B.G. Ockinga. A Concise Grammar of Middle Egyptian. Verlag Philipp von Zabern, 1998.

Key to the exercises

For the benefit of those who, like me, are learning Egyptian without a teacher, I present the key to the exercises. In general, at most one solution is given. I stay as close as possible to the vocabulary, the grammar rules, and the notational conventions of the book itself, unless it is clearly wrong. Note that the correctness of translation is a relative thing for ancient Egyptian: what is a correct translation according to one grammar may not be so according to another.

I have gone to some length to justify the translations, where possible by citing other grammar books or dictionaries.

I follow the Manuel de Codage for characters in the transliterations that are not in the ASCII set, and for hieroglyphic texts.

There are most likely mistakes to be found here. You would help me and others tremendously if you report to me any mistakes you might find.

Note: the HTML format was created automatically. Send me a mail if you're interested in the code, or if you have suggestions how the HTML presentation can be improved.

I acknowledge generous help from Jaap van Dijk, Aayko Eyma, Heinz Röttger, and Serge Rosmorduc.

This document is also available in a compact PDF format.