Sign list

The 1071 hieroglyphs from Unicode 5.2

Functions and meanings

Readings of signs are divided into classes according to use, mostly neglecting the origin or pictographic meaning. That is, we focus on the functions that signs fulfil within writings of words, especially in relation to other signs. The following classes are distinguished:

Some readings apply to a combination of signs rather than to a single sign. The table may offer one or more examples for each reading. After D48 however, examples and comments are mostly omitted for the time being.

We leave implicit in the table that one logogram can often be used for several words that are all related through derivation and inflection. One example is L2 L2, which can be used both for bjt, "bee", and for bjt, "honey". Another example is M20 M20, which can be used both for sxt, "marshland", and for sxtj, "peasant".

The distinction between logograms and determinatives is often problematic. For example, P1 P1 can be used in the writing of various words that all mean "boat". This would suggest classifying it as determinative rather than as logogram, as it is not associated with one particular word. However, it can be used without phonograms, to represent one of dpt, jmw, etc., by which its use is clearly logographic in nature. In this case, we have chosen to give a list of readings, each as 'Log. or det.' for one of the words that P1 P1 may represent.

In other cases, it seems more appropriate to give a reading as determinative next to one or more readings as logograms. For example, P5 P5 can be used without phonograms to mean TAw ("breath") or nfw ("skipper"). These uses will be classified as 'Log. or det.'. In addition, the same sign can be used in the writing of many other concepts related to wind and sails, so that an additional reading as determinative is justified. In yet other cases, only a reading as determinative is given. An example is I14 I14, which seems to be always preceded by phonograms, despite its pictographic nature, which may suggest HfAw or Ddft.

Sometimes a sign is classified as 'Log. or det.' even if no occurrences without preceding phonograms are known, in other words, when its observed use is as determinative rather than as logogram. This holds in particular when its pictographic nature suggests one particular word, or even two, as in the case of "hippopotamus" E25 E25 (db or xAb). An additional reason may be that the same sign can also be used as a phonogram that is derived from that word, which suggests a tight connection between that sign and the word. In such cases one can imagine that occurrences without preceding phonograms will eventually be found.

In some cases, the distinction between logogram and phonogram can also be hard to make, especially when a phonogram covers the entire stem of a word, and no other phonograms precede the sign. Our decision in such cases may be based on various factors, such as what the sign represents pictographically, and the number of semantically unrelated words in which the sign can be used. For example, Aa28 Aa28 is here taken to be a 'Phon. or phon. det.', ignoring its (speculative) pictographic nature, motivated by the high number of words in which it occurs that are semantically unrelated to building. However, D43 D43 is taken to be a logogram rather than a phonogram in x:[sep=0.4]D43-[sep=0.4]w*mDAt[rotate=270], xwj, "protect", as it tends to occur in a number of words that are related through derivation and inflection, as opposed to several other words that happen to start with the same consonants. Yet, a separate use as phonogram needs to be identified for use in those words containing consonants xw that are not etymologically related to xwj, "protect".

In the case of G25 G25, we have chosen to classify the use in Ax, "spirit" as logogram, as it is in this word that the sign is most often used without further phonograms, and the use in other words starting with Ax as phonogram. We admit this choice is debatable. Similarly controversial may be our decision to classify G27 G27 in dSr, "flamingo", as determinative and in dSr, "red", as phonogram, as the two words are intimately related, and often even written in the exact same way. In the case of R4 R4, the relation between Htp, "altar", and Htp, "rest", is less clear, and consequently classifying the use in "rest" as phonogram, or as logogram distinct from that in "altar", is more easily justitied. We contend that introduction of auxiliary classes such as 'semi-ideogram' and 'semi-phonogram' would not help to solve such dilemmas, and on the contrary would create more problematic boundaries between classes.

By 'Use as' is meant that a sign has uses that it shares with another sign. In most cases this should not be mistaken for straightforward interchangeability.

The primary sources are those mentioned in the main table.

A1  A1

Det. s, "man". Ex. O34:A1*(.:Z1) 1.

A1:Z2 Log. or det. rHw, "men". Exx. r-H*w-A1:Z2, rHw, "men"; A1:Z2-anx-n:x, ^rHw-anx, "Rekhu-ankh".

Det. man and his occupations. Exx. zA-A1, sA, "son"; s*Ab-A1, smr, "courtier"; H-wr:r-w-G37-A1 2, Hwrw, "wretch"; ir:A1 3, jr, "doer".

A1*B1:Z1*Z1*Z1 Det. people and their occupations. Exx. r:T-A1*B1:Z2 4, rmT, "people"; T14*m-w-A1*B1:Z2, aAmw, "Asiatics"; mt:[fit]t*.:r-w-[fit]T14*[fit]T14-A1*B1:Z2, mtrw, "witnesses".

Det. in personal names. Ex. anx-n:x-w-A1, ^anxw, "Ankhu".

Log. =j, "I".

Det. first person singular. Exx. w-A1, wj, "me"; nw:k-A1, jnk, "I"; k:w-A1, .kw, "I".

1 Peas. R 1.1. 2 Peas. B1 51. 3 Peas. B1 139. 4 Peas. B1 50.

A2  A2

Det. eat and drink. Exx. E34:n-m-A2, wnm, "eat"; H-q:r-A2, Hqr, "hungry"; s-wr:r-A2, swr, "drink".

Det. speak, think, feel. Exx. s-D:d-A2, sDd, "recount"; g:r-A2, gr, "silent"; k*[fit]A-A2, kAj, "think"; U7:r-A2, mrj, "love".

Det. j, "O (vocative interjection)". Ex. i*A2 .

A3  A3

Det. Hmsj, "sit". Ex. N41:z-A3 .

A4  A4

Det. praise, supplicate. Ex. N14-A4, dwA, "praise".

Det. hide. Exx. s-d:g-A4-.:D54, sdgj, "hide"; i-mn:n-A4, jmn, "hidden".

Det. resist. Ex. t:U30-A-i*i-A4, tAy, "reject".

Cf. A30 A30.

A5  A5

Det. hide. Ex. i-mn:n-A5-Y1[rotate=270], jmn, "hidden".

A5a  A5a

Usage as A5 A5.

A6  A6

Log. or det. wab, "pure", "clean".

A6a  A6a

Det. sAT, "make libation", "libation stone".

A6b  A6b

Det. sAT, "make libation".

A7  A7

Det. weary, weak. Exx. wr:r-d-A7-G37, wrD, "tired"; b-d:S-A7-G37, bdS, "faint"; g-n:n-A7, gnn, "soft".

Det. Hmsj, "sit". Ex. N42:z-A7 .

A8  A8

Det. hnw, "jubilation". Ex. O4:n-insert[s](.*w,nw)-A8 .

A9  A9

Log. or det. ATp, "load". Ex. A-T:p-A9, A9-a .

Log. or det. fAj, "raise". Ex. f-[fit]A-A9, A9-A24 1.

Log. or det. kAt, "work". Ex. kA:t-A9, A9 .

1 Peas. B1 122.

A10  A10

Det. sailing. Ex. s*qd-d:nw-A10, sqdj, "sail (verb)".

A11  A11

Log. or det. xnms, "friend". Ex. A11, x:n-m-s-A11 .

A12  A12

Log. or det. mSa, "army". Ex. A12*Z3, m-S:a-A12*Z3 .

Det. army. Ex. mn:n-f-[fit]A-[fit]t-A12*Z3, mnfAt, "infantry".

A13  A13

Det. enemy. Exx. s*b-i*A13, sbj, "rebel"; x*(.:t):f-A13, xftj, "enemy".

A14  A14

Det. death. Ex. m:t-A14, mwt, "die".

Det. enemy. Ex. x*(.:t):f-A14, xftj, "enemy".

A14a  A14a

Usage as A14 A14.

A15  A15

Log. or det. xr, "fall". Exx. x:r-A15, A15 ; A15*w, x:r-w-A15, xrw, "fallen (conquered) enemy".

A15:X1 Log. sxrt, "overthrow (infinitive)".

A16  A16

Det. ksj, "bow down". Ex. k*s-A16 .

A17  A17

Log. or det. Xrd, "child". Ex. A17-A1, X:r:d-A17 .

Det. young. Exx. r:n-p*M6-A17, rnpj, "rejuvenate"; S:r-i-A17, Srj, "child"; ms*s-A17, ms, "child"; n:nm*m-A17-G37, nmHw, "orphan".

Phon. nnj. Ex. M23-t:n-A17-n:n-niwt, ^nnj-nsw, "Herakleopolis".

Phon. ms. Ex. A17-Dw-mwt-t:N33:Z2, msdmt, "black eye-paint".

Usage as A3 A3.

A17a  A17a

Usage as A3 A3. Ex. N41:z-A17a, Hmsj, "sit".

Usage as A17 A17. Ex. ms*w-A17a-Z2, msw, "children".

A18  A18

Det. child-king. Exx. i-n:p-A18, jnpw, "crown-prince"; V25*H-A18, wDH, "weaned princeling".

A19  A19

Log. or det. jAwj, "old". Ex. i-A-[fit]w-A19, A19 .

Log. or det. smsw, "eldest". Ex. s*m-s*w-A19, A19 .

Log. or det. wr, "great". Ex. wr:r-A19, A19, wr, "chief".

Det. old. Ex. t:n-i-A19, tnj, "old".

Det. lean. Exx. r:h:n-A19, rhn, "lean (verb)"; t-wA-A-A19, twA, "support oneself".

Log. or det. jky, "quarryman". Ex. i-k-A19, A19-i*i .

A20  A20

Log. or det. smsw, "eldest". Exx. A20, s*m-s*w-A20 ; insert[t,x=0.7,fix](zA,Z1)-f-A20, sA=f smsw, "his eldest son".

A20:[sep=0.2]N1 Log. smsw-hAyt, "elder of the portal".

A21  A21

Log. or det. sr, "official (noun)". Ex. s-r-A21, A21 .

Det. dignitary. Exx. Sn-n:nw*W-t*A21-A1:Z1*Z1*Z1, Snwt, "courtiers"; s*U23-m*[fit](r:.)-[sep=0.4]A21, smr, "courtier".

Usage as A11 A11. Ex. x:n-nm-m*s-A21, xnms, "friend".

Usage as A19 A19 [Log. or det. wr, "great"]. Ex. A21, wr, "chief".

Usage as A22 A22. Ex. D33:n-ti*A21, Xntj, "statue".

A22  A22

Det. statue. Exx. D33:n-ti*A22, Xntj, "statue"; insert[s](insert[te](.*w*.,t),t)-A22, twt, "statue".

The exact shape varies depending on the nature of the statue.

A23  A23

Det. jty, "sovereign". Ex. i*ti-i*i-A23 .

A24  A24

Log. or det. nxt, "strong". Ex. n:xt:x*[sep=0.3](.:t)-A24, A24 .

Det. strike, force, effort. Exx. H*w-A24, Hwj, "strike"; n:N42-m-A24, nHm, "take away"; H-a-DA*A-A24, HaDA, "rob"; sbA-A-A24, sbA, "teach".

Usage as A25 A25 [Log. or det. Hwj, "strike"]. Ex. A24-W:D40, Hw, "drover".

A25  A25

Log. or det. Hwj, "strike". Exx. H*A25-A24, Hwj, "strike"; A25-w-D40, Hw, "drover".

A26  A26

Det. call. Exx. n:i*s-A26, njs, "summon"; Dw-w-i-A26, Dwj, "call".

F21*A26 Log. sDm-aS, "servant".

Det. j, "O (vocative interjection)". Ex. i*A26 .

A27  A27

Phon. det. jn. Ex. i*A27:n, jn, "by".

A28  A28

Log. or det. qAj, "high". Ex. q*A-A28, A28 .

Det. joy. Exx. H-a-A28-A2, Haj, "rejoice"; s*wA-S-A28, swAS, "praise".

Det. mourn. Ex. H*A-A28, HAj, "mourn".

Det. jAs, "bald". Ex. i*A-s*A28 .

A29  A29

Det. upside down. Ex. s-x:d-A29, sxd, "upside down".

A30  A30

Det. praise, awe, supplicate. Exx. i*A-w*A30, jAw, "praise"; N14-A30, dwA, "praise"; s*wA-S-A30, swAS, "praise"; t*wA-A-A30, twA, "claim"; t-wr:r-A30, twr, "show respect".

Cf. A4 A4.

A31  A31

Det. turn away. Ex. a:n-insert[s](.*w,nw)-A31, anw, "averted (face)".

A32  A32

Det. dance. Ex. x*[fit]b-A32, xbj, "dance".

Det. joy. Ex. h-i*i-h:n-insert[s](.*w,nw)-A32, hy-hnw, "jubilate".

A32a  A32a

Usage as A32 A32.

A33  A33

Log. or det. mnjw, "herdsman". Ex. A33, mn:n-i*w-A33 .

Det. wander. Exx. r:w-A33, rwj, "wander"; S-U1-A33, SmA, "stranger".

A34  A34

Det. xwsj, "pound", "build". Ex. x-[fit]w-s*A34 .

A35  A35

Log. or det. qd, "build". Ex. qd-d:nw-A34 .

A36  A36

Log. or det. aftj, "brewer". Ex. A36-t:Z4-A24, a:[sep=0.5]f:t-A36 .

A37  A37

Usage as A36 A36.

A38  A38

Log. ^qjs, "Qus". Ex. A38 .

A39  A39

Usage as A38 A38.

A40  A40

Det. god. Exx. p:t-H-A40, ^ptH, "Ptah"; mn:n-T*w-A40, ^mnTw, "Month".

Log. =j, "I (god or king)".

Det. first person singular (god or king). Exx. w-A40, wj, "me"; nw:k-A40, jnk, "I".

Replacing earlier G7 G7.

A40a  A40a

Usage as A40 A40.

A41  A41

Det. king. Exx. sw-t:n-A41, nsw, "king"; Hm*Z1-A41, Hm, "majesty"; nb-A41, nb, "lord".

Log. =j, "I (king)".

Det. first person singular (king). Exx. w-A41, wj, "me"; nw:k-A41, jnk, "I".

A42  A42

Usage as A41 A41.

A42a  A42a

Usage as A41 A41.

A43  A43

Log. or det. nsw, "king (of Upper Egypt)". Ex. sw-t:n-A43, A43 .

Det. ^wsjr, "Osiris". Ex. st:ir-A43 .

A43a  A43a

Usage as A43 A43.

A44  A44

Usage as A43 A43.

A45  A45

Log. or det. bjtj, "king of Lower Egypt". Ex. L2:t-A45, A45 .

A45a  A45a

Usage as A45 A45.

A46  A46

Usage as A45 A45.

A47  A47

Log. mnjw, "herdsman". Ex. A47-w-A1 .

Log. or det. sAw, "guard", "protect". Ex. z:zA-A-A47-A24, A47-A-D40 .

Usage as A48 A48. Ex. A47-T10:t*Z1, jrj-pDt, "bowman".

A48  A48

Log. or det. jrj, "relating to", "belonging to". Ex. i*r-A48, A48 .

A49  A49

Det. foreigner. Exx. T14*m-w-A49*Z3, aAmw, "Asiatics"; iwn*iwn*iwn-Aa32*A-A49-A49-A49, jwntjw-^stj, "Nubian nomads".

A50  A50

Det. revered person. Exx. s-n:b-w-A50, ^snbw, "Sonbu"; s*Ab-m:r-A50*Z3, smrw, "courtiers".

Log. =j, "I (revered person)".

Det. first person singular (revered person). Exx. w-A50, wj, "me"; nw:k-A50, jnk, "I".

Log. or det. Sps, "noble".

A51  A51

Usage as A50 A50 [Det. revered person]. Ex. imi-.:Z2a-[sep=0.5]w-HAt:t-A51*Z3, jmjw-HAt, "ancestors".

Usage as A50 A50 [Log. or det. Sps, "noble"]. Ex. A51*s, S:p-s*A51, Sps, "noble".

A52  A52

Usage as A50 A50 [Det. revered person]. Exx. pA-pt-A52, ^pA-Hrj, "Paheri"; z:a-H-E31-A52, saH, "blessed (deceased)".

Usage as A50 A50 [Log. or det. Sps, "noble"]. Ex. S:p:z-A52, Sps, "noble".

A53  A53

Log. or det. twt, "statue". Ex. insert[s](insert[te](.*w*.,t),t)-A53, A53 .

Det. mummy. Ex. w*i-A53, wj, "mummy-case".

Det. likeness, form. Exx. q*i-A53-mDAt[rotate=270], qj, "form"; xpr:r-w-A53-mDAt:Z2, xprw, "form".

A54  A54

Det. death. Exx. mn:n-i-A54, mnj, "death"; nb-anx-n:x-A54, nb-anx, "sarcophagus".

A55  A55

Log. or det. sDr, "lie". Ex. s-Dr:r-A55, A55 .

Det. death. Exx. x:p*(.:t)-A55, xpyt, "death"; XA:t-A55, XAt, "corpse".

A56  A56

Det. bAk, "servant".

A57  A57

Log. Htp-Dj-nsw, "a boon that the king grants".

A58  A58

Log. or det. SAd, "dig".

A59  A59

Det. sHr, "drive away". Ex. s-Hr:r-A59 .

A60  A60

Det. sTj, "sow". Ex. s*t-A60 .

A61  A61

Det. turn back, turn away.

A62  A62

Log. wr, "Asiatic prince".

A63  A63

Det. be seated (of king).

A64  A64

Det. offering.

A65  A65

Log. jrj-nTr, "who belongs to the god".

A66  A66

Log. or det. jHwj, "sistrum player".

A67  A67

Log. or det. nmw, "dwarf".

Det. dwarf. Ex. d:n-g-sDm-A67-A1, dng, "dwarf".

A68  A68

Det. kill.

A69  A69

Log. nxt, "strong". Ex. t:f:n-A69 1, ^tA=f-nxt, "Tefnakht".

1 GITB 801-748-550.

A70  A70

Usage as C11 C11 [Log. HH, "million", "many"].

B1  B1

Det. female. Exx. z:t-B1, st, "woman"; N42:t-B1, Hmt, "woman", "wife"; nTr-t:r:t-B1, nTrt, "goddess"; insert[te](zA,t)-B1, sAt, "daughter"; XA-A-r:t-D3-B1, XArt, "widow"; Hm*t-B1, Hmt, "(female) slave"; M27-i*i-t-B1, Smayt, "(female) singer"; nfr-r:t-B1, ^nfrt, "Nofret".

Log. or det. =j, "I (female)".

B2  B2

Det. pregnant. Exx. E9-w-wr:r-B2, jwr, "conceive"; b*kA-B2, bkA, "pregnant".

B3  B3

Log. or det. msj, "give birth". Ex. ms*s-B3, B3 .

B4  B4

Usage as B3 B3.

Usage as A3 A3.

B5  B5

Det. nurse. Ex. mn:n-a-B5, mna, "nurse (verb)".

B5a  B5a

Usage as B5 B5. Ex. x:n-m-B5a*t 1, ^xnmt, "Khnemt".

1 GITB 804-013-500.

B6  B6

Det. rear. Ex. r:n:n-B6, rnn, "rear".

B7  B7

Det. in names of queens.

B8  B8

Det. in women's names.

B9  B9

Log. or det. jHyt, "(female) sistrum player".

C1  C1

Log. or det. ^ra, "Re". Ex. r:a-C1, C1 .

C2  C2

Usage as C1 C1. Ex. r:a-C2, C2, ^ra, "Re".

C2a  C2a

Usage as C1 C1.

C2b  C2b

Usage as C1 C1.

C2c  C2c

Usage as C1 C1.

C3  C3

Log. or det. ^DHwtj, "Thoth". Ex. G26-C3, C3 .

C4  C4

Log. or det. ^Xnmw, "Khnum". Ex. W9*w-C4, C4 .

C5  C5

Usage as C4 C4.

C6  C6

Log. or det. ^jnpw, "Anubis". Ex. i-n:p-w-C6, C6 .

Det. ^wpj-wAwt, "Upwawet". Ex. F13-N31-t:Z2-C6 .

C7  C7

Log. or det. ^stx, "Seth". Ex. sw-w-t:Z4-C7, C7 .

C8  C8

Log. or det. ^mnw, "Min". Ex. R22:R12-C8, C8 .

C9  C9

Log. or det. ^Hwt-^Hr, "Hathor". Ex. O10-C9, C9 .

C10  C10

Log. or det. ^mAat, "Maat". Ex. U5:a-t-C10, C10 .

C10a  C10a

Usage as C10 C10.

C11  C11

Log. or det. ^HHw, "Heh".

Log. HH, "million", "many".

C12  C12

Log. or det. ^jmn, "Amun".

C13  C13

Usage as C12 C12.

C14  C14

Log. or det. ^jmn-Hr-xpS=f, "Amun-her-khepeshef".

C15  C15

Usage as C14 C14.

C16  C16

Log. or det. ^jtm, "Atum".

C17  C17

Log. or det. ^mnTw, "Month".

C18  C18

Log. or det. ^tA-tnn, "Tatenen".

C19  C19

Log. or det. ^ptH, "Ptah".

C20  C20

Usage as C19 C19.

C21  C21

Log. or det. ^bs, "Bes". Ex. b*C21 1, ^bs, "Bes".

1 GITB 801-751-278.

C22  C22

Log. or det. ^xnsw, "Khons".

C23  C23

Log. or det. ^bAstt, "Bastet".

C24  C24

Log. or det. ^njt, "Neith". Ex. nfr*C24 1, ^nfrt-^nt, "Nofretneith".

1 GITB 801-753-130.

D1  D1

Log. tp, "head". Exx. D1:Z1, tp, "head"; D1:p*Z4, tpj, "first".

Det. head. Exx. HA-A-tp, HA, "back of the head", "behind"; m-a:k-HA*tp, mkHA, "neglect"; d:h-n:t-tp, dhnt, "forehead"; d:h-n:tp, dhn, "promote".

Log. or det. DADA, "head". Ex. DA*A-DA*A-tp:Z1, tp:Z1 .

Det. gwA, "pull tight". Ex. g-wA-A-tp:D40 .

D2  D2

Log. Hr, "face", "upon". Ex. Hr:Z1 .

Phon. Hr. Exx. H-Hr:r-Aa19-A24, Hr, "prepare"; d:Hr-r:G37a, dHr, "bitter".

D3  D3

Det. hair. Exx. Sn:n-Z4-[sep=0.5]D3, Snj, "hair"; s*km-m*[fit]D3, skm, "grey-haired".

Det. skin. Exx. i-E34a:n-D3, jwn, "complexion"; i-in:n-nm*m-[fit]D3, jnm, "skin".

Det. mourn. Ex. i*A-k*[fit]b-D3, jAkb, "mourn".

Det. empty, bald, forlorn. Exx. K4*A-r:t-D3*B1, XArt, "widow"; w-S:D3, wS, "fall out (of hair)".

G28-D3 Log. gm wS(.w), "found defective (of text)".

D4  D4

Log. jrt, "eye". Ex. D4:X1*Z1 .

U1:D4, D4:D4 Log. mAA, "see". Ex. U2:D4-A*A .

Phon. jr. Exx. D4, jrj, "make"; i-ir:t*t-W20, jrTt, "milk".

U1:D4 Phon. mA. Ex. U2:D4-A*w-F27:Z2, mAjw, "lions".

Det. eye, see. Exx. d:g-D4, dgj, "look"; S:p-D4, Sp, "blind"; rs*D4, rs, "wakeful".

Log. or det. rmj, "weep". Ex. r:m-D4 .

D5  D5

Usage as D4 D4 [Det. eye, see]. Exx. d:g-D5, dgj, "look"; S:p-D5, Sp, "blind"; rs*D5, rs, "wakeful".

D6  D6

Usage as D4 D4 [Det. eye, see].

D7  D7

Det. adorn. Exx. ms*s-D-t*[fit]mwt-D7:Z2b, msdmt, "black eye-paint"; a:n-D7, an, "beautiful".

Phon. det. an. Ex. a:n-nw*[fit]w-D7, ^anw, "Ainu".

Det. eye, see. Ex. p:t-rnp*D7, ptr, "behold".

D8  D8

Det. ^anw, "Ainu". Ex. a:nw-D8 .

Phon. det. an. Ex. a:n-D8, an, "beautiful".

Cf. D7 D7.

D8a  D8a

Usage as D8 D8.

D9  D9

Usage as D4 D4 [Log. or det. rmj, "weep"]. Ex. D21:m-D9, D9 .

D10  D10

Log. or det. wDAt, "the uninjured eye of Horus". Ex. w*DA-A*[fit]t-D10, D10 .

D11  D11

Log. 1/2, "1/2 heqat".

D12  D12

Det. DfD, "pupil of eye". Ex. insert[bs](D,f)-insert[b](D,D12) .

Log. 1/4, "1/4 heqat".

D13  D13

Log. 1/8, "1/8 heqat".

Det. jnH, "eyebrows". Ex. i-in:n-H-D13:D13 .

D14  D14

Log. 1/16, "1/16 heqat".

D15  D15

Log. 1/32, "1/32 heqat".

D16  D16

Log. 1/64, "1/64 heqat".

D17  D17

Log. or det. tjt, "image". Ex. t*i-t:D17, insert[t,sep=0.6](D17,t[scale=0.8]) .

D18  D18

Log. or det. msDr, "ear". Exx. ms*s-Dr:D21-D18 ; D18*[sep=0.2]D18, msDrwj, "both ears".

D19  D19

Log. or det. fnD, "nose". Ex. f:nD-D19, f:n:d-D19 .

Det. nose, smell, face. Exx. S:D21:t-D19, Srt, "nose"; s*sn:n-D19, sn, "smell"; xnt-n:t-D19, xnt, "face".

Det. joy. Exx. D21:S-D19, rSw, "rejoice"; xnt-n:t:S-D19, xntS, "take pleasure".

Det. soft, kind. Ex. s-f:n-D19, sfn, "mild".

Det. btn, "disobedient". Ex. b-T:n-D19 .

Log. or det. xnt, "in front of". Ex. xnt-n:t*Z4-D19, D19:t .

Phon. xnt.

Usage as Aa32 Aa32. Ex. D19-t:Z4-N33:Z2, stj, "spruce ochre".

Usage as U31 U31. Ex. x:n-i-D19:D40, xnr, "confine".

D20  D20

Usage as D19 D19.

D21  D21

Log. rA, "mouth". Ex. D21:Z1 .

Phon. r.

(group-writing) D21:Z1 Phon. r. Ex. i*R7[scale=0.7]-[sep=0.5]bA-D21:Z1-E6, jbr, "stallion".

D22  D22

Log. 2/3, "two-thirds".

D23  D23

Log. 3/4, "three-quarters".

D24  D24

Log. or det. spt, "lip", "border". Ex. D24:t*Z1, s*(p:t)-D24 .

D25  D25

Log. or det. sptj, "both lips". Ex. s*[fit](p:t*Z4)-[sep=0.3]D25, D25:t*Z4 .

D26  D26

Det. expel (through mouth). Exx. p:z-g-D26, psg, "spit"; b-S:D26, bSj, "vomit"; q*[sep=0.2]A-a:D26, q:a-D26, qAa, "spew out"; z:n:f-D26:Z2, snf, "blood".

D27  D27

Log. or det. mnD, "breast". Ex. mn:n-insert[b](D,D27), mn:n-d:D27*F51 .

Det. suckle, rear. Exx. z:n-q:D27, snq, "suckle"; mn:n-a:Z4*D27, mnaj, "tutor".

D27a  D27a

Usage as D27 D27.

D28  D28

Log. kA, "spirit". Ex. kA:Z1 .

Phon. kA. Exx. kA:t-A9, kAt, "work"; H*kA-A-A2, HkA, "magic".

(group-writing) D28:Z1 Phon. k.

D29  D29

Log. kA, "spirit".

D30  D30

Det. ^nHb-kAw, "Nehebkau". Ex. nH*H-b*Z9-kA:Z2-D30 .

D31  D31

Log. Hm-kA, "ka-priest".

D31a  D31a

Usage as D31 D31.

D32  D32

Det. envelop. Exx. i-in:n-q-D32, jnq, "envelop"; H-p:t-D32, Hpt, "embrace"; p:g-A-D32, pgA, "unfold".

D33  D33

Log. Xnj, "row". Ex. D33:n-P1 .

Phon. Xn. Ex. D33-n:n-nw*[sep=0.3]w-E20-D40:Z2, Xnnw, "turmoil".

D34  D34

Log. aHA, "fight". Ex. D34-A-A24 .

D34a  D34a

Usage as D34 D34.

D35  D35

Log. n, "not".

D35:N35 Log. nn, "not".

Det. negation. Exx. i*m-D35, jmj, "should not"; x*m-[sep=0.2]D35, xm, "not know".

Log. jwtj, "which not". Ex. D35:t*Z4-G37, D35-[sep=0.3]insert[te](w*.,t), i*w-D35-ti*i .

Phon. n. Exx. n, n, "to"; D35:n-Sm-m-[sep=0.2]F51, nnSm, "spleen".

Phon. det. xm. Ex. x:z-m-D35:pr, xm, "shrine".

Phon. det. mx. Ex. s*m-[sep=0.5]x:D35, smx, "forget".

D36  D36

Log. a, "arm". Ex. a:Z1 .

Phon. a.

Usage as D37 D37.

Usage as D38 D38.

Usage as D39 D39.

Usage as D40 D40.

Usage as D41 D41.

Usage as D42 D42.

Usage as D43 D43.

Usage as D44 D44.

D37  D37

Log. jmj, "give!". Ex. i-D37, D37 .

Log. Dj, "give". Ex. D37 .

D21:D37 Log. rDj, "give". Ex. D21:D37 .

Phon. D. Ex. D37:D37-[sep=1.0]w-niwt, Ddw, "Busiris".

Phon. mj, m. Exx. k-[sep=0.3]m-D37-B1, ^kmj, "Kemi"; m-D37:k, mk, "behold".

D38  D38

Det. jmj, "give!". Ex. i*m-Aa15:D38 .

Phon. m, mj. Exx. m-D38:k-D40, mkj, "protect"; i-t:D38-A40, ^jtm, "Atum".

D39  D39

Log. or det. Hnk, "offer". Ex. H-M2:n-k:D39, D39 .

Det. offer, present. Ex. d:r-p:D39, drp, "offer".

Usage as D37 D37. Exx. D21:D39, rDj, "who causes"; ra*m-D39:k-t, ^mkt-^ra, "Meketre".

Usage as D38 D38.

Usage as D36 D36. Ex. m-D39, m-a, "by the hand of".

D40  D40

Usage as A24 A24. Exx. n:xt:x*t-D40, D40, nxt, "strong"; i*(t:H)-D40, jtH, "drag".

Log. or det. xAj, "examine". Ex. xA*A-D40, D40 .

Usage as D37 D37.

D41  D41

Det. arm and movement of arms. Exx. g*b-bA*A-D41, gbA, "arm"; D21:mn:n-D41, D21:n-D41, D41:F51*Z1, rmn, "arm"; iAb*[fit]b-Z4:D41, jAbj, "left"; X*[fit]m-s*D41, Xms, "bend"; D21:q-D41, rqj, "resist"; H*Hz*s-D41, Hsj, "sing".

Det. cease. Exx. g:r-H*D41, grH, "finish"; n:i-[sep=0.2]D41, nj, "reject".

Phon. or phon. det. nj. Exx. D41:W-G34, njw, "ostrich"; D41:Z1*W10, n:[sep=0.3]i*w-D41-W22, njw, "bowl".

D42  D42

Log. or det. mH, "cubit". Ex. mH:[sep=0.1]D42, D42 .

D43  D43

Log. xwj, "protect". Ex. x:[sep=0.4]D43-[sep=0.4]w*mDAt[rotate=270] .

Phon. xw. Exx. x:[sep=0.6]D43-w*[sep=0.4]w-G37a:Z2, xww, "evil"; s-x:[sep=0.4]D43-d:mDAt, sxwd, "enrich".

D44  D44

Log. or det. xrp, "administer". Ex. x:r-p:[sep=0.4]D44, D44 .

Usage as D37 D37.

D45  D45

Log. or det. Dsr, "sacred". Ex. D45:r-mDAt[rotate=270], D45, insert[b,sep=0.5](D,s)-D45:r .

D46  D46

Log. Drt, "hand". Ex. d:t*Z1 .

Phon. d. Ex. w-d:D40, wdj, "put".

D46a  D46a

Log. jdt, "fragrance". Ex. D46a:t, D46a:t-N4 .

D47  D47

Det. hand. Exx. Dr:r-t:D47, Drt, "hand"; DA-t:D47, DAt, "hand".

D48  D48

Log. Ssp, "palm".

D48a  D48a

Log. or det. Hnt, "basin".

D49  D49

Det. grasp.

D50  D50

Log. or det. Dba, "finger".

Log. Dba, "10000".

Phon. Dba.

D50*D50 Det. accurate.

D50a  D50a

Usage as 2× D50 D50.

D50b  D50b

Usage as 3× D50 D50.

D50c  D50c

Usage as 4× D50 D50.

D50d  D50d

Usage as 5× D50 D50.

D50e  D50e

Usage as 6× D50 D50.

D50f  D50f

Usage as 7× D50 D50.

D50g  D50g

Usage as 8× D50 D50.

D50h  D50h

Usage as 9× D50 D50.

D50i  D50i

Usage as 5× D50 D50.

D51  D51

Log. or det. ant, "nail".

Det. actions involving fingers.

Phon. det. dqr.

D51:N33a Log. dqr, "fruit".

D51:N33a Log. qAw, "grains".

D52  D52

Det. male, penis.

D52:E1 Log. kA, "bull".

Phon. mt.

D52a  D52a

Phon. smt.

D53  D53

Det. penis and associated actions.

Det. male.

Log. or det. bAH, "* glans". Ex. G17-D53:Z1, G17*b-bA*A-H-D53:Y1, m-bAH, "in the presence of".

D54  D54

Log. jw, "come".

Det. movement.

Log. nmtt, "step". Ex. D54-X1:Z1 .

D54a  D54a

Usage as D54 D54.

D55  D55

Det. backwards.

D56  D56

Log. or det. rd, "foot".

Det. foot.

Phon. or phon. det. pds.

Phon. or phon. det. war.

Phon. or phon. det. sbq.

Phon. gH.

Phon. det. gHs.

D56*D54 Det. movement.

D57  D57

Det. mutilate.

Phon. or phon. det. jAT.

Phon. or phon. det. sjAT.

D58  D58

Log. bw, "place".

Phon. b.

D59  D59

Phon. ab.

D60  D60

Usage as A6 A6.

D61  D61

Log. or det. sAH, "toe".

Phon. or phon. det. sAH.

D62  D62

Usage as D61 D61.

D63  D63

Usage as D61 D61.

D64  D64

Det. kp, "severed hands".

D65  D65

Log. or det. Hnkt, "lock of hair".

Log. Srj, "boy".

Log. Srjt, "girl".

D66  D66

Det. writing. Exx. w-d:n-D66, wdn, "record royal titulary"; s-F46a:D66, spXr, "write".

D67  D67

Log. 1, "1 heqat".

D67a  D67a

Usage as 2× D67 D67.

D67b  D67b

Usage as 3× D67 D67.

D67c  D67c

Usage as 4× D67 D67.

D67d  D67d

Usage as 5× D67 D67.

D67e  D67e

Usage as 6× D67 D67.

D67f  D67f

Usage as 7× D67 D67.

D67g  D67g

Usage as 8× D67 D67.

D67h  D67h

Usage as 9× D67 D67.

E1  E1

Log. kA, "bull".

Log. jH, "cattle".

Det. cattle.

E2  E2

Log. kA, "bull".

Det. smA, "fighting bull".

E3  E3

Log. or det. bHs, "calf".

Det. wnDw, "short-horned cattle".

E4  E4

Log. or det. HsAt, "sacred hesat-cow".

E5  E5

Det. solicitous.

E6  E6

Log. or det. ssmt, "horse".

Det. horse.

E7  E7

Log. or det. aA, "ass".

E8  E8

Log. or det. jb, "kid".

Phon. or phon. det. jb.

Det. small cattle.

E8a  E8a

Usage as E8 E8.

E9  E9

Phon. jw.

(group-writing) E9[scale=0.8]*[fit]G43 Phon. j.

E9a  E9a

Det. smA, "sacrificial animal".

E10  E10

Log. or det. bA, "ram".

.:W9*[fit]E10 Log. or det. ^Xnmw, "Khnum".

Det. ram, sheep.

E11  E11

Usage as E10 E10.

E12  E12

Log. or det. rrj, "pig".

Log. or det. SAj, "pig".

E13  E13

Log. or det. mjw, "cat (m.)".

Log. or det. myt, "cat (f.)".

E14  E14

Log. or det. jw, "dog".

Log. or det. Tsm, "dog".

E15  E15

Log. or det. ^jnpw, "Anubis".

Log. Hrj-sStA, "master of secrets".

E16  E16

Usage as E15 E15.

E16a  E16a

Usage as E15 E15.

E17  E17

Log. or det. sAb, "jackal", "dignitary".

E17a  E17a

Log. or det. sTA, "drag".

Phon. or phon. det. sTA.

E18  E18

Log. or det. ^wpj-wAwt, "Wepwawet".

E19  E19

Usage as E18 E18.

E20  E20

Log. ^stx, "Seth".

Det. turmoil.

Usage as E7 E7.

Usage as E27 E27.

E20a  E20a

G6a-[sep=0.2]E20a Log. nbwj, "the two lords".

E21  E21

Det. turmoil.

E22  E22

Log. or det. mAj, "lion".

E23  E23

Log. or det. rw, "lion".

Phon. rw.

(group-writing) E23:Z1, E23 Phon. r.

Usage as U13 U13.

E24  E24

Log. or det. Aby, "panther".

E25  E25

Log. or det. db, "hippopotamus".

Log. or det. xAb, "hippopotamus".

E26  E26

Log. or det. Abw, "elephant".

E27  E27

Log. or det. mmj, "giraffe".

Det. foretell.

E28  E28

Log. or det. mA-HD, "oryx".

E28a  E28a

Usage as NU16 NU16.

E29  E29

Log. or det. gHs, "gazelle".

E30  E30

Log. or det. njAw, "ibex".

E31  E31

Log. or det. saH, "rank", "dignity".

E32  E32

Log. or det. jan, "baboon".

Det. monkey.

Det. furious.

E33  E33

Log. or det. gjf, "vervet monkey".

E34  E34

Phon. wn.

E34a  E34a

Usage as E34 E34.

E36  E36

Log. ^DHwtj, "Thoth". Ex. E36*i .

Log. Dd, "say".

Log. nfr, "beautiful".

Usage as E37 E37.

E37  E37

Det. Sbt, "water-clock".

E38  E38

Usage as E1 E1.

F1  F1

Usage as E1 E1.

F1a  F1a

Det. nose, smell, face.

Det. joy.

F2  F2

Det. Dnd, "rage". Ex. insert[bs](D,n:d)-F2 .

F3  F3

Phon. or phon. det. At.

F4  F4

Log. HAt, "front".

F4:D36 Log. HAtj-a, "prince".

F5  F5

Phon. or phon. det. SsA.

Phon. det. sSA.

F6  F6

Usage as F5 F5.

F7  F7

Log. or det. Sft, "ram".

Log. or det. Sfyt, "worth".

Phon. det. Sft. Ex. S:f-S:f-t*F7, SfSft, "dignity".

F8  F8

Usage as F7 F7.

F9  F9

F9*F9 Log. or det. pHtj, "strength".

Phon. det. * At.

F10  F10

Det. neck, throat.

F11  F11

Usage as F10 F10.

F12  F12

Log. or det. wsrt, "neck".

Phon. wsr.

F13  F13

Log. wpt, "brow", "top". Ex. F13:X1*Z1 .

Phon. or phon. det. wp.

Phon. jp.

F13a  F13a

Usage as F13 F13.

F14  F14

Log. wpt-rnpt, "New-Year's Day".

F15  F15

Usage as F14 F14.

F16  F16

Log. or det. dp, "horn".

Det. horn.

Log. or det. ab, "horn".

Phon. or phon. det. ab.

F17  F17

Log. or det. abw, "purification".

F18  F18

Log. or det. jbH, "tooth".

Det. tooth.

Phon. or phon. det. bH.

Phon. det. Hw.

(group-writing) F18:Y1 Phon. H.

Phon. or phon. det. bjA.

Phon. det. bj.

F19  F19

Log. or det. artj, "jaw".

F20  F20

Log. ns, "tongue".

Phon. ns.

Det. tongue.

Log. jmj-rA, "overseer".

F21  F21

Log. or det. msDr, "ear".

S34*S34-F21:[fit]F21 Log. anxwj, "both ears".

Log. or det. sDm, "hear".

Det. hearing.

Phon. or phon. det. jdn.

F21:Z1 Log. or det. DrD, "leaf".

Phon. sdm.

F21a  F21a

Usage as F21 F21.

F22  F22

Log. pHwj, "end". Ex. F22-[fit]insert[te](w,Z4) .

Phon. or phon. det. pH.

Det. end, bottom.

Phon. or phon. det. kfA.

F23  F23

Log. or det. xpS, "foreleg".

Det. ^msxtjw, "Great Bear". Ex. ms*s-x-G4-w-F23:sbA-A40 .

F24  F24

Usage as F23 F23.

F25  F25

Log. wHmt, "hoof".

Phon. wHm.

F26  F26

Log. Xnt, "skin".

Phon. Xn.

F27  F27

Det. skin, mammal.

F28  F28

Log. sAb, "dappled".

F28*H6 Log. sAb Swt, "dappled of feathers".

Usage as U23 U23.

F29  F29

Log. or det. stj, "pierce".

Phon. st.

F30  F30

Log. Sdw, "water-skin".

Phon. Sd.

F31  F31

Log. mst, "apron of skins".

Phon. ms.

F31a  F31a

Usage as F31 F31.

F32  F32

Log. Xt, "belly".

Phon. X.

F33  F33

Log. or det. sd, "tail".

Phon. or phon. det. sd.

F34  F34

Log. or det. jb, "heart".

Det. heart.

F35  F35

Phon. nfr.

F36  F36

Log. smA, "lung".

Phon. or phon. det. smA.

F37  F37

Log. jAt, "back".

Det. psD, "back".

Phon. det. sm.

F37a  F37a

Usage as F37 F37.

F38  F38

Usage as F37 F37 [Det. psD, "back"].

F38a  F38a

Usage as F37 F37.

F39  F39

Log. or det. jmAx, "spinal cord".

Log. or det. jmAx, "revered".

Usage as F37 F37 [Det. psD, "back"].

F40  F40

Phon. Aw.

F41  F41

Usage as F37 F37 [Det. psD, "back"].

Det. Sat, "injury".

F42  F42

Log. or det. spr, "rib".

Phon. spr.

F43  F43

Det. spHt, "ribs of beef". Ex. s*p*H-t:F43 .

F44  F44

Det. bone and meat.

Phon. or phon. det. jwa.

Phon. or phon. det. jsw.

F45  F45

Log. or det. jdt, "* uterus".

F45a  F45a

Usage as F45 F45.

F46  F46

Log. qAb, "intestine".

Phon. or phon. det. qAb.

Log. or det. pXr, "turn".

Phon. pXr.

Log. or det. dbn, "go round".

Phon. dbn.

Det. wDb, "turn".

F46a  F46a

Usage as F46 F46.

F47  F47

Usage as F46 F46.

F47a  F47a

Usage as F46 F46.

F48  F48

Usage as F46 F46.

F49  F49

Usage as F46 F46.

F50  F50

Log. spXr, "copy".

F51  F51

Det. parts of the body.

F51:[fit]F51:[fit]F51 Log. Haw, "body".

Log. kns, "vagina".

F51a  F51a

Usage as 3× F51 F51.

F51b  F51b

Usage as 3× F51 F51.

F51c  F51c

Phon. or phon. det. As.

Phon. ws.

F52  F52

Log. or det. Hs, "excrement".

F53  F53

Log. mdw, "(divine) staff".

G1  G1

Log. A, "vulture".

Phon. A.

G2  G2

Phon. AA.

G3  G3

Phon. mA.

G4  G4

Phon. tjw.

G5  G5

Log. ^Hr, "Horus".

G6  G6

Det. bjk, "falcon". Ex. b*i-k-G6 .

G6a  G6a

G6a-[sep=0.2]E20a Log. nbwj, "the two lords".

G7  G7

Det. ^Hr, "Horus".

Det. god, king.

Log. =j, "I (king)".

Det. first person singular (king). Ex. w-G7, wj, "me".

G7a  G7a

Log. ^nmtj, "Nemti".

G7b  G7b

Usage as G7a G7a.

G8  G8

Log. ^Hr-nbw, "Gold Horus".

G9  G9

Log. ^ra-^Hr-Axtj, "Re-Harakhti".

G10  G10

Log. or det. ^skr, "Sokar".

Det. Hnw, "Sokar-bark".

G11  G11

Det. aSm, "divine image". Ex. a:S-m-G11 .

Det. Snbt, "breast". Ex. Sn:n-b-t:G11 .

G11a  G11a

Usage as G11 G11 [Det. aSm, "divine image"].

G12  G12

Usage as G11 G11 [Det. aSm, "divine image"].

G13  G13

Log. ^Hr, "Horus ". Ex. G13-O47:O49, ^Hr-nxnj, "Horus of Hieraconpolis".

Det. ^spdw, "Sopdu". Ex. M44*w-G13 .

G14  G14

Log. or det. nrt, "vulture".

Phon. det. nr.

Phon. mwt.

Phon. mt.

G15  G15

Log. ^mwt, "Mut".

G16  G16

Log. nbtj, "Two Ladies".

G17  G17

Phon. m.

G18  G18

Phon. mm.

Log. jm, "therein".

G19  G19

Phon. m.

Phon. mj.

G20  G20

Usage as G19 G19.

G20a  G20a

Phon. mr.

G21  G21

Log. nH, "guinea-fowl".

Phon. nH.

G22  G22

Phon. Db.

G23  G23

Log. or det. rxyt, "common folk".

G24  G24

Usage as G23 G23.

G25  G25

Log. Ax, "spirit".

Phon. Ax.

G26  G26

Log. or det. hb, "ibis".

Log. or det. ^DHwtj, "Thoth".

G26a  G26a

Usage as G26 G26.

G27  G27

Log. or det. dSr, "flamingo".

Phon. or phon. det. dSr.

G28  G28

Phon. gm.

G29  G29

Log. bA, "soul".

Phon. bA.

(group-writing) insert[te](G29,Z1), insert[bs](.*G29,R7), D58*G29 Phon. b.

G30  G30

Log. bAw, "might".

G31  G31

Log. or det. bnw, "phoenix".

Log. or det. Sntj, "heron".

G32  G32

Log. or det. baH, "inundated".

G33  G33

Log. or det. sdA, "egret".

Phon. det. sdA.

G34  G34

Log. or det. njw, "ostrich".

G35  G35

Phon. aq.

G36  G36

Phon. wr.

Log. or det. mnt, "swallow".

G36a  G36a

Usage as G36 G36.

G37  G37

Log. or det. nDs, "small".

Det. small, bad, defective.

G37a  G37a

Usage as G37 G37.

G38  G38

Log. or det. gb, "white-fronted goose".

Det. goose.

Phon. gb.

Phon. det. wfA.

Phon. det. wsf.

Phon. det. wdf.

Phon. det. Htm.

Det. (any) bird, flying insect.

G39  G39

Log. or det. st, "pintail".

Phon. sA.

G40  G40

Log. pA, "fly".

Phon. pA.

(group-writing) G40 Phon. p.

Usage as G41 G41.

G41  G41

Det. xnj, "alight".

Phon. det. xn.

Phon. qmj.

Phon. det. qmj.

Phon. det. sHw.

T14*[sep=0.2]G41 Phon. det. qmA.

T14*[sep=0.2]G41 Phon. det. Tn.

Usage as G40 G40.

(group-writing) G41-G1 Phon. p.

Det. (any) bird, flying insect.

G42  G42

Log. or det. wSA, "fatten".

Det. DfA, "provisions".

G43  G43

Phon. w.

G43a  G43a

Phon. tw.

Phon. wt.

G44  G44

Phon. ww.

G45  G45

Phon. wa.

G45a  G45a

Phon. Dj{w}.

Phon. mj{w}.

G46  G46

Phon. mAw.

G47  G47

Log. TA, "nestling".

Phon. TA.

(group-writing) insert[te](G47,Z1) Phon. T.

G48  G48

Log. or det. sS, "nest".

G49  G49

Log. or det. sS, "nest".

G50  G50

Log. rxtj, "washerman".

G51  G51

Det. HAm, "catch fish". Ex. HA-A-m-G51-A24 .

G52  G52

Det. snm, "feed". Ex. s-n:nm*m-G52 .

G53  G53

Log. bA, "soul".

G54  G54

Det. wSn, "wring neck (of bird)". Ex. w-S:n-G54 .

Phon. or phon. det. snD.

H1  H1

Log. Apdw, "fowl".

Det. wSn, "wring neck (of bird)". Ex. w-S:n-H1:a .

Usage as H2 H2.

H2  H2

Phon. det. mAa.

Phon. or phon. det. wSm.

Usage as H3 H3.

H3  H3

Phon. or phon. det. pAq.

H4  H4

Phon. det. nr.

Phon. rm.

H5  H5

Det. wing, fly.

H6  H6

Log. or det. Swt, "feather".

Phon. Sw.

Log. or det. mAat, "truth".

H6a  H6a

Usage as H6 H6 [Phon. Sw].

H7  H7

Phon. SA.

H8  H8

Det. swHt, "egg".

Log. sA, "son".

Det. pat, "patricians".

Usage as F51c F51c.

I1  I1

Log. or det. HntAsw, "lizard".

Log. or det. aSA, "gecko".

Phon. aSA.

I2  I2

Log. or det. Stw, "turtle".

I3  I3

Log. or det. msH, "crocodile".

Log. or det. xntj, "crocodile".

Det. greedy.

Det. agression.

I3:I3 Log. jty, "sovereign". Ex. I3:I3-G7 .

I4  I4

Log. or det. ^sbk, "Sobek".

I5  I5

Log. or det. sAq, "gather".

I5a  I5a

Usage as I4 I4.

I6  I6

Phon. km.

I7  I7

Det. frog. Ex. H*(q:t)-I7, ^Hqt, "Heket".

Log. wHm-anx, "repeating life".

I8  I8

Log. Hfnr, "tadpole".

Log. Hfn, "100000".

I9  I9

Phon. f.

Det. jt, "father". Ex. i*(t:f)-A1, t:f-A1 .

I9a  I9a

Log. prj, "go out".

I10  I10

Log. Dt, "cobra".

Phon. D.

I10a  I10a

Log. or det. ^wADyt, "Wadjit (tenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

I11  I11

Phon. DD.

I11a  I11a

Log. Dt, "eternity".

I12  I12

Det. jart, "uraeus".

Det. goddess.

I13  I13

Det. goddess.

I14  I14

Det. snake. Exx. H-f:[sep=0.2]A-w-I14, HfAw, "serpent"; insert[bs](D,d)-f:t-I14, Ddft, "snake".

I15  I15

Usage as I14 I14.

K1  K1

Log. or det. jnt, "tilapia".

Phon. jn.

K2  K2

Phon. det. bw.

K3  K3

Log. or det. aDw, "mullet".

Phon. aD.

K4  K4

Log. XAt, "elephant-snout fish".

Phon. XA.

K5  K5

Phon. det. bs.

Det. fish.

K6  K6

Log. or det. nSmt, "fish scale".

K7  K7

Det. Spt, "discontented". Ex. S:p*t-K7 .

K8  K8

Log. or det. nar, "catfish".

L1  L1

Log. or det. xprr, "dung beetle".

Phon. xpr.

L2  L2

Log. bjt, "bee".

Phon. bjt.

L2a  L2a

Log. nsw-bjtj, "king of Upper and Lower Egypt".

L3  L3

Log. or det. aff, "fly (noun)".

L4  L4

Log. or det. snHm, "locust".

L5  L5

Log. or det. spA, "centipede".

L6  L6

Phon. xA.

L6a  L6a

Usage as L6 L6.

L7  L7

Log. ^srqt, "Selkis".

L8  L8

Phon. * anx. Ex. anx-L8*x 1, anx, "Ankh".

1 GITB 801-221-400.

M1  M1

Det. tree.

Phon. jAm, jmA, jm.

M1a  M1a

Det. tree.

M1b  M1b

Log. ^nDft, "Nedjfit".

M2  M2

Det. plant, flower.

Phon. Hn.

Phon. det. js.

Log. =j, "I".

Det. s, "man". Ex. z:M2*Z1 .

M3  M3

Log. xt, "wood".

Phon. xt.

Det. wood.

Phon. det. Da.

M3a  M3a

Log. m-xt, "after".

M4  M4

Det. rnpj, "young".

Log. or det. rnp, "year".

Log. HAt-sp, "regnal year".

Log. snf, "last year".

Usage as M5 M5.

Usage as M6 M6.

Usage as M7 M7.

M5  M5

Log. or det. tr, "season".

Phon. det. tr.

Phon. det. rj.

M6  M6

Log. or det. tr, "season".

Phon. det. tr, tj.

Phon. det. rj.

M7  M7

Log. or det. rnpj, "young".

M8  M8

Log. or det. SA, "land", "pool".

Phon. SA.

(group-writing) M8, M8-G1 Phon. S.

Log. or det. Axt, "Season of Inundation".

M9  M9

Log. or det. SSn, "lotus".

M10  M10

Log. or det. nHbt, "lotus bud".

M10a  M10a

Usage as M10 M10.

M11  M11

Log. or det. wdn, "offer".

M12  M12

Phon. xA.

Log. xA, "1000".

(group-writing) M12, M12*G1 Phon. x.

M12a  M12a

Usage as 2× M12 M12.

M12b  M12b

Usage as 3× M12 M12.

M12c  M12c

Usage as 4× M12 M12.

M12d  M12d

Usage as 5× M12 M12.

M12e  M12e

Usage as 6× M12 M12.

M12f  M12f

Usage as 7× M12 M12.

M12g  M12g

Usage as 8× M12 M12.

M12h  M12h

Usage as 9× M12 M12.

M13  M13

Log. or det. wAD, "papyrus".

Phon. or phon. det. wAD.

Usage as V24 V24.

M14  M14

Phon. wAD.

Usage as V24 V24.

M15  M15

Det. papyrus, watery regions.

Phon. det. wAx.

M15-L2-X1:O49 Log. ^Ax-bjt, "Chemmis".

Log. or det. mHw, "Lower Egypt".

M15a  M15a

Log. ^Ax-bjt, "Chemmis".

M16  M16

Phon. HA.

(group-writing) M16, M16-G1 Phon. H.

Log. or det. mHw, "Lower Egypt".

M16a  M16a

Log. ^tA-mHw, "Lower Egypt".

M17  M17

Log. j, "reed".

Phon. j.

M17*[fix,sep=0.2]M17 Phon. y.

(group-writing) M17*[fix,sep=0.2]M17 Phon. Hebrew Yod.

(group-writing) M17-A2 Phon. Hebrew Alef.

M17a  M17a

Usage as 2× M17 M17.

M18  M18

Log. jj, "come".

M19  M19

Log. or det. aAbt, "offering".

M20  M20

Log. sxt, "marshland".

Usage as M21 M21 [Phon. sm].

M21  M21

Log. or det. sm, "plant".

Phon. sm.

M22  M22

Phon. nxb.

M22*[sep=0.5]M22 Phon. nn.

M22a  M22a

Usage as 2× M22 M22.

M23  M23

Log. swt, "sedge".

Phon. sw.

(group-writing) M23*G43 Phon. s.

M23-X1:N35, M23*X1, M23 Log. nsw, "king of Upper Egypt".

M23:X1-L2:X1 Log. nsw-bjtj, "king of Upper and Lower Egypt".

M24  M24

Log. rs, "south".

M24a  M24a

M24a-M13 Log. tAwj, "the two lands".

M25  M25

Usage as M24 M24.

Usage as M26 M26.

M26  M26

Log. ^Smaw, "Upper Egypt".

Phon. or phon. det. Sma.

M27  M27

Log. ^Smaw, "Upper Egypt".

Phon. Sma.

M28  M28

Log. mDw Sma, "the tens of Upper Egypt".

M28a  M28a

Log. tA-^Smaw, "Upper Egypt".

M29  M29

Phon. nDm.

M30  M30

Log. or det. bnr, "sweet".

M31  M31

Det. rd, "grow". Ex. r:d-M31 .

M31a  M31a

Usage as M31 M31.

M32  M32

Usage as M31 M31.

M33  M33

Log. or det. jt, "barley".

Det. grain.

M33a  M33a

Usage as M33 M33.

M33b  M33b

Usage as M33 M33.

M34  M34

Log. or det. bdt, "emmer".

M35  M35

Det. heap.

M36  M36

Phon. Dr.

Det. bundle together.

M37  M37

Usage as M36 M36 [Phon. Dr].

M38  M38

Det. flax.

Det. bundle together.

M39  M39

Det. vegetable offering.

M40  M40

Log. or det. jsw, "reeds".

Phon. js.

M40a  M40a

Usage as M40 M40.

M41  M41

Det. wood.

M42  M42

Phon. wn.

Log. wnm, "eat".

M43  M43

Det. vine, fruit.

M44  M44

Log. or det. spd, "sharp".

Det. sharp.

N1  N1

Log. or det. pt, "sky".

Det. sky, high.

W25:N1 Log. ^jnj-Hrt, "Onuris".

Phon. Hr, Hrj, Hrw.

Det. gate.

N2  N2

Log. or det. grH, "night".

Det. night.

N3  N3

Usage as N2 N2.

N4  N4

Log. or det. jAdt, "dew".

Det. precipitation.

N5  N5

Log. or det. ra, "sun".

Log. or det. hrw, "day".

Log. or det. sw, "day".

Det. sun, time.

N6  N6

Log. or det. ra, "sun".

N7  N7

Log. Xrt-hrw, "day-time".

N8  N8

Log. or det. Axw, "sunshine".

Det. shine.

Log. or det. wbn, "rise".

Phon. wbn.

Log. Hnmmt, "sun-folk of Heliopolis".

N9  N9

Log. or det. psDntjw, "New-moon festival".

Phon. psD.

N10  N10

Usage as N9 N9.

N11  N11

Log. or det. jaH, "moon".

Phon. or phon. det. waH.

N11:[fit]N14 Log. Abd, "month".

Log. Abd, "month".

Log. sSp, "palm".

Usage as F42 F42.

N12  N12

Log. or det. jaH, "moon".

N13  N13

Log. * smdt, "half-month festival".

N14  N14

Log. or det. sbA, "star".

Phon. sbA.

Det. star, time.

Phon. or phon. det. dwA.

Log. or det. wnwt, "hour".

N15  N15

Log. or det. dwAt, "netherworld".

N16  N16

Log. tA, "earth", "land".

Phon. tA.

(group-writing) N16:N21*Z1 Phon. t.

Det. land, eternity.

N17  N17

Usage as N16 N16.

N18  N18

Log. jw, "island".

(group-writing) N18:N21*Z1 Phon. j.

Det. desert, foreign land.

insert[te](G9*.,N18:[fix,sep=0.5]N18) Log. ^Hr-Axtj, "Harakhti".

N18a  N18a

Log. ^jmn, "Amun".

Phon. n.

N18b  N18b

Phon. Sns.

N19  N19

Usage as 2× N18 N18.

N20  N20

Log. or det. wDb, "sandbank".

Phon. wDb.

N21  N21

Log. or det. jdb, "land".

Det. land.

Usage as N23 N23.

N22  N22

Usage as N20 N20.

Det. land.

N23  N23

Det. irrigated land.

N5:N23 Det. time.

N24  N24

Log. or det. spAt, "district".

Det. province.

Det. garden.

N25  N25

Log. or det. xAst, "foreign land".

Det. desert, foreign land.

N25:R12 Log. ^HA, "Ha".

N25a  N25a

Usage as N25 N25.

N26  N26

Log. Dw, "mountain".

Phon. Dw.

N27  N27

Log. Axt, "horizon".

N28  N28

Log. xa, "hill".

Phon. xa.

N29  N29

Log. or det. qAA, "hill".

Phon. q.

N30  N30

Log. or det. jAt, "mound".

N31  N31

Log. or det. wAt, "road".

Det. road, travel, position.

W25*N31 Log. ^jnj-Hrt, "Onuris".

Log. Hrw, "besides".

Log. wA, "fall".

Log. ^Hr, "Horus".

N32  N32

Phon. det. sjn.

Usage as F52 F52.

N33  N33

Det. sand, metal, mineral, medicin.

Usage as A14 A14.

N33*N33*N33 Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

N33a  N33a

Usage as 3× N33 N33.

N34  N34

Log. * Hmtj, "copper".

Det. copper, bronze.

N34a  N34a

Usage as N34 N34.

N35  N35

Log. nt, "water".

Phon. n.

(group-writing) N35:G1, N35:U19:[fit]W24, N35:Z2 Phon. n.

(group-writing) N35:Z2-E23:Z1, N35:Z2-D21:Z1 Phon. l.

Usage as N17 N17.

N35:N35:N35 Log. mw, "water".

N35:N35:N35 Phon. mw.

(group-writing) N35:N35:N35 Phon. m.

N35:N35:N35 Det. water, liquid and associated actions.

N35a-N36:N23, N35a-N36 Det. river, lake, sea.

N35a  N35a

Usage as 3× N35 N35.

N36  N36

Log. or det. mr, "canal".

Phon. or phon. det. mr.

Phon. mj.

Det. river, lake, sea.

N37  N37

Log. S, "pool".

Phon. S.

Usage as N36 N36.

N37a  N37a

Usage as N37 N37.

N38  N38

Usage as N37 N37.

N39  N39

Usage as N37 N37.

N40  N40

Log. Sm, "go". Ex. N40*G17-D54 .

N41  N41

Det. well, pool, marsh.

Phon. Hm.

Log. or det. jdt, "* uterus".

Phon. bjA.

N41*N41:[size=inf]N41 Log. or det. pHww, "ends".

N42  N42

Usage as N41 N41.

NL1  NL1

Log. ^jnbw-HD, "Inbuhedi (first nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL2  NL2

Log. ^xpS, "Khepesh (second nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL3  NL3

Log. ^jmntt, "Imenti (third nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL4  NL4

Log. ^nrt-rst, "southern Neret (fourth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL5  NL5

Log. ^nrt-mHtt, "northern Neret (fifth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL5a  NL5a

Usage as NL5 NL5.

NL6  NL6

Log. ^xAsww, "Khasu (sixth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL7  NL7

Log. ^Hwj-jmntj, "Hui-imenti (seventh nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL8  NL8

Log. ^Hwj-jAbtj, "Hui-jabtj (eighth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL9  NL9

Log. ^anDtj, "Anedjiti (ninth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL10  NL10

Log. ^km-wr, "Kem-wer (tenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL11  NL11

Log. ^Hsbw, "Hesbu (eleventh nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL12  NL12

Log. ^Tb-nTr, "Tjeb-netjer (twelfth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL13  NL13

Log. ^HqA-anDw, "Heqa-ondju (thirteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL14  NL14

Log. ^xntj-jAbtj, "Khenti-abt (fourteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL15  NL15

Log. ^DHwtj, "Djehuti (fifteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL16  NL16

Log. ^HAt-mHjt, "Hat-mehit (sixteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL17  NL17

Log. ^smA-bHdt, "Sema-Behdet (seventeenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL17a  NL17a

Usage as NL17 NL17.

NL18  NL18

Log. ^jmt-xnt, "southern Imet (eighteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL19  NL19

Log. ^jmt-pH, "northern Imet (nineteenth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NL20  NL20

Log. ^spd, "Sopdu (twentieth nome of Lower Egypt)".

NU1  NU1

Log. ^tA-stj, "Taseti (first nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU2  NU2

Log. ^wTs-^Hr, "Wetjes-Hor (second nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU3  NU3

Log. ^nxn, "Nekhen (third nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU4  NU4

Log. ^wAst, "Waset (fourth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU5  NU5

Log. ^nTrwj, "Netjerui (fifth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU6  NU6

Log. ^jqr, "Iqer (sixth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU7  NU7

Log. ^bAt, "Bat (seventh nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU8  NU8

Log. ^tA-wr, "Tawer (eighth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU9  NU9

Log. ^mnw, "Menu (ninth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU10  NU10

Log. ^wADyt, "Wadjit (tenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU10a  NU10a

Usage as NU10 NU10.

NU11  NU11

Log. ^SA, "Sha (eleventh nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU11a  NU11a

Usage as NU11 NU11.

NU12  NU12

Log. ^Atft, "Atfet (twelfth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU13  NU13

Log. ^nDft-xntt, "southern Nedjfit (thirteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU14  NU14

Log. ^nDft-pHt, "northern Nedjfit (fourteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU15  NU15

Log. ^wnt, "Unet (fifteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU16  NU16

Log. ^mA-HD, "Ma-hedi (sixteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU17  NU17

Log. ^jnpwt, "Input (seventeenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU18  NU18

Log. ^nmtj, "Nemti (eighteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU18a  NU18a

Usage as NU18 NU18.

NU19  NU19

Log. ^wAbwj, "Wabui (nineteenth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU20  NU20

Log. ^nart-xntt, "southern Noret (twentieth nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU21  NU21

Log. ^nart-pHt, "northern Noret (twenty-first nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU22  NU22

Log. ^mdnjt, "Medenit (twenty-second nome of Upper Egypt)".

NU22a  NU22a

Usage as NU22 NU22.

O1  O1

Log. pr, "house".

Phon. pr.

Det. building, seat, place.

O1a  O1a

Log. pr-anx, "temple scriptorium".

O2  O2

Log. pr-HD, "treasury".

O3  O3

Log. prt-r-xrw, "invocation offerings".

O4  O4

Log. h, "grounds".

Phon. h.

O5  O5

Det. mrrt, "street". Ex. mr-r:r-t:O5-pr .

Phon. or phon. det. mr.

Phon. or phon. det. nm.

O5a  O5a

Usage as O5 O5.

O6  O6

Log. Hwt, "(large) building".

Log. Htt, "quary".

O6a  O6a

Typ. opening of Hwt enclosure.

O6b  O6b

Typ. opening of Hwt enclosure.

O6c  O6c

Typ. opening of Hwt enclosure.

O6d  O6d

Typ. closing of Hwt enclosure.

O6e  O6e

Typ. closing of Hwt enclosure.

O6f  O6f

Typ. closing of Hwt enclosure.

O7  O7

Usage as O6 O6.

O8  O8

Log. Hwt-aAt, "large building".

O9  O9

Log. ^nbt-Hwt, "Nephthys".

O10  O10

Log. ^Hwt-^Hr, "Hathor".

O10a  O10a

Log. Hwt-anx, "royal living quarters".

O10b  O10b

Log. Hwt-bjtj, "house of the king of Lower Egypt".

O10c  O10c

Log. Hwt-Hr, "Hut-her". Ex. O10c-Aa1:[fit]D40:. 1, Hwt-Hr-nxt, "Hut-her-nekhet".

1 Wellcome museum W.1331.

O11  O11

Log. aH, "palace".

O12  O12

Usage as O11 O11.

O13  O13

Log. or det. sbxt, "gateway".

O14  O14

Usage as O13 O13.

O15  O15

Log. wsxt, "hall".

O16  O16

Log. or det. tA, "door (in temple)".

Log. tAytj, "he of the door (title)".

Usage as S22 S22 [Log. or det. tA-wr, "larboard"].

O17  O17

Usage as O16 O16.

O18  O18

Log. or det. kAr, "chapel".

O19  O19

Det. shrine.

O19a  O19a

Usage as O19 O19.

O20  O20

Det. sanctuary.

O20a  O20a

Usage as O20 O20.

O21  O21

Log. or det. sH, "booth".

O22  O22

Log. or det. sH, "booth".

Phon. det. sH.

Phon. HAb.

O23  O23

Log. or det. Hd-sd, "Sed festival".

O24  O24

Log. or det. mr, "pyramid".

Det. pyramid.

O24a  O24a

Det. in names of sun-obelisks.

O25  O25

Log. or det. txn, "obelisk".

O25a  O25a

Usage as O24a O24a.

O26  O26

Log. or det. wD, "stela".

Det. stela.

O27  O27

Det. hall of columns.

Phon. or phon. det. xA.

O28  O28

Log. jwn, "column".

Phon. jwn.

O29  O29

Log. aA, "column".

Phon. aA.

(group-writing) O29:D36, O29 Phon. a.

O29a  O29a

Usage as O29 O29.

O30  O30

Log. or det. sxnt, "support".

O30*[sep=0.0]O30*[sep=0.0]O30*[sep=0.0]O30 Log. or det. sxnwt, "the four support (of the sky)".

O30a  O30a

Usage as 4× O30 O30.

O31  O31

Log. or det. aA, "door".

Phon. aA.

Det. open.

O32  O32

Log. or det. sbA, "door".

Det. door, gateway.

O33  O33

Log. or det. srx, "banner".

O33a  O33a

Typ. closing of srx enclosure.

O34  O34

Log. s, "bolt".

Phon. s.

Usage as R22 R22 [Log. ^xm, "Ausim"].

O35  O35

Log. sbj, "go".

Log. sbj, "perish". Ex. O35-D54 .

Log. ms, "bring". Ex. G17-O35-D54 .

Log. js, "go!". Ex. M17-O35 .

Log. sj, "who?". Ex. O35-M17*M17, O35-S29 .

O36  O36

Log. or det. jnb, "wall".

Det. wall.

O36a  O36a

Typ. opening of fortified wall cartouche.

O36b  O36b

Typ. closing of fortified wall cartouche.

O36c  O36c

Typ. opening of square fortified wall cartouche.

O36d  O36d

Typ. closing of square fortified wall cartouche.

O37  O37

Det. overthrow, tilt.

O38  O38

Log. or det. qnbt, "corner", "court of magistrates".

Det. gate, street.

Log. or det. tm, "(part of a title)". Ex. t:tm-O38[mirror], Hrj n tm, "(a title)".

O39  O39

Det. stone.

O40  O40

Log. or det. rwd, "stairway".

Log. or det. xtjw, "terrace".

Det. stairway.

O41  O41

Det. stairway, ascent.

O42  O42

Phon. Ssp.

Phon. sSp.

O43  O43

Usage as O42 O42.

O44  O44

Log. or det. jAwt, "rank".

O45  O45

Log. or det. jpAt, "harem".

O46  O46

Usage as O45 O45.

O47  O47

Log. ^nxn, "Hieraconpolis".

O48  O48

Usage as O47 O47.

O49  O49

Log. njwt, "city".

Det. inhabited area.

O50  O50

Log. or det. spt, "threshing floor".

Phon. sp.

O50:.*Z1*Z1*., O50:Z4 Log. sp sn, "(two times)".

O50:.*Z1*Z1*., O50:Z4 Typ. repetition of the preceding sequence of consonants.

O50a  O50a

Usage as O50 O50.

O50b  O50b

Usage as O50 O50.

O51  O51

Log. or det. Snwt, "granary".

P1  P1

Log. or det. dpt, "ship".

Log. or det. jmw, "ship".

Log. or det. aHa, "ship".

Log. or det. qAqAw, "ship".

Det. boat, ship, travel by water.

P1a  P1a

Det. pna, "overturn". Ex. p:n:a-P1a .

P2  P2

Det. xntj, "sail upstream". Ex. xnt-n:t-P2 .

P3  P3

Log. or det. wjA, "sacred bark".

Det. divine boats, divine journeys.

P3a  P3a

Usage as P3 P3.

P4  P4

Log. wHa, "fisherman".

P5  P5

Log. or det. TAw, "breath".

Det. wind, sail.

Log. or det. nfw, "skipper".

P6  P6

Phon. aHa.

P7  P7

Usage as P6 P6.

P8  P8

Log. or det. wsr, "oar".

Log. or det. Hpt, "oar".

Det. oar.

Phon. xrw.

P9  P9

Log. xrwj=fj, "he says". Ex. P9-.:Z4 .

P10  P10

Log. or det. Hmw, "steering oar".

P11  P11

Log. or det. mnjt, "mooring post".

Q1  Q1

Log. st, "seat".

Phon. st.

Phon. ws.

Phon. As.

Phon. Htm.

Q2  Q2

Log. st, "seat".

Phon. ws.

Q3  Q3

Log. p, "base".

Phon. p.

Q4  Q4

Log. or det. wrs, "head-rest".

Q5  Q5

Det. box, chest.

Q6  Q6

Log. or det. qrsw, "coffin".

Det. burial.

Q7  Q7

Det. fire, flame, cook.

Log. or det. srf, "temperature".

Q7*Q7 Log. nsrsr, "Fire-Island". Ex. N18:Z1*N21-Q7*Q7-O49, jw nsrsr, "Fire-Island".

R1  R1

Log. or det. xAwt, "table of offerings".

R2  R2

Usage as R1 R1.

R2a  R2a

Usage as R1 R1.

R3  R3

Log. or det. wdHw, "table of offerings".

R3a  R3a

Usage as R3 R3.

R3b  R3b

Usage as R3 R3.

R4  R4

Log. Htp, "altar".

Phon. Htp.

R5  R5

Log. or det. kAp, "fumigate".

Phon. kAp, kp.

R6  R6

Usage as R5 R5.

R7  R7

Log. or det. snTr, "incense".

Usage as W10a W10a.

R8  R8

Log. nTr, "god".

Det. god.

R9  R9

Log. or det. bd, "natron".

R10  R10

Log. Xrt-nTr, "necropolis".

R10a  R10a

Usage as R10 R10.

R11  R11

Log. Dd, "djed-column".

Phon. Dd.

R12  R12

Det. jAt, "standard". Ex. i*A-t:R12 .

Det. god.

R13  R13

Log. or det. jmnt, "west", "right".

R14  R14

Log. jmnt, "west".

Log. wnmj, "right".

R15  R15

Log. jAbt, "east".

Phon. Ab.

R16  R16

Log. or det. wx, "ukh-fetish".

R16a  R16a

Log. or det. ^nfr-tm, "Nefertem".

R17  R17

Usage as NU8 NU8.

R18  R18

Usage as NU8 NU8.

R19  R19

Log. ^wAst, "Thebes".

Usage as S40 S40 [Phon. jAtt].

R20  R20

Log. ^sSAt, "Seshat".

R21  R21

Usage as R20 R20.

R22  R22

Log. ^mnw, "Min".

Log. ^xm, "Ausim".

Phon. xm.

R23  R23

Usage as R22 R22.

R24  R24

Log. ^njt, "Neith".

R25  R25

Usage as R24 R24.

R26  R26

Log. smA, "unite".

R27  R27

Log. ^njt, "Neith".

R28  R28

Log. or det. bAt, "Bat (symbol of Hathor)".

R29  R29

Log. jtrt, "niche (for statues)".

S1  S1

Log. or det. HDt, "white crown".

Det. white crown.

S2  S2

Usage as S1 S1.

S2a  S2a

Log. Sma=s, "crown of Upper Egypt".

S3  S3

Log. or det. dSrt, "red crown".

Det. red crown.

Phon. n.

S4  S4

Log. or det. nt, "net-crown".

Det. red crown.

Phon. n.

S5  S5

Log. or det. sxmtj, "double crown".

S6  S6

Usage as S5 S5.

Det. double crown.

S6a  S6a

Log. mHw=s, "crown of Lower Egypt".

S7  S7

Log. or det. xprS, "blue crown".

S8  S8

Log. or det. Atf, "atef-crown".

S9  S9

Log. or det. Swtj, "double plumes".

S10  S10

Log. or det. wAH, "wreath".

Phon. mDH.

Log. mDH, "carpenter".

S11  S11

Log. or det. wsx, "collar".

Phon. or phon. det. wsx.

S12  S12

Log. nbw, "gold".

Det. precious metal.

S13  S13

Log. nbj, "gild".

S14  S14

Log. HD, "silver".

S14a  S14a

Log. Dam, "electrum".

S14b  S14b

Usage as S14a S14a.

S15  S15

Log. or det. THnt, "fayence".

S16  S16

Usage as S15 S15.

S17  S17

Usage as S15 S15.

S17a  S17a

Log. or det. ^Ssmtt, "Shesmetet".

Phon. Ssm.

S18  S18

Log. or det. mnjt, "bead-necklace".

S19  S19

Log. * xtmw, "treasurer".

S20  S20

Log. or det. xtm, "seal".

Det. seal.

Log. or det. Snatj, "shenoti".

Usage as S19 S19.

Usage as E31 E31.

S21  S21

Det. ring.

S22  S22

Phon. sT.

Log. or det. tA-wr, "larboard".

S23  S23

Log. or det. dmD, "unite".

Phon. dmD.

S24  S24

Log. or det. Tst, "knot".

Log. or det. Ts, "vertebra".

Phon. Ts.

S25  S25

Det. apron.

Log. or det. aAw, "interpreter".

S26  S26

Log. or det. SnDwt, "apron".

S26a  S26a

Log. or det. dAjw, "* apron".

S26b  S26b

Usage as S26a S26a.

S27  S27

Log. or det. mnxt, "clothing".

S28  S28

Det. clothing.

S29  S29

Phon. s.

S34*U28*S29 Log. a.w.s., "l.p.h.!".

S30  S30

Phon. sf.

S31  S31

Phon. smA.

S32  S32

Log. or det. sjAt, "piece of cloth".

Phon. sjA.

S33  S33

Log. or det. Tbt, "sandal".

S34  S34

Log. anx, "sandal-strap".

Log. anx, "life".

Phon. anx.

S34*U28*S29 Log. a.w.s., "l.p.h.!".

S35  S35

Log. or det. Swt, "shade".

Log. or det. sryt, "standard".

S35a  S35a

Usage as S35 S35.

S36  S36

Usage as S35 S35.

S36*(.:Q3)*S36 Log. ^Hpwj, "Hepui".

S37  S37

Log. or det. xw, "fan".

S38  S38

Log. or det. HqAt, "sceptre".

Phon. HqA.

S38*[fit]N29*S29 Log. Aqs, "Akes".

Usage as S39 S39.

S39  S39

Phon. awt.

S40  S40

Log. or det. wAs, "uas-sceptre".

Phon. or phon. det. wAs.

Phon. wAb.

Phon. jAtt.

Usage as S41 S41.

S41  S41

Phon. Dam.

S42  S42

Log. or det. abA, "aba-sceptre".

Phon. or phon. det. abA.

Log. sxm, "sistrum".

Phon. sxm.

Log. or det. xrp, "control".

S43  S43

Log. mdw, "staff".

Phon. mdw.

S44  S44

Log. or det. Ams, "ames-sceptre".

S45  S45

Log. or det. nxAxA, "flagellum".

S46  S46

Phon. k.

Log. or det. afnt, "head-cloth".

T1  T1

Phon. mnw.

T2  T2

Det. sqr, "smite". Ex. s-Aa7:T2 .

T3  T3

Log. HD, "mace".

Phon. HD.

T3a  T3a

Phon. HDw.

T4  T4

Usage as T3 T3.

T5  T5

Usage as T3 T3.

T6  T6

Phon. HDD.

T7  T7

Log. or det. mjbt, "axe".

Log. or det. mDH, "carpenter".

T7a  T7a

Log. or det. jqHw, "axe".

T8  T8

Phon. tp.

T8a  T8a

Log. or det. bAgsw, "dagger".

T9  T9

Log. or det. pDt, "bow".

Phon. or phon. det. pD.

T9a  T9a

Usage as T9 T9.

T10  T10

Log. or det. jwnt, "bow".

Usage as T9 T9.

T11  T11

Log. or det. Ssr, "arrow".

Phon. det. sXr.

Phon. det. sSr.

Phon. det. sjn.

Phon. or phon. det. swn.

T11a  T11a

Det. Neith. Ex. R24[rotate=90]*T11a 1, ^njt, "Neith".

1 GITB 802-065-700.

T12  T12

Log. or det. rwD, "bow-string".

Phon. or phon. det. rwD.

Det. Ar, "restrain". Ex. A-r:T12 .

Phon. det. Ar, Aj.

T13  T13

Phon. or phon. det. rs.

T14  T14

Log. or det. amaAt, "throw-stick".

Log. or det. qmA, "throw", "create".

T14*[sep=0.2]G41 Phon. det. Tn.

Log. ^THnw, "Libia".

Log. aAm, "Asian".

Log. nHsj, "Nubian".

Det. foreign peoples and countries.

Usage as Aa26 Aa26.

Usage as M3 M3 [Phon. det. Da].

Usage as P11 P11.

Usage as T13 T13.

Usage as D50 D50 [Det. accurate].

T15  T15

Usage as T14 T14.

T16  T16

Log. or det. xpS, "scimitar".

T16a  T16a

Usage as T16 T16.

T17  T17

Log. or det. wrryt, "chariot".

T18  T18

Log. or det. Sms, "follow".

T19  T19

Log. or det. qs, "bone".

Phon. or phon. det. qs.

Phon. or phon. det. qrs.

Phon. or phon. det. gn.

Phon. det. twr.

Det. bone, tubular.

T20  T20

Usage as T19 T19.

T21  T21

Log. or det. wa, "one".

T22  T22

Log. snw, "two".

Phon. sn.

T23  T23

Usage as T22 T22.

T24  T24

Log. or det. aH, "net (verb)".

Phon. aH.

T25  T25

Log. or det. DbA, "float (noun)".

Phon. DbA.

T26  T26

Log. or det. sxt, "trap".

T27  T27

Usage as T26 T26.

T28  T28

Log. Xr, "under".

Phon. Xr.

T29  T29

Log. or det. nmt, "place of slaughter".

T30  T30

Det. knife, sharp.

Log. or det. dmt, "knife".

T31  T31

Phon. sSm.

T32  T32

Usage as T31 T31.

T32a  T32a

Usage as T31 T31.

T33  T33

Log. sSm, "butcher".

T33a  T33a

Usage as T33 T33.

T34  T34

Log. or det. nm, "knife".

Phon. nm.

T35  T35

Usage as T34 T34.

T36  T36

Det. jkm, "shield".

U1  U1

Log. mA, "sickle-shaped end of boat".

Phon. mA.

(group-writing) U1-G1 Phon. m.

Det. reap.

Det. crooked.

U2  U2

Usage as U1 U1.

U3  U3

Log. mAA, "see".

U4  U4

Log. mAat, "truth".

U5  U5

Usage as U4 U4.

U6  U6

Det. cultivate.

Phon. mr.

Usage as U8 U8 [Phon. Hn].

U6a  U6a

Usage as U6 U6.

U6b  U6b

Usage as U6 U6.

U7  U7

Usage as U6 U6.

U8  U8

Log. or det. Hnn, "hoe".

Phon. Hn.

U9  U9

Det. grain.

Log. or det. HqAt, "heqat".

U10  U10

Log. jt, "barley".

Usage as U9 U9 [Det. grain].

U11  U11

Log. HqAt, "heqat".

U12  U12

Usage as U11 U11.

U13  U13

Det. plough.

Log. or det. hb, "plough".

Phon. hb.

Log. or det. prt, "seed".

Usage as U14 U14.

U14  U14

Phon. or phon. det. Sna.

U15  U15

Phon. tm.

U16  U16

Log. or det. wnS, "sledge".

Phon. or phon. det. bjA.

U17  U17

Log. or det. grg, "establish".

Phon. or phon. det. grg.

U18  U18

Usage as U17 U17.

U19  U19

Log. nwtj, "the two adzes".

Phon. nw.

(group-writing) N35:[sep=0.2]U19:[fit,sep=0.2]W24[scale=0.6] Phon. n.

U20  U20

Usage as U19 U19.

U21  U21

Log. or det. stp, "cut up".

Phon. or phon. det. stp.

Phon. det. sTp.

U22  U22

Log. or det. mnx, "carve".

Phon. det. mnx.

U23  U23

Phon. mr.

Phon. Ab.

U23a  U23a

Usage as U23 U23.

U24  U24

Log. or det. Hmt, "craft".

U25  U25

Usage as U24 U24.

U26  U26

Log. or det. wbA, "open up".

U27  U27

Usage as U26 U26.

U28  U28

Log. or det. DA, "fire-drill".

Phon. DA.

S34*U28*S29 Log. a.w.s., "l.p.h.!".

(group-writing) U28*G1, U28 Phon. D.

U29  U29

Usage as U28 U28.

U29a  U29a

Usage as U28 U28.

U30  U30

Log. tA, "kiln".

Phon. tA.

U31  U31

Log. or det. rtHtj, "baker".

Phon. det. rtH.

Phon. det. jtH.

Log. or det. xnr, "restrain".

Usage as D19 D19.

U32  U32

Log. or det. sHm, "pound".

Phon. or phon. det. smn.

Phon. Hsmn.

Det. pound, press down, heavy.

Det. HmAyt, "salt".

U32a  U32a

Usage as U32 U32.

U33  U33

Log. tjt, "pestle".

Phon. tj.

Phon. t.

(group-writing) U33, U33*M17, U33-M17*M17 Phon. t.

U34  U34

Log. or det. xsf, "spin".

Phon. xsf.

U35  U35

Usage as U34 U34.

U36  U36

Log. Hmww, "fuller".

Phon. Hm.

U37  U37

Log. or det. Xaq, "shave".

U38  U38

Log. or det. mxAt, "balance".

U39  U39

Log. or det. wTst, "post (of balance)".

Log. or det. Tsj, "raise".

U40  U40

Usage as U39 U39.

Usage as T13 T13.

U41  U41

Log. or det. tx, "plummet".

U42  U42

Log. or det. abwt, "pitchfork".

Phon. sDb.

Phon. det. sDb.

V1  V1

Det. rope.

Phon. or phon. det. Sn.

Log. Snt, "100".

V1a  V1a

Usage as 2× V1 V1.

V1b  V1b

Usage as 3× V1 V1.

V1c  V1c

Usage as 4× V1 V1.

V1d  V1d

Usage as 5× V1 V1.

V1e  V1e

Usage as 6× V1 V1.

V1f  V1f

Usage as 7× V1 V1.

V1g  V1g

Usage as 8× V1 V1.

V1h  V1h

Usage as 9× V1 V1.

V1i  V1i

Usage as 5× V1 V1.

V2  V2

Log. or det. sTA, "drag".

Phon. sTA.

Det. As, "hasten". Ex. A-s*(V2:D54) .

V2a  V2a

Usage as V2 V2.

V3  V3

Phon. sTAw.

V4  V4

Phon. wA.

V5  V5

Det. snT, "plan". Ex. s-n:T-V5 .

V6  V6

Log. or det. Ss, "rope".

Phon. Ss.

Usage as V33 V33.

Usage as S28 S28.

V7  V7

Log. or det. Snj, "enclose".

Phon. Sn.

V7a  V7a

Usage as V7 V7.

V7b  V7b

Usage as V7 V7.

V8  V8

Usage as V7 V7.

V9  V9

Log. or det. Snw, "cartouche".

V10  V10

Log. or det. Snw, "cartouche".

Det. name.

V11  V11

Det. dnj, "restrain". Ex. d:n-i*V11 .

Det. pxA, "split". Ex. p:x-xA-A-V11:mDAt .

V11a  V11a

Typ. hieratic opening of cartouche.

V11b  V11b

Typ. hieratic closing of cartouche.

V11c  V11c

Typ. hieratic closing of knotless cartouche.

V12  V12

Det. bind.

Phon. or phon. det. fx.

Phon. or phon. det. arq.

Det. papyrus.

V12a  V12a

Usage as V12 V12.

V12b  V12b

Usage as V12 V12.

V13  V13

Phon. T.

V14  V14

Phon. T.

V15  V15

Log. jTj, "seize".

V16  V16

Log. sA, "hobble".

Phon. sA.

V17  V17

Log. or det. sA, "protection".

V18  V18

Usage as V17 V17.

V19  V19

Log. or det. mDt, "stable".

Phon. or phon. det. tmA.

Log. or det. XAr, "sack".

Det. palanquin, portable shrine.

V20  V20

Phon. mD.

Log. mD, "10".

V20a  V20a

Usage as 2× V20 V20.

V20b  V20b

Usage as 3× V20 V20.

V20c  V20c

Usage as 4× V20 V20.

V20d  V20d

Usage as 5× V20 V20.

V20e  V20e

Usage as 6× V20 V20.

V20f  V20f

Usage as 7× V20 V20.

V20g  V20g

Usage as 8× V20 V20.

V20h  V20h

Usage as 9× V20 V20.

V20i  V20i

Usage as 2× V20 V20.

V20j  V20j

Usage as 3× V20 V20.

V20k  V20k

Usage as 4× V20 V20.

V20l  V20l

Usage as 5× V20 V20.

V21  V21

Log. mDt, "stable".

Phon. mD.

V22  V22

Phon. mH.

V23  V23

Usage as V22 V22.

V23a  V23a

Usage as V22 V22.

V24  V24

Phon. wD.

V25  V25

Usage as V24 V24.

V26  V26

Log. or det. aD, "spool".

Phon. or phon. det. aD.

V27  V27

Usage as V26 V26.

V28  V28

Phon. H.

V28a  V28a

Phon. Ha.

V29  V29

Log. or det. sk, "wipe".

Phon. sk.

Phon. or phon. det. wAH.

Det. xsr, "ward off". Ex. x:z:r-V29-D40 .

Det. mar, "fortunate".

V29a  V29a

Phon. sk.

V30  V30

Log. or det. nbt, "basket".

Phon. nb.

V30a  V30a

Usage as V30 V30.

V31  V31

Phon. k.

V31a  V31a

Usage as V31 V31.

V32  V32

Log. or det. msnw, "harpooner".

Phon. msn.

Log. or det. gAwt, "tribute".

Phon. det. gAw, gAy.

V33  V33

Log. or det. sSr, "linen".

Phon. sSr.

Phon. g.

Det. tie up, envelop, perfume.

Usage as V6 V6.

V33a  V33a

Log. or det. qAr, "bundle". Ex. q*A-r:V33a 1, ^qAr, "Kar".

1 GITB 804-010-299.

V34  V34

Usage as V33 V33.

V35  V35

Usage as V33 V33.

V36  V36

Log. or det. Hn, "receptacle".

Phon. or phon. det. Hn.

V36*[sep=0.2]V36 Log. Hntj, "end".

V37  V37

Log. or det. jdr, "bandage".

Phon. or phon. det. jdr.

V37a  V37a

Usage as V37 V37.

V38  V38

Log. or det. wt, "bandage".

V39  V39

Log. or det. tjt, "knot-amulet".

V40  V40

Log. mD, "10 (in days of the month)".

V40a  V40a

Usage as 2× V40 V40.

W1  W1

Log. or det. mrHt, "unguent".

Det. oil, unguent.

W2  W2

Log. or det. bAs, "jar".

Phon. bAs.

W3  W3

Log. or det. Ss, "alabaster".

Det. feast.

Phon. or phon. det. Hb.

Log. Hbt, "ritual book".

W3a  W3a

Usage as W3 W3.

W4  W4

Log. or det. Hb, "feast".

Det. feast.

W5  W5

Log. Xrj-Hbt, "lector priest".

W6  W6

Log. or det. wHAt, "cauldron".

W7  W7

Log. or det. mAT, "granite".

Phon. det. mAT.

Det. ^Abw, "Elephantine". Ex. Ab*w-W7:xAst .

Phon. det. Ab.

W8  W8

Usage as W7 W7.

W9  W9

Log. or det. nXnm, "nechnem-vase".

Phon. Xnm.

W9a  W9a

Usage as W9 W9.

W10  W10

Det. cup.

Log. or det. jab, "cup".

Phon. or phon. det. jab.

Phon. or phon. det. ab.

Log. or det. wsx, "cup".

Phon. or phon. det. wsx.

Phon. det. sxw.

Log. or det. Hnwt, "cup".

Phon. Hnt.

Usage as N41 N41 [Phon. bjA].

W10a  W10a

Phon. or phon. det. bA.

W11  W11

Log. or det. nst, "seat".

Phon. g.

Usage as W13 W13 [Log. or det. dSrt, "earthenware pot"].

Usage as O45 O45.

W12  W12

Usage as W11 W11.

W13  W13

Log. or det. dSrt, "earthenware pot".

Usage as N34 N34.

W14  W14

Log. or det. Hst, "water jar".

Phon. Hs.

Det. jar.

W14a  W14a

Phon. Hs.

W15  W15

Det. qbb, "cool".

Log. or det. qbH, "cool".

W16  W16

Log. or det. qbH, "cool".

Det. qbb, "cool".

W17  W17

Log. xnt, "rack".

Phon. xnt.

W17a  W17a

Usage as W17 W17.

W18  W18

Usage as W17 W17.

W18a  W18a

Usage as W17 W17.

W19  W19

Log. or det. mhr, "milk jug".

Phon. mr, mj.

W20  W20

Log. or det. jrTt, "milk".

W21  W21

Log. or det. jrp, "wine".

W22  W22

Log. or det. Hnqt, "beer".

Det. pot, fluid, measure, tribute.

Log. or det. wdpw, "butler".

W23  W23

Usage as W22 W22.

W24  W24

Phon. nw.

W24a Phon. nw.

Phon. jn.

Aa27-W24 Phon. nD.

W24:N35a Log. m-Xnw, "inside".

Det. DADAt, "council". Ex. DA*DA-W24*t:Aa8-A1:Z2 .

Det. ^nxbt, "Nekhbet". Ex. M22*[fit]b-nw:t .

Usage as Z13 Z13 [Phon. det. qd].

Usage as W22 W22.

W24a  W24a

Usage as 3× W24 W24.

W25  W25

Log. jnj, "bring".

X1  X1

Log. t, "bread".

Phon. t.

.:X1-[fit]R8, R8-X1 Log. jt-nTr, "god's father (title)".

(group-writing) X1:X2-X4b:Z2, X1*X2:X4b Phon. t.

X2  X2

Det. bread.

X2*W22, X2*W22:X4b Det. food.

Log. ^DHwtj, "Thoth". Ex. X2-A40 .

Log. ^gb, "Geb". Ex. X2-A40 .

Log. ^jnpw, "Anubis". Ex. X2-A40 .

.:X2-[fit]R8 Log. jt-nTr, "god's father (title)".

X3  X3

Usage as X2 X2.

Usage as N34 N34.

X4  X4

Det. bread, food.

Phon. det. sn.

Log. or det. fqA, "cake".

Phon. det. fqA.

Usage as W3 W3 [Det. feast].

X4a  X4a

Usage as X4 X4.

X4b  X4b

Usage as X4 X4.

X5  X5

Usage as X4 X4 [Det. bread, food].

Usage as X4 X4 [Phon. det. sn].

X6  X6

Log. or det. pAt, "loaf".

Phon. det. pAt.

X6a  X6a

Usage as X6 X6.

X7  X7

X7:X7-A2, X7:X7 Log. or det. wnm, "eat".

X7:X7-A2, X7:X7 Det. eat.

Det. snw, "food offerings".

X8  X8

Log. Dj, "give".

D21-X8 Log. rDj, "give".

Log. jmj, "give!". Ex. X8, X8-G17-D37, M17*X8 .

Phon. d.

Log. * djw, "provisions". Ex. X8-U9:[sep=0.2]Z2 .

X8a  X8a

Usage as X8 X8.

Y1  Y1

Log. or det. mDAt, "papyrus roll".

Phon. mDAt.

Det. writing and what is written, abstract notions.

Log. dmD, "total".

Y1a  Y1a

Usage as Y1 Y1.

Y2  Y2

Usage as Y1 Y1.

Y3  Y3

Log. or det. mnhD, "scribe's outfit".

Log. or det. sS, "writing".

Det. naa, "smooth". Ex. n:a:a-Y3-Y1a .

Log. snaa, "made smooth". Ex. Y3-Y1a .

Det. Tms, "red". Ex. T-m*s-Y3 .

Phon. det. Tms.

Y4  Y4

Usage as Y3 Y3.

Y5  Y5

Phon. mn.

Y6  Y6

Log. or det. jbA, "game piece".

Phon. or phon. det. jbA.

Y7  Y7

Log. or det. bnt, "harp".

Y8  Y8

Log. or det. sSSt, "sistrum".

Phon. sxm.

Z1  Z1

Typ. semogram marker.

Typ. space filler.

Log. =j, "I".

Usage as Z5 Z5.

Z1*Z1 Usage as Z4 Z4.

Z1*Z1*Z1 Typ. plurality or collectivity.

Z1*Z1*Z1 Phon. w.

Z2  Z2

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z2a  Z2a

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z2b  Z2b

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z2c  Z2c

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z2d  Z2d

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z3  Z3

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z3a  Z3a

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z3b  Z3b

Usage as 3× Z1 Z1.

Z4  Z4

Typ. duality.

Phon. j.

Typ. replaces two human figures, or signs difficult to draw.

Z4a  Z4a

Usage as 2× Z1 Z1.

Z5  Z5

Typ. replaces human figure, or sign difficult to draw.

Z5a  Z5a

Usage as Z5 Z5.

Z6  Z6

Usage as A13 A13.

Usage as A14 A14.

Z7  Z7

Usage as G43 G43.

Z8  Z8

Det. round.

Z9  Z9

Det. break, divide, cross, answer.

Log. Hsb, "1/4".

Phon. or phon. det. swA.

Phon. or phon. det. sD.

Phon. or phon. det. xbs.

Phon. or phon. det. Sbn.

Phon. or phon. det. wp.

Phon. or phon. det. wr.

Z10  Z10

Usage as Z9 Z9.

Z11  Z11

Phon. jmj.

Usage as M42 M42.

Z12  Z12

Phon. det. Hw.

Z13  Z13

Det. round.

Phon. det. qd.

Z14  Z14

Usage as Z7 Z7.

Usage as X1 X1.

Z15  Z15

Log. wa, "1".

Z15a  Z15a

Usage as 2× Z15 Z15.

Z15b  Z15b

Usage as 3× Z15 Z15.

Z15c  Z15c

Usage as 4× Z15 Z15.

Z15d  Z15d

Usage as 5× Z15 Z15.

Z15e  Z15e

Usage as 6× Z15 Z15.

Z15f  Z15f

Usage as 7× Z15 Z15.

Z15g  Z15g

Usage as 8× Z15 Z15.

Z15h  Z15h

Usage as 9× Z15 Z15.

Z15i  Z15i

Usage as 5× Z15 Z15.

Z16  Z16

Log. wa, "1 (in days of the month)".

Z16a  Z16a

Usage as 2× Z16 Z16.

Z16b  Z16b

Usage as 3× Z16 Z16.

Z16c  Z16c

Usage as 4× Z16 Z16.

Z16d  Z16d

Usage as 5× Z16 Z16.

Z16e  Z16e

Usage as 6× Z16 Z16.

Z16f  Z16f

Usage as 7× Z16 Z16.

Z16g  Z16g

Usage as 8× Z16 Z16.

Z16h  Z16h

Usage as 9× Z16 Z16.

Aa1  Aa1

Phon. x.

Aa2  Aa2

Det. bodily growths or conditions.

Log. or det. Xpw, "sculptured reliefs".

Log. or det. Hsb, "reckon".

Phon. wHA.

Log. or det. gAwt, "tribute".

Phon. det. gAw.

Usage as V38 V38.

Usage as F52 F52.

Usage as N32 N32.

Usage as W6 W6.

Usage as W7 W7 [Log. or det. mAT, "granite"].

Usage as W7 W7 [Det. ^Abw, "Elephantine"].

Usage as M41 M41.

Aa3  Aa3

Det. soft body tissues and fluids.

Aa4  Aa4

Usage as W10a W10a.

Aa5  Aa5

Log. or det. Hpt, "helm".

Phon. Hp.

Aa6  Aa6

Det. tmA, "mat".

Phon. det. TmA.

Aa7  Aa7

Log. or det. sqr, "smite".

Aa7a  Aa7a

Usage as Aa7 Aa7.

Aa7b  Aa7b

Usage as Aa7 Aa7.

Aa8  Aa8

Log. or det. * DAtt, "estate".

Phon. det. DAt.

Phon. qn.

Usage as N24 N24 [Log. or det. spAt, "district"].

Usage as V26 V26 [Phon. or phon. det. aD].

Usage as O34 O34 [Phon. s].

Aa9  Aa9

Det. xwd, "rich".

Aa10  Aa10

Det. drf, "writing".

Aa11  Aa11

Phon. mAa.

Aa11:P8[rotate=270] Log. mAa-xrw, "true of voice".

Det. TnTAt, "platform".

Aa12  Aa12

Usage as Aa11 Aa11.

Aa13  Aa13

Log. or det. jm, "rib".

Phon. jm.

Phon. m.

Usage as Aa16 Aa16.

Aa14  Aa14

Usage as Aa13 Aa13.

Aa15  Aa15

Usage as Aa13 Aa13.

Aa16  Aa16

Log. or det. gs, "side".

Log. 1/2, "half".

Phon. gs.

Aa17  Aa17

Log. sA, "back".

Phon. sA.

Aa18  Aa18

Usage as Aa17 Aa17.

(group-writing) Aa18, Aa18:Z1 Phon. s.

Aa19  Aa19

Phon. det. Hr.

Det. TAr, "fasten".

Aa20  Aa20

Phon. or phon. det. apr.

Aa21  Aa21

Log. or det. wDa, "sever".

Log. ^stx, "Seth".

Aa22  Aa22

Usage as Aa21 Aa21 [Log. or det. wDa, "sever"].

Aa23  Aa23

Log. or det. mDd, "hit".

Aa24  Aa24

Usage as Aa23 Aa23.

Aa25  Aa25

Log. smA, "clothing priest".

Aa26  Aa26

Phon. det. sbj.

Aa27  Aa27

Phon. nD.

Aa28  Aa28

Phon. or phon. det. qd.

Aa29  Aa29

Usage as Aa28 Aa28.

Aa30  Aa30

Log. or det. Xkr, "adorn".

Aa31  Aa31

Usage as Aa30 Aa30.

Aa32  Aa32

Log. stj, "Nubian". Ex. N17-Aa32-X1:N25, ^tA-stj, "Nubia".

Log. stj, "some mineral".

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