Sign list

The 1071 hieroglyphs from Unicode 5.2


The code points, in the range 0x13000 to 0x1342E, are available starting from Unicode 5.2.

For technical reasons one sometimes uses code points in the range 0xE000 to 0xE42E, which fit in two bytes, unlike the code points for hieroglyphs in Unicode. This alternative range for the Unicode signs is adopted from the EGPZ specification, proposed by Saqqara technology in June 2007. We emphatically do not endorse however the signs in the EGPZ that go beyond the Unicode set.

The mnemonics for signs are those in J. Buurman et al. (1988), with corrections as explained in the survey of lists of mnemonics.

Some signs in the Unicode set of hieroglyphs are merely combinations of other signs. With the Revised Encoding Scheme (RES), introduced by M.-J. Nederhof (2002), most of these composite signs become superfluous. Moreover, the appearance in a font is likely to deviate from what one finds in a text. For this reason, these signs should be replaced by RES expressions containing only atomic signs. Also signs should not be used that result from rotation by degrees other than 90, 180 or 270. Again, this is because occurrences of rotated signs in texts are likely to deviate from the fixed rotation in a font. We make an exception however for signs that obtain a different meaning upon rotation, as automatic processing becomes easier if signs with distinct meanings are encoded separately.

Relatively harmless are signs that result by stacking or insertion. An advantage of using such composite signs is that the relative positioning and scaling may have been fine-tuned to the exact shapes of the individual signs in the font. Also harmless are signs that result from rotation by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

The table indicates by 'deprecated' which signs should not be used, and alternatives are provided. Alternatives are also proposed for composite signs that are not deprecated. In all of these cases, the offered alternatives are merely examples of RES expressions that could be substituted for the original signs; fine-tuning may be desired for individual occurrences in texts.

The signs marked by 'confirmed' are non-compositional in meaning, and although they can be rendered in terms of other signs, this is discouraged, as it would complicate automatic processing of encodings. In this class, we also include some signs that would be hard to render in an adequate way as a composition of signs, such as G11a G11a, M7 M7, O1a O1a.

References are to the following publications:

A1  A10x130000xE000
A2  A20x130010xE001
A3  A30x130020xE002
A4  A40x130030xE003
A5  A50x130040xE004
A5a  A5a0x130050xE005
A6  A60x130060xE006
A6a  A6a0x130070xE007
A6b  A6b0x130080xE008
A7  A70x130090xE009
A8  A80x1300A0xE00A
A9  A90x1300B0xE00B
A10  A100x1300C0xE00C
A11  A110x1300D0xE00D
A12  A120x1300E0xE00EmSa
A13  A130x1300F0xE00F
A14  A140x130100xE010
A14a  A14a0x130110xE011
A15  A150x130120xE012xr
A16  A160x130130xE013
A17  A170x130140xE014Xrd
A17a  A17a0x130150xE015
A18  A180x130160xE016
A19  A190x130170xE017
A20  A200x130180xE018
A21  A210x130190xE019sr
A22  A220x1301A0xE01A
A23  A230x1301B0xE01B
A24  A240x1301C0xE01C
A25  A250x1301D0xE01D
A26  A260x1301E0xE01E
A27  A270x1301F0xE01F
A28  A280x130200xE020
A29  A290x130210xE021
A30  A300x130220xE022
A31  A310x130230xE023
A32  A320x130240xE024
A32a  A32a0x130250xE025
A33  A330x130260xE026mniw
A34  A340x130270xE027
A35  A350x130280xE028
A36  A360x130290xE029
A37  A370x1302A0xE02A
A38  A380x1302B0xE02Bqiz
A39  A390x1302C0xE02C
A40  A400x1302D0xE02D
A40a  A40a0x1302E0xE02E
A41  A410x1302F0xE02F
A42  A420x130300xE030
A42a  A42a0x130310xE031
A43  A430x130320xE032
A43a  A43a0x130330xE033
A44  A440x130340xE034
A45  A450x130350xE035
A45a  A45a0x130360xE036
A46  A460x130370xE037
A47  A470x130380xE038iry
A48  A480x130390xE039
A49  A490x1303A0xE03A
A50  A500x1303B0xE03BSps
A51  A510x1303C0xE03CSpsi
A52  A520x1303D0xE03D
A53  A530x1303E0xE03E
A54  A540x1303F0xE03Fconfirmed A53[mirror,rotate=270]
A55  A550x130400xE040
A56  A560x130410xE041
A57  A570x130420xE042
A58  A580x130430xE043
A59  A590x130440xE044
A60  A600x130450xE045
A61  A610x130460xE046
A62  A620x130470xE047
A63  A630x130480xE048
A64  A640x130490xE049
A65  A650x1304A0xE04A
A66  A660x1304B0xE04B
A67  A670x1304C0xE04C
A68  A680x1304D0xE04D
A69  A690x1304E0xE04E
A70  A700x1304F0xE04F
B1  B10x130500xE050
B2  B20x130510xE051
B3  B30x130520xE052msi
B4  B40x130530xE053
B5  B50x130540xE054
B5a  B5a0x130550xE055
B6  B60x130560xE056
B7  B70x130570xE057
B8  B80x130580xE058
B9  B90x130590xE059
C1  C10x1305A0xE05A
C2  C20x1305B0xE05B
C2a  C2a0x1305C0xE05C
C2b  C2b0x1305D0xE05D C2a[mirror]
C2c  C2c0x1305E0xE05E C2[mirror]
C3  C30x1305F0xE05FDHwty
C4  C40x130600xE060Xnmw
C5  C50x130610xE061
C6  C60x130620xE062inpw
C7  C70x130630xE063stX
C8  C80x130640xE064mnw
C9  C90x130650xE065
C10  C100x130660xE066mAat
C10a  C10a0x130670xE067
C11  C110x130680xE068HH
C12  C120x130690xE069
C13  C130x1306A0xE06A C12[mirror]
C14  C140x1306B0xE06B
C15  C150x1306C0xE06C C14[mirror]
C16  C160x1306D0xE06D
C17  C170x1306E0xE06E
C18  C180x1306F0xE06F
C19  C190x130700xE070
C20  C200x130710xE071
C21  C210x130720xE072
C22  C220x130730xE073
C23  C230x130740xE074
C24  C240x130750xE075
D1  D10x130760xE076tp
D2  D20x130770xE077Hr
D3  D30x130780xE078Sny
D4  D40x130790xE079ir
D5  D50x1307A0xE07A
D6  D60x1307B0xE07B
D7  D70x1307C0xE07C
D8  D80x1307D0xE07D
D8a  D8a0x1307E0xE07E
D9  D90x1307F0xE07Frmi
D10  D100x130800xE080wDAt
D11  D110x130810xE081
D12  D120x130820xE082
D13  D130x130830xE083
D14  D140x130840xE084
D15  D150x130850xE085
D16  D160x130860xE086
D17  D170x130870xE087
D18  D180x130880xE088
D19  D190x130890xE089fnD
D20  D200x1308A0xE08A
D21  D210x1308B0xE08Br, rA
D22  D220x1308C0xE08C
D23  D230x1308D0xE08D
D24  D240x1308E0xE08Espt
D25  D250x1308F0xE08Fspty
D26  D260x130900xE090
D27  D270x130910xE091mnD
D27a  D27a0x130920xE092deprecated D27[yscale=1.5]
D28  D280x130930xE093kA
D29  D290x130940xE094 .*D28 :[sep=0.2,fit,fix] R12
D30  D300x130950xE095
D31  D310x130960xE096confirmed insert(modify[height=1.0](D31:.), U36)
D31a  D31a0x130970xE097 insert(empty[width=0.0,height=0.4]:D28, U36)
D32  D320x130980xE098
D33  D330x130990xE099
D34  D340x1309A0xE09AaHA
D34a  D34a0x1309B0xE09B
D35  D350x1309C0xE09C
D36  D360x1309D0xE09Da
D37  D370x1309E0xE09E
D38  D380x1309F0xE09F
D39  D390x130A00xE0A0
D40  D400x130A10xE0A1
D41  D410x130A20xE0A2
D42  D420x130A30xE0A3
D43  D430x130A40xE0A4
D44  D440x130A50xE0A5
D45  D450x130A60xE0A6Dsr
D46  D460x130A70xE0A7d
D46a  D46a0x130A80xE0A8
D47  D470x130A90xE0A9
D48  D480x130AA0xE0AA
D48a  D48a0x130AB0xE0AB
D49  D490x130AC0xE0AC
D50  D500x130AD0xE0ADDba
D50a  D50a0x130AE0xE0AEdeprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50b  D50b0x130AF0xE0AFdeprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50c  D50c0x130B00xE0B0deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50d  D50d0x130B10xE0B1deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2] . *[sep=0] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[sep=0] .
D50e  D50e0x130B20xE0B2deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50f  D50f0x130B30xE0B3deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2,size=inf] . *[sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[sep=0.2] .
D50g  D50g0x130B40xE0B4deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50h  D50h0x130B50xE0B5deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 :[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D50i  D50i0x130B60xE0B6deprecated D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50 *[fix,sep=0.2] D50
D51  D510x130B70xE0B7confirmed D50[rotate=270]
D52  D520x130B80xE0B8mt
D52a  D52a0x130B90xE0B9 stack[under](S29, D52)
D53  D530x130BA0xE0BA
D54  D540x130BB0xE0BB
D54a  D54a0x130BC0xE0BC
D55  D550x130BD0xE0BDconfirmed D54[mirror]
D56  D560x130BE0xE0BErd, sbq, gH, gHs
D57  D570x130BF0xE0BFconfirmed stack[on](D56, T30)
D58  D580x130C00xE0C0b
D59  D590x130C10xE0C1ab stack[on](D36, D58)
D60  D600x130C20xE0C2wab
D61  D610x130C30xE0C3sAH
D62  D620x130C40xE0C4
D63  D630x130C50xE0C5
D64  D640x130C60xE0C6
D65  D650x130C70xE0C7
D66  D660x130C80xE0C8
D67  D670x130C90xE0C9
D67a  D67a0x130CA0xE0CAdeprecated D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67b  D67b0x130CB0xE0CBdeprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fit,fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67c  D67c0x130CC0xE0CCdeprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67d  D67d0x130CD0xE0CDdeprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fit,fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67e  D67e0x130CE0xE0CEdeprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67f  D67f0x130CF0xE0CFdeprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fit,fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67g  D67g0x130D00xE0D0deprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
D67h  D67h0x130D10xE0D1deprecated D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 :[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67 *[fix,sep=0.3] D67
E1  E10x130D20xE0D2
E2  E20x130D30xE0D3
E3  E30x130D40xE0D4
E4  E40x130D50xE0D5
E5  E50x130D60xE0D6
E6  E60x130D70xE0D7zzmt
E7  E70x130D80xE0D8
E8  E80x130D90xE0D9
E8a  E8a0x130DA0xE0DA
E9  E90x130DB0xE0DB
E9a  E9a0x130DC0xE0DC
E10  E100x130DD0xE0DD
E11  E110x130DE0xE0DE

Existence of this sign next to E10 E10 cannot be reasonably justified, and therefore should not be used.

E12  E120x130DF0xE0DF
E13  E130x130E00xE0E0
E14  E140x130E10xE0E1
E15  E150x130E20xE0E2
E16  E160x130E30xE0E3
E16a  E16a0x130E40xE0E4
E17  E170x130E50xE0E5zAb
E17a  E17a0x130E60xE0E6
E18  E180x130E70xE0E7
E19  E190x130E80xE0E8
E20  E200x130E90xE0E9
E20a  E20a0x130EA0xE0EAconfirmed E20 :[sep=0.0,fix] V30
E21  E210x130EB0xE0EB
E22  E220x130EC0xE0ECmAi
E23  E230x130ED0xE0EDl, rw
E24  E240x130EE0xE0EEAby
E25  E250x130EF0xE0EF
E26  E260x130F00xE0F0
E27  E270x130F10xE0F1
E28  E280x130F20xE0F2
E28a  E28a0x130F30xE0F3confirmed (.:W23) *[fit,sep=0.0,fix] E28 :[sep=0.0,fix] N24
E29  E290x130F40xE0F4
E30  E300x130F50xE0F5
E31  E310x130F60xE0F6
E32  E320x130F70xE0F7
E33  E330x130F80xE0F8
E34  E340x130F90xE0F9wn
E34a  E34a0x130FA0xE0FA E34[yscale=0.8]

One may prefer E34a over a scaled version of E34, due to the different angle of the ears.

E36  E360x130FB0xE0FB
E37  E370x130FC0xE0FCconfirmed E36*V36 :[sep=0.0,fix] V30
E38  E380x130FD0xE0FD

Existence of this sign next to E1 E1 cannot be reasonably justified, and therefore should not be used.

F1  F10x130FE0xE0FE
F1a  F1a0x130FF0xE0FF
F2  F20x131000xE100
F3  F30x131010xE101
F4  F40x131020xE102HAt
F5  F50x131030xE103SsA
F6  F60x131040xE104
F7  F70x131050xE105
F8  F80x131060xE106
F9  F90x131070xE107
F10  F100x131080xE108
F11  F110x131090xE109
F12  F120x1310A0xE10Awsr
F13  F130x1310B0xE10Bwp
F13a  F13a0x1310C0xE10Cdeprecated F13[yscale=0.7]
F14  F140x1310D0xE10Dconfirmed insert[t,sep=0.0](empty[width=0.0,height=0.4]:F13,M4)
F15  F150x1310E0xE10E
F16  F160x1310F0xE10Fdb
F17  F170x131100xE110
F18  F180x131110xE111Hw, bH
F19  F190x131120xE112
F20  F200x131130xE113ns
F21  F210x131140xE114idn, msDr, sDm, DrD
F21a  F21a0x131150xE115
F22  F220x131160xE116pH, kfA
F23  F230x131170xE117xpS
F24  F240x131180xE118 F23[mirror]
F25  F250x131190xE119wHm
F26  F260x1311A0xE11AXn
F27  F270x1311B0xE11B
F28  F280x1311C0xE11C
F29  F290x1311D0xE11Dsti
F30  F300x1311E0xE11ESd
F31  F310x1311F0xE11Fms
F31a  F31a0x131200xE120
F32  F320x131210xE121X
F33  F330x131220xE122sd

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

F34  F340x131230xE123ib
F35  F350x131240xE124nfr
F36  F360x131250xE125zmA
F37  F370x131260xE126
F37a  F37a0x131270xE127
F38  F380x131280xE128
F38a  F38a0x131290xE129
F39  F390x1312A0xE12AimAx
F40  F400x1312B0xE12BAw
F41  F410x1312C0xE12C
F42  F420x1312D0xE12Dspr
F43  F430x1312E0xE12E
F44  F440x1312F0xE12Fiwa, isw
F45  F450x131300xE130
F45a  F45a0x131310xE131
F46  F460x131320xE132pXr, qAb
F46a  F46a0x131330xE133 F46[rotate=180]
F47  F470x131340xE134 F46[mirror]
F47a  F47a0x131350xE135 F46[mirror,rotate=180]
F48  F480x131360xE136
F49  F490x131370xE137 F48[mirror]
F50  F500x131380xE138 stack[under](S29, F46)
F51  F510x131390xE139
F51a  F51a0x1313A0xE13Adeprecated F51 *[fit,fix,sep=0.2] F51 *[fit,fix,sep=0.2] F51
F51b  F51b0x1313B0xE13Bdeprecated F51 :[fit,fix,sep=0.2] F51 :[fit,fix,sep=0.2] F51
F51c  F51c0x1313C0xE13Cconfirmed F51[rotate=180]
F52  F520x1313D0xE13D
F53  F530x1313E0xE13E
G1  G10x1313F0xE13FA
G2  G20x131400xE140AA stack[x=0.8,on](G1, G1)
G3  G30x131410xE141 stack[on](U2, G1)
G4  G40x131420xE142tyw
G5  G50x131430xE143
G6  G60x131440xE144
G6a  G6a0x131450xE145confirmed G5 :[sep=0.0,fix] V30
G7  G70x131460xE146
G7a  G7a0x131470xE147
G7b  G7b0x131480xE148
G8  G80x131490xE149 G5 :[sep=0.0,fix] S12
G9  G90x1314A0xE14A
G10  G100x1314B0xE14B
G11  G110x1314C0xE14C
G11a  G11a0x1314D0xE14Dconfirmed G11 :[sep=0.0,fix] R12
G12  G120x1314E0xE14E
G13  G130x1314F0xE14F
G14  G140x131500xE150mwt
G15  G150x131510xE151
G16  G160x131520xE152nbty
G17  G170x131530xE153m
G18  G180x131540xE154mm stack[x=0.8,on](G17, G17)
G19  G190x131550xE155 stack[x=0.4,y=0.4,on](G17, D37)
G20  G200x131560xE156 stack[x=0.4,y=0.4,on](G17, D36)
G20a  G20a0x131570xE157 stack[x=0.4,y=0.4](G17, D21)
G21  G210x131580xE158nH
G22  G220x131590xE159Db
G23  G230x1315A0xE15Arxyt
G24  G240x1315B0xE15B
G25  G250x1315C0xE15CAx
G26  G260x1315D0xE15Dconfirmed G26a :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] R12
G26a  G26a0x1315E0xE15E
G27  G270x1315F0xE15FdSr
G28  G280x131600xE160gm
G29  G290x131610xE161bA
G30  G300x131620xE162 stack[x=0.1,under](G29, stack[x=0.25,under](G29, G29))
G31  G310x131630xE163
G32  G320x131640xE164baHi
G33  G330x131650xE165
G34  G340x131660xE166
G35  G350x131670xE167aq
G36  G360x131680xE168wr
G36a  G36a0x131690xE169deprecated G36[yscale=0.8]
G37  G370x1316A0xE16A
G37a  G37a0x1316B0xE16Bdeprecated G37[yscale=0.8]
G38  G380x1316C0xE16Cgb
G39  G390x1316D0xE16DzA
G40  G400x1316E0xE16EpA
G41  G410x1316F0xE16Fxn
G42  G420x131700xE170wSA
G43  G430x131710xE171w
G43a  G43a0x131720xE172 insert[s,sep=0.5](.:.*G43, X1)
G44  G440x131730xE173ww stack[x=0.8,on](G43, G43)
G45  G450x131740xE174 stack[x=0.4,y=0.3,on](G43, D36)
G45a  G45a0x131750xE175 stack[x=0.4,y=0.3,on](G43, D37)
G46  G460x131760xE176mAw stack[y=0.3,under](G43, U2)
G47  G470x131770xE177TA
G48  G480x131780xE178
G49  G490x131790xE179
G50  G500x1317A0xE17A
G51  G510x1317B0xE17B
G52  G520x1317C0xE17C
G53  G530x1317D0xE17D
G54  G540x1317E0xE17EsnD
H1  H10x1317F0xE17F
H2  H20x131800xE180wSm, pq
H3  H30x131810xE181pAq
H4  H40x131820xE182nr
H5  H50x131830xE183
H6  H60x131840xE184Sw
H6a  H6a0x131850xE185
H7  H70x131860xE186
H8  H80x131870xE187
I1  I10x131880xE188aSA
I2  I20x131890xE189Styw
I3  I30x1318A0xE18AmzH
I4  I40x1318B0xE18Bsbk
I5  I50x1318C0xE18CsAq
I5a  I5a0x1318D0xE18D
I6  I60x1318E0xE18Ekm
I7  I70x1318F0xE18F
I8  I80x131900xE190Hfn
I9  I90x131910xE191f
I9a  I9a0x131920xE192
I10  I100x131930xE193D
I10a  I10a0x131940xE194
I11  I110x131950xE195DD
I11a  I11a0x131960xE196 insert[bs,sep=0.5](I10, X1:[fix]N17)
I12  I120x131970xE197
I13  I130x131980xE198
I14  I140x131990xE199
I15  I150x1319A0xE19A
K1  K10x1319B0xE19Bin
K2  K20x1319C0xE19C
K3  K30x1319D0xE19Dad
K4  K40x1319E0xE19EXA
K5  K50x1319F0xE19Fbz
K6  K60x131A00xE1A0nSmt
K7  K70x131A10xE1A1
K8  K80x131A20xE1A2
L1  L10x131A30xE1A3xpr
L2  L20x131A40xE1A4bit
L2a  L2a0x131A50xE1A5 (M23:[sep=0.2]X1) *[sep=0.3,fit] (L2:[sep=0.2,fit].*[fix]X1)
L3  L30x131A60xE1A6
L4  L40x131A70xE1A7
L5  L50x131A80xE1A8
L6  L60x131A90xE1A9
L6a  L6a0x131AA0xE1AA L6[mirror]
L7  L70x131AB0xE1ABsrqt
L8  L80x131AC0xE1AC
M1  M10x131AD0xE1ADiAm
M1a  M1a0x131AE0xE1AEconfirmed stack[y=0.8,on](M1, M3)
M1b  M1b0x131AF0xE1AF stack[y=0.8,on](M1, I9)
M2  M20x131B00xE1B0Hn
M3  M30x131B10xE1B1xt
M3a  M3a0x131B20xE1B2 stack(G17,M3)
M4  M40x131B30xE1B3rnp
M5  M50x131B40xE1B4confirmed stack[on,y=0.9,x=0.3](M4,X1[scale=0.8])
M6  M60x131B50xE1B5trconfirmed M4 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] D21[scale=0.8]
M7  M70x131B60xE1B6confirmed stack[on,y=0.9,x=0.4](M4,Q3[scale=0.8])
M8  M80x131B70xE1B7SA
M9  M90x131B80xE1B8zSn
M10  M100x131B90xE1B9
M10a  M10a0x131BA0xE1BA
M11  M110x131BB0xE1BBwdn
M12  M120x131BC0xE1BCxA
M12a  M12a0x131BD0xE1BDdeprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12b  M12b0x131BE0xE1BEdeprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fit,fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12c  M12c0x131BF0xE1BFdeprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12d  M12d0x131C00xE1C0deprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fit,fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12e  M12e0x131C10xE1C1deprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 :[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12f  M12f0x131C20xE1C2deprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 :[fit,fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] . *[sep=0] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[sep=0] .
M12g  M12g0x131C30xE1C3deprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 :[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M12h  M12h0x131C40xE1C4deprecated M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 :[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 :[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12 *[fix,sep=0.3] M12
M13  M130x131C50xE1C5wAD
M14  M140x131C60xE1C6 stack[on](M13, I10[scale=0.9])
M15  M150x131C70xE1C7
M15a  M15a0x131C80xE1C8
M16  M160x131C90xE1C9HA
M16a  M16a0x131CA0xE1CA
M17  M170x131CB0xE1CBi
M17a  M17a0x131CC0xE1CCdeprecated M17 *[fix,sep=0.2] M17
M18  M180x131CD0xE1CDii

It is difficult to encode this sign in terms of M17 M17 and D54 D54 in such a way that validity across fonts is maintained.

M19  M190x131CE0xE1CE
M20  M200x131CF0xE1CFsxt
M21  M210x131D00xE1D0sm
M22  M220x131D10xE1D1
M22a  M22a0x131D20xE1D2deprecated M22 *[sep=0.5] M22
M23  M230x131D30xE1D3sw
M24  M240x131D40xE1D4rswconfirmed M23 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] D21[scale=0.8]
M24a  M24a0x131D50xE1D5
M25  M250x131D60xE1D6confirmed M26 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] D21[scale=0.8]
M26  M260x131D70xE1D7Sma
M27  M270x131D80xE1D8 stack[y=0.2,under](M26, D36)
M28  M280x131D90xE1D9
M28a  M28a0x131DA0xE1DA
M29  M290x131DB0xE1DBnDm
M30  M300x131DC0xE1DCbnr
M31  M310x131DD0xE1DD
M31a  M31a0x131DE0xE1DE
M32  M320x131DF0xE1DF
M33  M330x131E00xE1E0

It is regrettable that no sign for a single grain is available.

M33a  M33a0x131E10xE1E1
M33b  M33b0x131E20xE1E2
M34  M340x131E30xE1E3bdt
M35  M350x131E40xE1E4
M36  M360x131E50xE1E5Dr
M37  M370x131E60xE1E6
M38  M380x131E70xE1E7
M39  M390x131E80xE1E8
M40  M400x131E90xE1E9iz
M40a  M40a0x131EA0xE1EA
M41  M410x131EB0xE1EB
M42  M420x131EC0xE1EC
M43  M430x131ED0xE1ED
M44  M440x131EE0xE1EE
N1  N10x131EF0xE1EFpt
N2  N20x131F00xE1F0
N3  N30x131F10xE1F1
N4  N40x131F20xE1F2iAdt, idt
N5  N50x131F30xE1F3ra, zw, hrw
N6  N60x131F40xE1F4
N7  N70x131F50xE1F5confirmed N5 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] T28
N8  N80x131F60xE1F6Hnmmt
N9  N90x131F70xE1F7pzD
N10  N100x131F80xE1F8
N11  N110x131F90xE1F9Abd, iaH
N12  N120x131FA0xE1FA
N13  N130x131FB0xE1FB
N14  N140x131FC0xE1FCsbA, dwA
N15  N150x131FD0xE1FDdwAt
N16  N160x131FE0xE1FEtA
N17  N170x131FF0xE1FF
N18  N180x132000xE200iw
N18a  N18a0x132010xE201confirmed insert[sep=0.0](N18,N35)
N18b  N18b0x132020xE202confirmed insert[sep=0.0](X4b,O34)
N19  N190x132030xE203deprecated N18 :[fix,sep=0.5] N18
N20  N200x132040xE204wDb
N21  N210x132050xE205

As the uses of this sign are somewhat different from those of N20, this will not be regarded as a graphical variant.

N22  N220x132060xE206

As the uses of this sign are somewhat different from those of N20 and N21, this will not be regarded as a graphical variant.

N23  N230x132070xE207
N24  N240x132080xE208spAt
N25  N250x132090xE209xAst
N25a  N25a0x1320A0xE20Adeprecated N25[yscale=0.8]
N26  N260x1320B0xE20BDw
N27  N270x1320C0xE20CAxt
N28  N280x1320D0xE20Dxa
N29  N290x1320E0xE20Eq
N30  N300x1320F0xE20FiAt
N31  N310x132100xE210
N32  N320x132110xE211
N33  N330x132120xE212
N33a  N33a0x132130xE213deprecated N33 *[sep=0.5] N33 *[sep=0.5] N33
N34  N340x132140xE214
N34a  N34a0x132150xE215

It is unclear whether the difference between N34 and N34a is merely one of scaling. Until this is clarified, it might be best not to use this sign.

N35  N350x132160xE216n
N35a  N35a0x132170xE217mwdeprecated N35:N35:N35
N36  N360x132180xE218
N37  N370x132190xE219S
N37a  N37a0x1321A0xE21A
N38  N380x1321B0xE21B
N39  N390x1321C0xE21C
N40  N400x1321D0xE21DSmconfirmed stack[x=0.6,y=0.0,on](D54,N37)
N41  N410x1321E0xE21Eid
N42  N420x1321F0xE21F
NL1  NL10x132200xE220
NL2  NL20x132210xE221
NL3  NL30x132220xE222
NL4  NL40x132230xE223
NL5  NL50x132240xE224
NL5a  NL5a0x132250xE225
NL6  NL60x132260xE226
NL7  NL70x132270xE227
NL8  NL80x132280xE228
NL9  NL90x132290xE229
NL10  NL100x1322A0xE22A
NL11  NL110x1322B0xE22B
NL12  NL120x1322C0xE22C
NL13  NL130x1322D0xE22D
NL14  NL140x1322E0xE22E
NL15  NL150x1322F0xE22F
NL16  NL160x132300xE230
NL17  NL170x132310xE231
NL17a  NL17a0x132320xE232
NL18  NL180x132330xE233
NL19  NL190x132340xE234
NL20  NL200x132350xE235
NU1  NU10x132360xE236
NU2  NU20x132370xE237
NU3  NU30x132380xE238
NU4  NU40x132390xE239
NU5  NU50x1323A0xE23A
NU6  NU60x1323B0xE23B
NU7  NU70x1323C0xE23C
NU8  NU80x1323D0xE23D
NU9  NU90x1323E0xE23E
NU10  NU100x1323F0xE23F
NU10a  NU10a0x132400xE240
NU11  NU110x132410xE241
NU11a  NU11a0x132420xE242
NU12  NU120x132430xE243
NU13  NU130x132440xE244
NU14  NU140x132450xE245
NU15  NU150x132460xE246
NU16  NU160x132470xE247
NU17  NU170x132480xE248
NU18  NU180x132490xE249
NU18a  NU18a0x1324A0xE24A
NU19  NU190x1324B0xE24B
NU20  NU200x1324C0xE24C
NU21  NU210x1324D0xE24D
NU22  NU220x1324E0xE24E
NU22a  NU22a0x1324F0xE24F
O1  O10x132500xE250pr
O1a  O1a0x132510xE251confirmed insert[b,sep=0.1](O1:empty[width=0.0,height=0.5], S34)
O2  O20x132520xE252confirmed insert[b,sep=0.2](O1:empty[width=0.0,height=0.6], T3)
O3  O30x132530xE253confirmed insert[be]( insert[bs]( insert[b,sep=0.2]( O1:empty[width=0.0,height=0.3], P8), X3), W23)
O4  O40x132540xE254h
O5  O50x132550xE255
O5a  O5a0x132560xE256 O5[mirror]
O6  O60x132570xE257Hwt
O6a  O6a0x132580xE258

This and the following five signs should not be used for creating enclosures in RES. Use Hwtopenover, etc.

O6b  O6b0x132590xE259
O6c  O6c0x1325A0xE25A
O6d  O6d0x1325B0xE25B
O6e  O6e0x1325C0xE25C
O6f  O6f0x1325D0xE25D
O7  O70x1325E0xE25E insert[y=0.3,sep=0.0](O6,X1)
O8  O80x1325F0xE25F stack[y=0.4](O7,O29)
O9  O90x132600xE260confirmed V30 :[sep=0.0,fix] O7
O10  O100x132610xE261

It is regrettable that no wide version of O6 O6 is available that would allow construction of this and similar signs by insertion.

O10a  O10a0x132620xE262
O10b  O10b0x132630xE263
O10c  O10c0x132640xE264confirmed insert[sep=0.1](O18, D2)
O11  O110x132650xE265aH
O12  O120x132660xE266 stack[y=0.3,on](O11, D36)
O13  O130x132670xE267
O14  O140x132680xE268
O15  O150x132690xE269wsxt
O16  O160x1326A0xE26A
O17  O170x1326B0xE26B
O18  O180x1326C0xE26CkAr
O19  O190x1326D0xE26D
O19a  O19a0x1326E0xE26E
O20  O200x1326F0xE26F
O20a  O20a0x132700xE270
O21  O210x132710xE271
O22  O220x132720xE272zH
O23  O230x132730xE273
O24  O240x132740xE274
O24a  O24a0x132750xE275
O25  O250x132760xE276txn
O25a  O25a0x132770xE277
O26  O260x132780xE278
O27  O270x132790xE279
O28  O280x1327A0xE27Aiwn
O29  O290x1327B0xE27BaA
O29a  O29a0x1327C0xE27C O29[rotate=90]
O30  O300x1327D0xE27Dzxnt
O30a  O30a0x1327E0xE27Edeprecated O30 *[sep=0.0] O30 *[sep=0.0] O30 *[sep=0.0] O30
O31  O310x1327F0xE27F
O32  O320x132800xE280
O33  O330x132810xE281
O33a  O33a0x132820xE282
O34  O340x132830xE283z
O35  O350x132840xE284zbconfirmed stack[x=0.7,y=0.0,on](D54,O34)
O36  O360x132850xE285inb
O36a  O36a0x132860xE286

This and the following three signs should not be used for creating enclosures in RES. Use inb for this.

O36b  O36b0x132870xE287
O36c  O36c0x132880xE288
O36d  O36d0x132890xE289
O37  O370x1328A0xE28Aconfirmed O36[rotate=120]
O38  O380x1328B0xE28B
O39  O390x1328C0xE28C
O40  O400x1328D0xE28D
O41  O410x1328E0xE28E
O42  O420x1328F0xE28FSzp
O43  O430x132900xE290
O44  O440x132910xE291
O45  O450x132920xE292ipt
O46  O460x132930xE293
O47  O470x132940xE294nxn
O48  O480x132950xE295
O49  O490x132960xE296niwt
O50  O500x132970xE297zp
O50a  O50a0x132980xE298
O50b  O50b0x132990xE299 O50a[mirror]
O51  O510x1329A0xE29ASnwt
P1  P10x1329B0xE29B
P1a  P1a0x1329C0xE29Cconfirmed P1[rotate=180]
P2  P20x1329D0xE29D
P3  P30x1329E0xE29E
P3a  P3a0x1329F0xE29F
P4  P40x132A00xE2A0wHa
P5  P50x132A10xE2A1nfw, TAw
P6  P60x132A20xE2A2aHa
P7  P70x132A30xE2A3 stack[y=0.6,under](P6, D36)
P8  P80x132A40xE2A4xrw
P9  P90x132A50xE2A5confirmed stack[y=0.4,on](P8, I9)
P10  P100x132A60xE2A6

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

P11  P110x132A70xE2A7
Q1  Q10x132A80xE2A8st
Q2  Q20x132A90xE2A9wz
Q3  Q30x132AA0xE2AAp
Q4  Q40x132AB0xE2AB
Q5  Q50x132AC0xE2AC
Q6  Q60x132AD0xE2ADqrsw
Q7  Q70x132AE0xE2AE
R1  R10x132AF0xE2AFxAwt, xAt
R2  R20x132B00xE2B0
R2a  R2a0x132B10xE2B1
R3  R30x132B20xE2B2
R3a  R3a0x132B30xE2B3
R3b  R3b0x132B40xE2B4
R4  R40x132B50xE2B5Htp
R5  R50x132B60xE2B6kAp, kp
R6  R60x132B70xE2B7
R7  R70x132B80xE2B8snTr
R8  R80x132B90xE2B9nTr
R9  R90x132BA0xE2BAbdconfirmed stack[x=0.7,y=1.0](R8,V33[xscale=0.8])
R10  R100x132BB0xE2BB
R10a  R10a0x132BC0xE2BCconfirmed stack[x=0.9,y=1.0,on](R8, T28)
R11  R110x132BD0xE2BDdd, Dd
R12  R120x132BE0xE2BE
R13  R130x132BF0xE2BF
R14  R140x132C00xE2C0imnt
R15  R150x132C10xE2C1iAb
R16  R160x132C20xE2C2wx
R16a  R16a0x132C30xE2C3
R17  R170x132C40xE2C4
R18  R180x132C50xE2C5
R19  R190x132C60xE2C6
R20  R200x132C70xE2C7
R21  R210x132C80xE2C8
R22  R220x132C90xE2C9xm
R23  R230x132CA0xE2CA
R24  R240x132CB0xE2CB
R25  R250x132CC0xE2CC
R26  R260x132CD0xE2CD
R27  R270x132CE0xE2CE
R28  R280x132CF0xE2CF
R29  R290x132D00xE2D0
S1  S10x132D10xE2D1HDt
S2  S20x132D20xE2D2confirmed stack[x=0.4,y=0.9,on](S1, V30)
S2a  S2a0x132D30xE2D3confirmed S1 :[sep=0.1,fit] O49*empty[width=0.4,height=0.0]
S3  S30x132D40xE2D4dSrt, N
S4  S40x132D50xE2D5confirmed stack[x=0.4,y=0.9,on](S3, V30)
S5  S50x132D60xE2D6
S6  S60x132D70xE2D7sxmtyconfirmed stack[x=0.4,y=0.9,on](S5, V30)
S6a  S6a0x132D80xE2D8confirmed S3 :[sep=0.1,fit] O49*empty[width=0.4,height=0.0]
S7  S70x132D90xE2D9xprS
S8  S80x132DA0xE2DAAtf
S9  S90x132DB0xE2DBSwty
S10  S100x132DC0xE2DCmDH
S11  S110x132DD0xE2DDwsx
S12  S120x132DE0xE2DEnbw
S13  S130x132DF0xE2DF stack[x=0.4,under](S12, D58)
S14  S140x132E00xE2E0 stack[y=0.2,under](S12[scale=0.9], T3)
S14a  S14a0x132E10xE2E1 stack[y=0.1,on](S12[scale=0.8], S40)
S14b  S14b0x132E20xE2E2deprecated S40 :[sep=0.2,fix] S12
S15  S150x132E30xE2E3tHn, THn
S16  S160x132E40xE2E4
S17  S170x132E50xE2E5
S17a  S17a0x132E60xE2E6
S18  S180x132E70xE2E7mnit
S19  S190x132E80xE2E8sDAw
S20  S200x132E90xE2E9xtm
S21  S210x132EA0xE2EA
S22  S220x132EB0xE2EBsT
S23  S230x132EC0xE2ECdmD
S24  S240x132ED0xE2EDTz
S25  S250x132EE0xE2EE
S26  S260x132EF0xE2EFSndyt
S26a  S26a0x132F00xE2F0
S26b  S26b0x132F10xE2F1
S27  S270x132F20xE2F2mnxt
S28  S280x132F30xE2F3
S29  S290x132F40xE2F4s
S30  S300x132F50xE2F5sf stack[on](S29, I9)
S31  S310x132F60xE2F6 stack[x=0.8,on](S29[scale=0.9], U2)
S32  S320x132F70xE2F7siA
S33  S330x132F80xE2F8Tb
S34  S340x132F90xE2F9anx
S35  S350x132FA0xE2FASwt
S35a  S35a0x132FB0xE2FB
S36  S360x132FC0xE2FC
S37  S370x132FD0xE2FDxw
S38  S380x132FE0xE2FEHqA
S39  S390x132FF0xE2FFawt
S40  S400x133000xE300wAs
S41  S410x133010xE301Dam
S42  S420x133020xE302abA, xrp, sxm
S43  S430x133030xE303md
S44  S440x133040xE304Ams
S45  S450x133050xE305nxxw
S46  S460x133060xE306
T1  T10x133070xE307
T2  T20x133080xE308confirmed T3[rotate=310]
T3  T30x133090xE309HD
T3a  T3a0x1330A0xE30A T3 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] N26
T4  T40x1330B0xE30B
T5  T50x1330C0xE30C stack[y=0.6,under](T3, I10[scale=0.8])
T6  T60x1330D0xE30DHDD stack[x=0.6,y=0.6,under](T3, insert[bs,sep=0.2](I10[scale=0.8], D))
T7  T70x1330E0xE30E
T7a  T7a0x1330F0xE30F
T8  T80x133100xE310
T8a  T8a0x133110xE311
T9  T90x133120xE312pd
T9a  T9a0x133130xE313
T10  T100x133140xE314pD
T11  T110x133150xE315zin, zwn, sXr
T11a  T11a0x133160xE316confirmed stack(T11[rotate=225], T11[rotate=315])
T12  T120x133170xE317Ai, Ar, rwd, rwD
T13  T130x133180xE318rs
T14  T140x133190xE319qmA
T15  T150x1331A0xE31Adeprecated T14[rotate=10]
T16  T160x1331B0xE31B
T16a  T16a0x1331C0xE31C
T17  T170x1331D0xE31Dwrrt
T18  T180x1331E0xE31ESms
T19  T190x1331F0xE31Fqs
T20  T200x133200xE320
T21  T210x133210xE321
T22  T220x133220xE322sn
T23  T230x133230xE323
T24  T240x133240xE324iH
T25  T250x133250xE325DbA
T26  T260x133260xE326
T27  T270x133270xE327
T28  T280x133280xE328Xr
T29  T290x133290xE329nmtconfirmed T30 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] T28
T30  T300x1332A0xE32A

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

T31  T310x1332B0xE32BsSm

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

T32  T320x1332C0xE32Cconfirmed T31 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] D54
T32a  T32a0x1332D0xE32D stack[under](T30, S29)
T33  T330x1332E0xE32E
T33a  T33a0x1332F0xE32F stack[under](T33, S29)
T34  T340x133300xE330nm
T35  T350x133310xE331
T36  T360x133320xE332
U1  U10x133330xE333mA
U2  U20x133340xE334deprecated U1[yscale=0.7]
U3  U30x133350xE335 insert[s,sep=0.0](U1, D4)
U4  U40x133360xE336confirmed insert[s,sep=0.5](U1, Aa11)
U5  U50x133370xE337deprecated U4[yscale=0.7]
U6  U60x133380xE338mrdeprecated U7[rotate=45]
U6a  U6a0x133390xE339deprecated U7[rotate=75]
U6b  U6b0x1333A0xE33Adeprecated U7[mirror,rotate=285]
U7  U70x1333B0xE33B
U8  U80x1333C0xE33C
U9  U90x1333D0xE33D
U10  U100x1333E0xE33Eit
U11  U110x1333F0xE33FHqAtconfirmed stack[x=0.0,y=1.0,on](S38, U9)
U12  U120x133400xE340confirmed stack[x=0.0,y=1.0,on](D50, U9)
U13  U130x133410xE341hb, Sna
U14  U140x133420xE342
U15  U150x133430xE343tm
U16  U160x133440xE344biA
U17  U170x133450xE345grg
U18  U180x133460xE346
U19  U190x133470xE347
U20  U200x133480xE348
U21  U210x133490xE349stp
U22  U220x1334A0xE34Amnx
U23  U230x1334B0xE34BAb
U23a  U23a0x1334C0xE34C
U24  U240x1334D0xE34DHmt
U25  U250x1334E0xE34E
U26  U260x1334F0xE34FwbA
U27  U270x133500xE350
U28  U280x133510xE351DA
U29  U290x133520xE352
U29a  U29a0x133530xE353
U30  U300x133540xE354
U31  U310x133550xE355rtH
U32  U320x133560xE356zmn
U32a  U32a0x133570xE357
U33  U330x133580xE358ti
U34  U340x133590xE359xsf
U35  U350x1335A0xE35A stack[y=0.6,on](U34, I9)
U36  U360x1335B0xE35BHm
U37  U370x1335C0xE35C
U38  U380x1335D0xE35DmxAt
U39  U390x1335E0xE35E
U40  U400x1335F0xE35F
U41  U410x133600xE360
U42  U420x133610xE361
V1  V10x133620xE362100
V1a  V1a0x133630xE363deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1b  V1b0x133640xE364deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fit,fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1c  V1c0x133650xE365deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1d  V1d0x133660xE366deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 :[fix,sep=0.1] . *[sep=0] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[sep=0] .
V1e  V1e0x133670xE367deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 :[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1f  V1f0x133680xE368deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 :[fit,fix,sep=0.1,size=inf] . *[sep=0] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[sep=0] .
V1g  V1g0x133690xE369deprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 :[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1h  V1h0x1336A0xE36Adeprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 :[fix,sep=0.1,size=inf] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V1i  V1i0x1336B0xE36Bdeprecated V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1 *[fix,sep=0.1] V1
V2  V20x1336C0xE36CsTA
V2a  V2a0x1336D0xE36D
V3  V30x1336E0xE36EsTAw
V4  V40x1336F0xE36FwA
V5  V50x133700xE370snT
V6  V60x133710xE371Ss
V7  V70x133720xE372Snconfirmed V6[rotate=180]
V7a  V7a0x133730xE373
V7b  V7b0x133740xE374
V8  V80x133750xE375
V9  V90x133760xE376
V10  V100x133770xE377
V11  V110x133780xE378confirmed modify[after=0.5,omit](V10[mirror])
V11a  V11a0x133790xE379

This and the following two signs should not be used for creating enclosures in RES. Use cartouche or oval for this.

V11b  V11b0x1337A0xE37A
V11c  V11c0x1337B0xE37B
V12  V120x1337C0xE37Carq
V12a  V12a0x1337D0xE37D
V12b  V12b0x1337E0xE37E
V13  V130x1337F0xE37FT
V14  V140x133800xE380
V15  V150x133810xE381iTiconfirmed V13 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] D54*.
V16  V160x133820xE382
V17  V170x133830xE383
V18  V180x133840xE384
V19  V190x133850xE385mDt, XAr, TmA
V20  V200x133860xE38610, mD
V20a  V20a0x133870xE387deprecated V20 :[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20b  V20b0x133880xE388deprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20c  V20c0x133890xE389deprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20d  V20d0x1338A0xE38Adeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] . *[sep=0] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[sep=0] .
V20e  V20e0x1338B0xE38Bdeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20f  V20f0x1338C0xE38Cdeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20g  V20g0x1338D0xE38Ddeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 :[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20
V20h  V20h0x1338E0xE38Edeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 :[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 :[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20
V20i  V20i0x1338F0xE38Fdeprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20j  V20j0x133900xE390deprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20 *[fix,sep=0.3] V20
V20k  V20k0x133910xE391deprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20
V20l  V20l0x133920xE392deprecated V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20 *[fix,sep=0.1] V20
V21  V210x133930xE393
V22  V220x133940xE394mH
V23  V230x133950xE395
V23a  V23a0x133960xE396
V24  V240x133970xE397wD
V25  V250x133980xE398
V26  V260x133990xE399aD
V27  V270x1339A0xE39A
V28  V280x1339B0xE39BH
V28a  V28a0x1339C0xE39C stack(V28, D36)
V29  V290x1339D0xE39DwAH, sk
V29a  V29a0x1339E0xE39E stack[on](V29, V31)
V30  V300x1339F0xE39Fnb
V30a  V30a0x133A00xE3A0deprecated V30[yscale=0.8]
V31  V310x133A10xE3A1k
V31a  V31a0x133A20xE3A2 V31[mirror]
V32  V320x133A30xE3A3msn
V33  V330x133A40xE3A4sSr
V33a  V33a0x133A50xE3A5
V34  V340x133A60xE3A6
V35  V350x133A70xE3A7
V36  V360x133A80xE3A8
V37  V370x133A90xE3A9idr
V37a  V37a0x133AA0xE3AA
V38  V380x133AB0xE3AB
V39  V390x133AC0xE3AC
V40  V400x133AD0xE3AD
V40a  V40a0x133AE0xE3AEdeprecated V40 *[fix,sep=0.1] V40
W1  W10x133AF0xE3AF
W2  W20x133B00xE3B0bAs
W3  W30x133B10xE3B1Hb
W3a  W3a0x133B20xE3B2deprecated W3[yscale=0.7]
W4  W40x133B30xE3B3
W5  W50x133B40xE3B4 T28 :[sep=0.0,fit,fix] W3
W6  W60x133B50xE3B5
W7  W70x133B60xE3B6
W8  W80x133B70xE3B7
W9  W90x133B80xE3B8Xnm
W9a  W9a0x133B90xE3B9 W9[mirror]
W10  W100x133BA0xE3BAiab
W10a  W10a0x133BB0xE3BB
W11  W110x133BC0xE3BCnzt, g
W12  W120x133BD0xE3BD
W13  W130x133BE0xE3BE
W14  W140x133BF0xE3BFHz
W14a  W14a0x133C00xE3C0deprecated V28*W14 :[sep=0.3,fit] O34
W15  W150x133C10xE3C1
W16  W160x133C20xE3C2
W17  W170x133C30xE3C3xnt
W17a  W17a0x133C40xE3C4
W18  W180x133C50xE3C5
W18a  W18a0x133C60xE3C6
W19  W190x133C70xE3C7mi
W20  W200x133C80xE3C8
W21  W210x133C90xE3C9
W22  W220x133CA0xE3CAHnqt
W23  W230x133CB0xE3CB
W24  W240x133CC0xE3CCnw
W24a  W24a0x133CD0xE3CDdeprecated W24 *[sep=0.1] W24 *[sep=0.1] W24
W25  W250x133CE0xE3CEini

It is difficult to encode this sign in terms of W24 W24 and D54 D54 in such a way that validity across fonts is maintained.

X1  X10x133CF0xE3CFt
X2  X20x133D00xE3D0
X3  X30x133D10xE3D1
X4  X40x133D20xE3D2
X4a  X4a0x133D30xE3D3
X4b  X4b0x133D40xE3D4
X5  X50x133D50xE3D5
X6  X60x133D60xE3D6
X6a  X6a0x133D70xE3D7
X7  X70x133D80xE3D8
X8  X80x133D90xE3D9rdi, di
X8a  X8a0x133DA0xE3DA
Y1  Y10x133DB0xE3DBmDAt
Y1a  Y1a0x133DC0xE3DC Y1[rotate=270]
Y2  Y20x133DD0xE3DD
Y3  Y30x133DE0xE3DEmnhd, zS
Y4  Y40x133DF0xE3DF Y3[mirror]
Y5  Y50x133E00xE3E0mn
Y6  Y60x133E10xE3E1ibA
Y7  Y70x133E20xE3E2
Y8  Y80x133E30xE3E3zSSt
Z1  Z10x133E40xE3E4
Z2  Z20x133E50xE3E5deprecated Z1 *[sep=2.0] Z1 *[sep=2.0] Z1
Z2a  Z2a0x133E60xE3E6deprecated Z1 * Z1 * Z1
Z2b  Z2b0x133E70xE3E7deprecated D67 *[sep=0.5] D67 *[sep=0.5] D67
Z2c  Z2c0x133E80xE3E8deprecated Z1 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z1 *[sep=2.0] Z1
Z2d  Z2d0x133E90xE3E9deprecated Z1 *[sep=2.0] Z1 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z1
Z3  Z30x133EA0xE3EAdeprecated Z1 :[sep=0.3] Z1 :[sep=0.3] Z1
Z3a  Z3a0x133EB0xE3EBdeprecated Z1[rotate=90] : Z1[rotate=90] : Z1[rotate=90]
Z3b  Z3b0x133EC0xE3ECdeprecated D67:D67:D67
Z4  Z40x133ED0xE3EDyconfirmed Z1[rotate=330] *[sep=0.5,fit] Z1[rotate=330]
Z4a  Z4a0x133EE0xE3EEdeprecated Z1 *[sep=2] Z1
Z5  Z50x133EF0xE3EF
Z5a  Z5a0x133F00xE3F0

This sign should not be interpreted as a rotated version of Z1 Z1 as the meaning is very different.

Z6  Z60x133F10xE3F1

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

Z7  Z70x133F20xE3F2W
Z8  Z80x133F30xE3F3
Z9  Z90x133F40xE3F4
Z10  Z100x133F50xE3F5
Z11  Z110x133F60xE3F6imi
Z12  Z120x133F70xE3F7
Z13  Z130x133F80xE3F8
Z14  Z140x133F90xE3F9
Z15  Z150x133FA0xE3FA
Z15a  Z15a0x133FB0xE3FBdeprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15b  Z15b0x133FC0xE3FCdeprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15c  Z15c0x133FD0xE3FDdeprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15d  Z15d0x133FE0xE3FEdeprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] . *[sep=0] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[sep=0] .
Z15e  Z15e0x133FF0xE3FFdeprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15f  Z15f0x134000xE400deprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] . *[sep=0] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[sep=0] .
Z15g  Z15g0x134010xE401deprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15h  Z15h0x134020xE402deprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 :[fix,sep=0.3] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z15i  Z15i0x134030xE403deprecated Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15 *[fix] Z15
Z16  Z160x134040xE404confirmed Z15[rotate=90]
Z16a  Z16a0x134050xE405deprecated Z16 :[fix] Z16
Z16b  Z16b0x134060xE406deprecated Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16
Z16c  Z16c0x134070xE407deprecated Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16
Z16d  Z16d0x134080xE408deprecated (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] (. :[sep=0] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[sep=0] .)
Z16e  Z16e0x134090xE409deprecated (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3] (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16)
Z16f  Z16f0x1340A0xE40Adeprecated (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3,size=inf] (. :[sep=0] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[sep=0] .)
Z16g  Z16g0x1340B0xE40Bdeprecated (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3] (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16)
Z16h  Z16h0x1340C0xE40Cdeprecated (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3] (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16) *[fix,sep=0.3] (Z16 :[fix] Z16 :[fix] Z16)
Aa1  Aa10x1340D0xE40Dx
Aa2  Aa20x1340E0xE40E
Aa3  Aa30x1340F0xE40F
Aa4  Aa40x134100xE410
Aa5  Aa50x134110xE411Hp
Aa6  Aa60x134120xE412
Aa7  Aa70x134130xE413
Aa7a  Aa7a0x134140xE414 Aa7[mirror]
Aa7b  Aa7b0x134150xE415
Aa8  Aa80x134160xE416qn
Aa9  Aa90x134170xE417
Aa10  Aa100x134180xE418

It is regrettable that this sign is not available in a purely horizontal version.

Aa11  Aa110x134190xE419mAa
Aa12  Aa120x1341A0xE41A
Aa13  Aa130x1341B0xE41Bim, gs, M
Aa14  Aa140x1341C0xE41C
Aa15  Aa150x1341D0xE41D
Aa16  Aa160x1341E0xE41Econfirmed Aa15[xscale=0.6]
Aa17  Aa170x1341F0xE41FsA
Aa18  Aa180x134200xE420
Aa19  Aa190x134210xE421
Aa20  Aa200x134220xE422apr
Aa21  Aa210x134230xE423wDa
Aa22  Aa220x134240xE424 stack[y=0.3,under](Aa21, D36)
Aa23  Aa230x134250xE425
Aa24  Aa240x134260xE426
Aa25  Aa250x134270xE427
Aa26  Aa260x134280xE428
Aa27  Aa270x134290xE429nD
Aa28  Aa280x1342A0xE42Aqd
Aa29  Aa290x1342B0xE42B
Aa30  Aa300x1342C0xE42CXkr
Aa31  Aa310x1342D0xE42D
Aa32  Aa320x1342E0xE42E

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