J.P. Allen. Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs. Cambridge University Press, 2000.


I present here a list of clarifications of the exercises, and a list of errata. You would help me and others tremendously if you report to me any information you think should be added.

I follow the Manuel de Codage for characters in the transliterations that are not in the ASCII set, and for hieroglyphic texts.

I gratefully acknowledge contributions by Daniel Benoit, Jenny Carrington, Dave Cintron, Branimir Cucek, Ralph Giles, Thomas Hare, Federico Poole, Richard Sproat, Fabio Vassallo, Marek Wawrykiewicz, Richard Weaver, and Brian Yare. Special thanks go to Mr. Allen for commenting on these pages; any inaccuracies of course remain my own responsibility.

I have been informed that the book was reprinted with corrections around March 2000. This means that some of the material presented here, especially much of the list of errata up to Chapter 22, may no longer be valid for copies of the book purchased some time after March 2000.

This document is also available in a compact PDF format.