see under W14)
W15  W15water jar with waterA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W16  W16water jar with water in ring standA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W17  W17three water jars in rackA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W17a  W17athree water jars in rack (simplified)A.H. Gardiner (1953):6 (under the name W18*)
W18  W18four water jars in rackA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W18a  W18afour water jars in rack (simplified)
W19  W19milk jug in netA.H. Gardiner (1957):529
W20  W20milk jug with leafA.H. Gardiner (1957):530
W21  W21twin wine jarsA.H. Gardiner (1957):530
W22  W22beer jugA.H. Gardiner (1957):530
W23  W23jar with handlesA.H. Gardiner (1957):530
W24  W24bowlA.H. Gardiner (1957):530-531
W24a  W24athree bowlsA.H. Gardiner (1928):40, A.H. Gardiner (1957):530 (see under W24)
W25  W25combination of W24 W24 and D54 D54A.H. Gardiner (1957):531
X1  X1flat loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):531
X2  X2tall loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):531
X3  X3tall loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):532
X4  X4roll of breadA.H. Gardiner (1957):532
X4a  X4aroll of breadA.H. Gardiner (1928):41
X4b  X4broll of breadA.H. Gardiner (1957):532 (under the name '(N18)')
X5  X5hieratic roll of breadA.H. Gardiner (1957):532
X6  X6round loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):532
X6a  X6around loafA.H. Gardiner (1928):41
X7  X7half-loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):532
X8  X8conical loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):533
X8a  X8ahieratic conical loafA.H. Gardiner (1957):533 (see under X8)
Y1  Y1scroll with tiesA.H. Gardiner (1957):533
Y1a  Y1avertical scroll with tiesA.H. Gardiner (1928):41, A.H. Gardiner (1957):533 (see under Y1)
Y2  Y2scrollA.H. Gardiner (1957):533
Y3  Y3scribe's outfit with palette on leftA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Y4  Y4scribe's outfit with palette on rightA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Y5  Y5game boardA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Y6  Y6game pieceA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Y7  Y7harpA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Y8  Y8sistrumA.H. Gardiner (1957):534
Z1  Z1strokeA.H. Gardiner (1957):534-535
Z2  Z2three Z1 Z1 horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):535-536
Z2a  Z2athree Z1 Z1 horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):536 (see under Z2)
Z2b  Z2bthree D67 D67 horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):535 (see under Z2)
Z2c  Z2cthree Z1 Z1 in triangular arrangementA.H. Gardiner (1957):535 (see under Z2)
Z2d  Z2dthree Z1 Z1 in triangular arrangement
Z3  Z3three Z1 Z1 verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):536
Z3a  Z3athree lying Z1 Z1 verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1928):42, A.H. Gardiner (1957):536 (see under Z3)
Z3b  Z3bthree D67 D67 verticallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):535 (see under Z2)
Z4  Z4two diagonal strokesA.H. Gardiner (1957):536-537
Z4a  Z4atwo Z1 Z1 horizontallyA.H. Gardiner (1957):536 (see under Z4)
Z5  Z5curved diagonal strokeA.H. Gardiner (1957):537
Z5a  Z5adiagonal strokeA.H. Gardiner (1928):42, A.H. Gardiner (1957):537 (see under Z5)
Z6  Z6hieratic substitute for A13 A13 or A14 A14A.H. Gardiner (1957):537
Z7  Z7hieratic quail chickA.H. Gardiner (1957):537
Z8  Z8ovalA.H. Gardiner (1957):538
Z9  Z9diagonal crossA.H. Gardiner (1957):538
Z10  Z10wide diagonal crossA.H. Gardiner (1957):539
Z11  Z11crossA.H. Gardiner (1957):539
Z12  Z12hieratic striking manA.H. Gardiner (1929):95, R.O. Faulkner (1962):165
Z13  Z13circleA.H. Gardiner (1957):538 (under the name '(N33)'), A.H. Gardiner (1953):6
Z14  Z14indeterminable hieratic tickA.H. Gardiner (1929):95 (under the name Ff1)
Z15  Z15long vertical strokeA.H. Gardiner (1957):192
Z15a  Z15a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):192
Z15b  Z15b ...A.H. Gardiner (1928):42, A.H. Gardiner (1957):193
Z15c  Z15c ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z15d  Z15d ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):192
Z15e  Z15e ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):193
Z15f  Z15f ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z15g  Z15g ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z15h  Z15h ...G. Möller (1927b):622
Z15i  Z15i ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16  Z16long horizontal strokeA.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16a  Z16a ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16b  Z16b ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16c  Z16c ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16d  Z16d ...G. Möller (1927b):660
Z16e  Z16e ...G. Möller (1927b):661
Z16f  Z16f ...G. Möller (1927b):662
Z16g  Z16g ...A.H. Gardiner (1957):191
Z16h  Z16h ...G. Möller (1927b):664
Aa1  Aa1basket from aboveA.H. Gardiner (1957):539
Aa2  Aa2pustuleA.H. Gardiner (1957):539
Aa3  Aa3pustule with liquidA.H. Gardiner (1957):540
Aa4  Aa4pot with two ticksA.H. Gardiner (1957):528
Aa5  Aa5navigation instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):540
Aa6  Aa6instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):540
Aa7  Aa7instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):540
Aa7a  Aa7aAa7 Aa7 reversedA.H. Gardiner (1928):43, A.H. Gardiner (1957):540 (see under Aa7)
Aa7b  Aa7blater equivalent of Aa7 Aa7A.H. Gardiner (1931):247
Aa8  Aa8irrigation canalA.H. Gardiner (1957):540-541
Aa9  Aa9instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):541
Aa10  Aa10unknownA.H. Gardiner (1957):541
Aa11  Aa11platformA.H. Gardiner (1957):541
Aa12  Aa12platformA.H. Gardiner (1957):541
Aa13  Aa13sharp halfA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa14  Aa14bent halfA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa15  Aa15blunt halfA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa16  Aa16short halfA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa17  Aa17lidA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa18  Aa18square lidA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa19  Aa19instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa20  Aa20bagA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa21  Aa21instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):542
Aa22  Aa22combination of Aa21 Aa21 and D36 D36A.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa23  Aa23high warp between stakesA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
Aa24  Aa24low warp between stakesA.H. Gardiner (1957):520
Aa25  Aa25unknownA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa26  Aa26unknownA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa27  Aa27spindleA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa28  Aa28levelA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa29  Aa29instrumentA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa30  Aa30friezeA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa31  Aa31friezeA.H. Gardiner (1957):543
Aa32  Aa32archaic bowA.H. Gardiner (1957):512

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