The 1071 hieroglyphs from Unicode 5.2

These pages represent an attempt to gather information on the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs from Unicode 5.2. The information is compiled into the following tables: The above tables are compiled out of the following XML files: A package with all source files, including Java code, XML schemas and XSLT stylesheets, is:

Open questions

I would be grateful to anyone who can help me resolve a number of open questions.


We offer guidelines for orthographic annotation of texts.


Serge Rosmorduc helped me identify over a dozen signs. More help was received from Angela McDonald. Elizabeth Fleming from the Griffith Institute was extremely helpful with locating occurrences of signs in the Topographical Bibliography. Carolyn Graves-Brown from Swansea University was extremely helpful with clarifying the meaning of sign O10c; the reading is due to Serge Rosmorduc. Jorke Grotenhuis contributed the links to the TSL.